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Ict used

  1. 1. ICT and Equipment used
  2. 2. Equipment and Software used• Camera (canon EOS 1100D) (canon EOS 550D)• Green Screen• Lighting• Photoshop• QuarkXPress• Fireworks
  3. 3. CameraThe cameras I used to take my imagesare;- Canon EOS 1100DThis is the best canon to take imageswith as you can see on the right. It hasall the features I need in order tocreate the best images possible.
  4. 4. Green Screen I used the greenscreen so I could take pictures of my characters and add a background of choice. What Is a Green Screen and How Does it Work? A green screen is exactly what it sounds like- a green screen placed behind the subject being filmed. The blank green screen allows designers to superimpose digital images into the background of your video to create unique environments. Its not new technology, but its the most effective way of integrating high quality images into the background.
  5. 5. Lighting I used the lighting so that my images would show up a lot better when I took them by the green screen. However, some of my images had a little to much lighting and my other images were took outside and in a house. But the images that didn’t work so well I edited in Photoshop, or I didn’t use them.
  6. 6. PhotoshopI used Adobe Photoshop Elements, so that I could edit myphotographs and text to make them look more effective sothat it appeals to my target audience.Photoshop has many features that helped me producesome really good pieces of work and the before and afterimages, you can really see how much of a differencePhotoshop can make to the images.
  7. 7. QuarkXPressI used QuarkXPress to produce my magazine front cover,contents page and the double page spread.This software was ok to use and helped me produce a reallygood magazine layout. It also had some effects that I usedwithin my magazine to make it more suitable for the targetaudience.
  8. 8. Macromedia FireworksI used Macromedia Fireworks to edit some of images, titlesand layouts of my magazine.Even though I used Photoshop and QuarkXPress to help meproduce my magazine, there were some effects that wereeasier to use in Fireworks but after I did it in Fireworks Iexported it and took it over to the other software toimprove.