P2PU: A Showcase of Open Learning


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Slides to accompany a webinar for Open Education Week

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  • As of this week, our friend BasselKhartabil has been in prison in Syria for one year with no charges brought against him. Bassel is a long-time CC volunteer and leader of the CC program in Syria.Bassel’s imprisonment is a reminder that we’re not only working toward a freer Internet; we’re fighting for a freer world.This week, community members are holding gatherings and demonstrations all over the world in honor of Bassel. Find out more at freebassel.org.
  • P2PU: A Showcase of Open Learning

    1. 1. Introductions─ Philipp Schmidt, Executive Director, P2PU Vanessa Gennarelli, Learning Lead, P2PU─ Jane Park, P2PU School of Open─ Karen Fasimpaur, P2PU School of Ed─ Vanessa Gennarelli, P2PU Labs www.p2pu.org
    2. 2. www.p2pu.org
    3. 3. With Creative Commons, creators can grant copy andreuse permissions in advance.
    4. 4. Open resources can improve access to and participation in research,education, technology, and culture...But not enough people know what “open” means or how to apply it.
    5. 5. Sign up for these facilitated courses(will start week of 3/18 and run for 6-7 weeks)
    6. 6. Take these stand-alone courses at any time at your own pace
    7. 7. And more... just visit schoolofopen.org!
    8. 8. @ http://schoolofopen.org 1. Register for an account 2. Log in and sign up for the course of your choice
    9. 9. Community 1. Sign up for announcements 2. Join our discussion list & introduce yourself!
    10. 10. Joi Ito / CC BY#freebasselfreebassel.org
    11. 11. P2PU School of Ed A new model of professional learning for K-12 educators
    12. 12. Goals• A new model of professional development• More authentic, less sit-and-get• Participant-driven
    13. 13. What we’ve learned• Community is everything• Learning is social – discussions are most valued• Facilitation matters• Time for teachers is limited• Online peer learning is new for many
    14. 14. How you can participate• Join a course group• Suggest a course topic• Co-facilitate a group• Help us think through intersections with formal PD
    15. 15. Contact Info─ Vanessa Gennarelli vanessa@p2pu.org, @mozzadrella─ Jane Park janepark@p2pu.org─ Karen Fasimpaur karen@p2pu.org, @kfasimpaur Please join us at p2pu.org!
    16. 16. Thank you! Questions? Comments? Suggestions?Please join us at p2p.org!