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Psychology Video Report

  1. 1. FOUNDATION IN NATURAL BUILT AND ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH REPORT OF ASSIGNMENT 3 (VIDEO CLIP) Name :a) Joshua Lee Yee Kai (0315820) b) Goh Yen Nee (0315551) c)Renukka Raman (0317131) d)Ken Wong Chun Thim (0315534) Group / Session : Monday 4-7pm Subject and Course : Social Psychology [PSYC0103] Lecturer : Mr.Shankar Submission date : 1 June 2014
  2. 2. First of all, we are highly indebted to our Social Psychology lecturer, Mr.Shankar for his continuous support, supervision, motivation and guidance throughout the semester who give a lot of effort on teaching and assignments by helping us in clarifying the concepts, requiring knowledge and perception and understanding the objective of our assignments. Next, we would like to thank our friends, Hong Sang Won, Siew John Loong, Chong Voon Ann and Nicole Yong who gave us support and cooperated well with our team in regards to the video shooting. As we only have four members in our group, we had to use their appearance for fillers and certain roles. We truly appreciate their help towards helping us complete our Social Psychology video. Last but not least, we would like to thank the producers of video editing software such as adobe premiere pro cs6, adobe after effects cs6 and adobe audition CC that assisted our group member, Joshua Lee, in completing his work of editing our video perfectly. Acknowledgement
  3. 3. No. Content Page Number 1 Introduction 1 2 Method - Apparatus/ Materials - Procedure 2-3 3 Discussion 4-6 4 Reference 7 5 Appendix 8 Table of Content
  4. 4. At the beginning of the semester, we have been divided into a group of 4 which included Joshua Lee, Renukka, Ken Wong and Goh Yen Nee (me) for the assignment 3. For this assignment 3, we are required to create a video clip that have to include at least five psychological concepts learned throughout the semester in the class by Mr.Shankar, our Social Psychology lecturer. Next, we have to write a report about the process of the video clip and finally present our video to the class. From this assignment, we could really moreunderstand in the theories that studied in the class and could identify the connections among concepts of social psychology with incidents that experienced in our everyday real life. This would really help in everyone’s life especially in reducing any misunderstand of communication between people.After the discussion between four of us, we have decided to create a five minutes video that known as “Bounce Back” which mentioned about story of a girl that bad in English speaking which have been looked down by another girl that can speak well in English language. Concepts that we related to this video are stereotyping, first impression, self-awareness, self-efficacy, racism and intrinsic motivation which will be briefly mentioned later with the summary of the video clip that have been discussed together in the class.We hoped this video would give a lot entertainment to people and understand knowledge about theories within psychology in real life. Introduction
  5. 5. Apparatus / Materials  Camera - Canon 60d, - Canon ef-s 18-200mm, - zoom h1  Tripod  Microphone  Exam papers  Books and stationary  Computer software - adobe premiere pro cs6 - adobe after effects cs 6 - adobe audition CC  Music - M83-midnight city - The xx-Angels - San Cisco-awkward - Pentatonix-daft punk - The xx-vxr - You belong to me ( acoustic version by Taylor Swift) - Take me somewhere nice (Mogwai) Method
  6. 6. Procedure First of all, we have our first discussion on week 14 after we ended our social psychology class in the afternoon. That day, we started to discuss on what kind of story that we would like to make for the video as we have to create a five minutes psychological concepts video. Our members had given suggestions about the video such as bullying; love story and interview people on behaviours that we act in front them. Not only that, we discussed about theories and concepts that had taught in the class which can be included in the video. After we decided to make the “Bounce Back” video, one of our members start to write the scene and scripts of the story on the next day. We had chosen the background and scene in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus as it is suitable for our video and easy for us to start our video in anytime. Besides, we also decided the characters that play by each of our members in the story as everyone have to be included in the video and we have to understand our role of the character that we play so we would not waste our time during video shooting. Next, we again have our second meeting for discussion of the video about the time and places that we have to meet together to complete the video on one day. We started the video shooting on week 15 and have done in one day. Later, the video is edited by Joshua Lee using adobe software on the same day and had completed the editing on the next day. Lastly, we divided the part of the report into several for each member to complete so it can be done as fast as possible before the submission due date.
  7. 7. Discussion 10th March 2014 After our Social Psychology class, we decided to stay back and discuss the theme of our video and the concepts that we can possibly relate to in accordance to the storyline. After a thorough discussion we had a few options and could not seem to pick a specific theme. Some of the themes that we had discussed were have a hidden camera record students’ reactions to scenes we create on campus, interview students regarding scenes that we act out, or create a short movie based on our own storyline. All four of us voted for two options out of three, which made it even more difficult to pick on one. We agreed on thinking about it and giving further feedback via our Facebook group that we had created specifically for this assignment. 14th April 2014 By this time we had already chosen the idea of creating a storyline and then making a short movie based on the story because that seemed more fail proof than the other two ideas suggested. Each of us were given the task of coming up with basic storylines before meeting up so that we could pick one and build it up from there. During our meeting, we unanimously picked Joshua’s storyline because it seemed more straightforward which would be easier for the audience to comprehend. All that was left was for each of us to build on the basic storyline we had chosen and then relate the scenes to concepts that we had learnt in class. The final outcome was to be discussed and compared via our Facebook group so that everything would be ready during our following meet. 28th April 2014 We had already finalized our storyline and script, and all that was left to do was to choose our preferred roles. After that, we further discussed about the location, the number of scenes, special appearances, and the date of our video shoot which would be convenient for every member in the group. 9th May 2014 The entire day was spent shooting since all of us were available at similar periods between classes. Most of the scenes were shot exactly as how we had imagined it to be while writing
  8. 8. the script. But there were some that had to be altered according to the situation on the day itself. It took us about three hours just to shoot the video minus the time we took to plan and act the scenes out as per script. Thankfully the entire movie was shot successfully in just a day and we did not have to drag it any further. On the 10th and the 11th of May 2014, the video had been edited and put up on our group for further feedback. The following three weeks were spent dutifully trying to complete our report and presentation respectively. The tasks were segregated equally and everyone had done their parts towards completing this assignment. The Storyline #Scene 1 It is the first day of college for Crysmond who hails from a rural area. She gets really excited and could not wait to make new friends on campus. During a presentation in class, she saw Renukka presenting in front of the entire class and admired her for her proficiency in English and her confidence whilst presenting. Crysmond also saw her as an intelligent and attentive person in class. She immediately “knew” that Renukka must be a good and friendly person and was eager to befriend her. Concept: First Impression Explanation: Based on what Crysmond sees on the outside, she is quick to judge Renukka as a good and friendly person before getting to know her personally. This is based on her mental schema that all those fluent in english and confident are probably good and friendly. #Scene 2 Once the presentation was over, Crysmond approaches Renukka as she exits the door in an attempt to introduce herself and befriend her. Crysmond tried to speak in her best English but fails as it is not her primary language and speaks it only when necessary. Upon hearing her broken English, Renukka gives a disgusted face and walks off completely ignoring her. Renukka thought of Crysmond to be of much lower standards compared to her in terms of intelligence, and to have probably originated from a rural area. Concept: Stereotyping
  9. 9. Explanation: Renukka immediately thinks of Crysmond to be dumb just because she spoke in poor English. She also feels that Crysmond must be from a rural area for the very same reason. The typical stereotype that people have towards those who hail from rural areas would definitely speak in poor English. #Scene 3 Renukka kept treating Crysmond badly every time they bumped into each other on campus. Crysmond continued trying to be friendly towards Renukka and got rejected severely every single time. After a couple of tries, Crysmond got deeply hurt, but this motivated her tremendously and she decided to prove herself to people like Renukka that she can achieve in society as well. She realized how terrible her language skills were and wanted to work on it more than ever. Concept: Self Awareness Explanation: She started seeing her true self and realized how others perceived her to be. #Scene 4 She went for daily night classes with the help of her friend, Ken. Although she failed badly in the beginning, she kept pushing herself to go the extra mile to turn her failure into success somehow. Concept: High Self-Efficacy Explanation: Crysmond did not give up when she faced difficult times during her journey in learning English. Instead, she took it as a challenge and tried to achieve her goal. #Scene 5 One fine day, during presentation in class, Crysmond gave her best and everyone began cheering for her. Renukka who was also in class was so surprised and got excited with this sudden change. She tries to befriend Cyrsmond again seeing that she is now “intelligent” for speaking with such confidence in proficient English. But Crysmond simply walks away absolutely ignoring Renukka. Concept: Downward Social Comparison Explanation: Crysmond leaves feeling good and that she is much better off than Renukka given the fact that people gave her more attention.
  10. 10. References Website: Shelley, E., Lobel, M.. (1989). Social comparison activity under threat: Downward evaluation and upward contacts. Retrieved from Books: Baron, R. A., & Branscombe, N. R. (2012). Social psychology / Robert A. Baron, Nyla R. Branscombe. Boston : Pearson, c2012. DeLamater, J. D., & Myers, D. J. (2011). Social psychology / John D. DeLamater, Daniel J. Myers. Belmont, CA : Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, c2011.