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An overview of the Oklahoma CareerTech System including information on comprehensive schools, technology centers, business and industry and Skills Centers.

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  • From Meridian Technology Center now at Oklahoma State University studying fire protection and safety technology. She is the duagher of a CareerTech employee and a member of the OSU band and color guard.
  • CareerTech graduates as compared to workers with only high school diploma
  • These students are in Grades 6-12 and are enrolled in one-period CareerTech programs including family and consumer sciences, agricultural education, marketing education, business and information technology education, trade and industrial education and health occupations education.
  • Colte performed in Oklahoma! during its centennial run at the Lyric Theater in Oklahoma City. Based out of New York City, Colte has now left the ranks of regional theater and moved to the next step. Currently he is living and performing as a standby Jerry Lee Lewis in Million Dollar Quartet at Chicago's Apollo Theatre.
  • An actor in California, Travis has been working hard, using skills from CareerTech’s FFA, preparing to be in the right place at the right time. He and his dog, Presley—a brindle boxer—did just that, winning the first title of the new reality television series, Greatest American Dog. They are producing a series of video and books on manners for 2-to-6-year-old children.
  • The foundation for Oklahoma's statewide network of 29 technology center districts, operating a total of 57 campuses statewide, was laid in 1966 when Oklahoma voters approved a constitutional amendment allowing the establishment of what were then called area vocational-technical schools. Oklahoma's technology centers serve full-time students, both high school pupils and adult learnersOne of the main goals of these schools was to provide cost-effective vocational education. The amendment allowed school districts to join together to form a vo-tech district with an independent board of education and its own locally approved tax base. The new school could then offer specialized occupational training programs that sending schools could not afford to offer, or for which they might not have enough enrollment to justify the offering.
  • CTE instructors teaching academic courses must be Highly Qualified, Oklahoma State Certified and Subject Certified.
  • Secondary and adult students in full-time offerings
  • A Career Major is a model sequence of courses or field of study that prepares a student for a career and ensures that:Integration occurs between academic and occupational learning;Transitions are established between secondary schools and postsecondary institutions;Students are prepared for employment in a broad career cluster; andStudents receive a skill credential.
  • From Southern Oklahoma Technology Center Biotechnology Academy now majoring in biochemistry at the University of Oklahoma
  • These programs are primarily in three different categories: industry-specific and existing industry, adult and career development, and the Training for Industry Program (TIP).Industry-specific and existing industry training programs are customized to fit the needs of businesses or industries already located in Oklahoma. They can be offered either at a technology center or on site at a business or industry. The programs prepare employees to operate new equipment or emerging technology or to meet the changing demographics of the workforce. Training can range from three hours to several hundred hours. One particularly successful program in this arena is safety training.Adult and career development programs, usually short-term programs held in the evenings at technology centers, offer continuing education to Oklahomans needing to upgrade or expand current work skills.The Training for Industry Program (TIP) is designed specifically to meet the employee training needs of new or expanding industries. The Oklahoma Department of Commerce lists TIP as one of the most valuable weapons in its arsenal of economic development incentives. Once companies decide to locate here, CareerTech representatives work one-on-one with them to design and deliver the best start-up training programs available anywhere. Customized services include job analysis, pre-employment training, pre-production training, instructional materials and development, and assessment of training needs. And, best of all, this training is free. It can be offered on site at a business or industry or at a technology center.
  • Business served include Industry Specific, Safety, Training for Existing Industry, Firefighters, TIP, Entrepreneurial Development, OBAN, Adult and Career Development.
  • 75% have not been re-incarcerated five years later
  • 75% have not been re-incarcerated five years later
  • Ashlan is from Western Technology Center and plays basketball while taking courses in the Bio Med program
  • Raul is from Kiamichi Technology Center taking courses in Culinary Arts while participating in track and soccer.
  • These comprehensive school programs focus on producing well-rounded students. Students learn theory in the classroom, practice their skills in labs and shops, and gain vital leadership and teamwork skills through their participation in one of seven career and technology student organizations. These organizations include:BPA - Business Professionals of AmericaDECA - Marketing organizationFCCLA - Family, Career, and Community Leaders of AmericaFFA - Agriculture, food, and natural resources student organizationHOSA - Health Occupations Students of AmericaSkillsUSA - Architecture and construction student organizationTSA - Technology Student AssociationNTHS - National Technical Honor SocietyNearly 75,000 students join these seven organizations annually. These organizations afford them the opportunity to participate in both leadership and skill contests at the local, state, and national levels.
  • The mission of Business Professionals of America is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills.
  • DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.
  • FCCLA (Family, Careers and Community Leaders of America) is the CareerTech Student Organization affiliated with Family and Consumer Sciences Education. Our mission is "To promote personal growth and leadership development."
  • Students need a 15 Plan ACT, 19 ACT or 2.5 GPA to participate. Courses are technical in nature. The cost is only $8 per credit hour. Students enroll with a college, take courses at the technology center and earn a transcript.
  • CareerTech Did You Know - Vision 2020

    1. 1. Oklahoma CareerTech DYK? Vision 2020 - Parent Power Night| July 9, 2013
    2. 2. First, a story
    3. 3. OSU – Fire Protection
    4. 4. CareerTech graduates add $3.5 billion to the state's economy, CareerTech receives approximately $135 million in state funding A typical CareerTech graduate can expect to add more than $475,000 to lifetime earnings
    5. 5. Faster entry into the labor force Likelihood of becoming a professional or manager increases Higher labor force participation rates Rates of unemployment are lower
    6. 6. 82,882 Oklahoma students are enrolled in CTE. That is 47% of all student in our state!
    7. 7. Comprehensive Schools Middle thru Senior High School Career Exploration Job and Career Readiness Knowledge and Skill Development Postsecondary Education Preparedness
    8. 8. Fast Facts 135,372 enrollments 1,311 teachers 544 school sites 393 comprehensive school districts 200 National Board Certified instructors Grades 6-12
    9. 9. Family and Consumer Sciences
    10. 10. Agriculture Education
    11. 11. Agriculture Education – Apollo Theater
    12. 12. Agriculture Education - Actor
    13. 13. Technology Centers
    14. 14. Technology Centers College Credit Job and Career Readiness Postsecondary Education Certificates and Licensure Academic and Technical Courses
    15. 15. Fast Facts 16,348 secondary student enrollments 12,305 adult student enrollments 1,193 instructors 72 counties served 57 campuses 29 districts
    16. 16. Career Major Sequence of courses Academic and Technical Transitions Credential
    17. 17. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
    18. 18. Bio-Technology Academies
    19. 19. Bio-Medical Academies
    20. 20. Pre-Engineering Academies
    21. 21. Automotive
    22. 22. Architecture and Construction
    23. 23. Manufacturing
    24. 24. Health Sciences
    25. 25. OU - Biochemistry
    26. 26. Business and Industry Services Adult and Career Development Safety and Health Customized Industry Training Oklahoma Bid Assistance Services
    27. 27. Fast Facts 6,924 companies increase profitability Incentive for companies to locate in Oklahoma Provided training for nearly 2,100 new jobs. Helped Oklahoma companies secure more than $163 million in contracts through the Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network.
    28. 28. Tracker Marine
    29. 29. Pelco
    30. 30. Skills Centers Youthful Offenders and Dropout Recovery 14 Adult Training Skills Centers Construction Trades Auto Service Technology Electrical/Mechanical Information Technology Heat and Air Conditioning
    31. 31. Fast Facts 1,244 students 36 instructors 14 Skills Centers
    32. 32. Fast Facts 75% have not been re-incarcerated 85% positive placement $10.70 average hourly wage
    33. 33. Skills Centers
    34. 34. Pre-Med/Basketball
    35. 35. Culinary Arts - Track & Soccer
    36. 36. CareerTech Student Organizations
    37. 37. BPA – Business Professionals of America
    38. 38. DECA – Marketing Student Organization
    39. 39. FCCLA Family, Careers and Community Leaders of America
    40. 40. FFA
    41. 41. HOSA – Health Occupations Students Association
    42. 42. SkillsUSA
    43. 43. TSA – Technology Student Organization
    44. 44. National Technical Honor Society
    45. 45. FIRST Robotics
    46. 46. Cooperative Alliance Program
    47. 47. Algebra II, Geometry, Anatomy/Physiology
    48. 48. Remediation
    49. 49. WorkKeys - alternative EOI test
    50. 50. Credit Recovery and GED classes
    51. 51. 13th year (or more) scholarships
    52. 52. Jeremy L Zweiacker State Programs of Study & College Transition Coordinator State Liaison, National Technical Honor Society Central/Southeast OK Representative, Federal Legislation Assistance Phone: 405.743.6881 Email: Blog: @okcareertech