optimization machine learning classification security cloud computing genetic algorithm internet of things fpga particle swarm optimization wireless sensor network mppt data mining big data clustering support vector machine fuzzy logic deep learning iot ofdm image processing cryptography manet pso cognitive radio neural network energy energy efficiency wireless sensor networks feature extraction renewable energy distributed generation 5g arduino microgrid encryption photovoltaic induction motor sentiment analysis microcontroller wind turbine feature selection wsn artificial neural network qos fuzzy logic controller routing steganography accuracy authentication energy consumption android mie-scattering theory privacy image segmentation stability mobility smart grid artificial intelligence convolutional neural network algorithm lte microstrip power quality segmentation total harmonic distortion quality of service optimal power flow color rendering index swarm intelligence matlab/simulink 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processing chaos k-nearest neighbor channel estimation atmospheric turbulence vswr p-q theory solar voltage source inverter e-commerce intrusion detection system cross layer compression lfsr position control cuckoo search algorithm hdfs ieee 802.15.4 dsr crow search algorithm edge computing bat algorithm ssim multimedia robust control gravitational search algorithm threshold voltage automatic segmentation electromyography quality of experience (qoe) arduino uno ga monopole antenna visible light communication svpwm ontology fog computing medical imaging sme udp mfcc incremental conductance correlation power loss load shedding loss reduction network reconfiguration tracking electric field acoustic emission quality of service (qos) millimeter wave normalization model expert system ultra-wideband wireless stability analysis rls lms pwm bandpass filter fourier transform generation scheduling millimeter-wave low noise amplifier gain remote control ocr compressive sensing sparsity silvaco-tcad dibl waveguide thd svc diagnosis active power filter maximum likelihood radial distribution network monte carlo simulation computer simulation power losses pv converters partial discharge particle swarm optimization (pso) mobile learning kinect sensor fingerprint spark wireless network heuristic algorithm handover lna voltage-controlled oscillator direct torque control distance relay partial shading gabor transform optical fiber usability histogram cslbp subthreshold swing temperature sensor sliding mode fuzzy c-means error analysis user experience performance evaluation optimal control lqr control object tracking optical flow simulation model recognition social networks makespan combinatorial optimization nlp approximation hybrid air pollution mobile cloud computing networks outage probability ism band adversary differential evolution opencv dc-dc converters resource utilization system identification modeling and simulation dc motor similarity advanced design system game theory sensor networks fitness function smart phone antenna model order reduction hybrid power system features breast cancer congestion photovoltaic (pv) system sensitivity photo-voltaic buck-boost converter power factor supercapacitor solar pv system fuzzy logic controller (flc) local binary pattern lms algorithm safety antenna array high gain marker olsr mobile adhoc network data integrity machine vision artificial intelligence (ai) universal background model (ubm) knn emc exergy analysis energy analysis thermal maximum power point tracking (mppt) sensitivity analysis saturation markov chain transformer servo motor asymmetric fuzzy set theory fuzzy differential equations rural electrification optimal sizing genetic algorithmn feasibility study virtual reality cyber security uncertainties chaotic map position error bound non-parametric estimation cramer-rao lower bound tensorflow ids white led lambert-beer law straggler structurization medical healthcare analytics data transformation ddos attack magnetic levitation system smart antenna color quality scale analytics faster r-cnn features extraction cognitive radio networks k-nearest neighbors perceived ease of use time windows mgsr 3 si 2 o 8 :eu 2+ dynamic branch prediction dc/dc converter electrical energy vsc secondary users renewable energy system pmsg minimum spanning tree consensus web real-time communication (webrtc) multiple linear regression co-channel interference plasmonics smart car parking arduino micro controller botnet bit error rate objective function garbage pir sensor z-source buck-boost converters mppt techniques signal to noise ratio (snr) ieee 802.11n watershed active contour sol-gel method field programmable gate array (fpga) grid-connected high accuracy approximation order verilog softcore hardware description didactic processor probability network empirical mode decomposition computational complexity duty cycle hemt wind speed homer antlion optimization traveling waves backstepping internet-of-things unsw nb-15 impedance matching broadband biasing uwb antenna uaci npcr power management sepic converter dielectric constant droop control computational intelligence applications hybrid method heterogeneity mobile edge computing high frequency parameters estimation rf stepper motor voltage profile transient stability voltage profile improvement verification nonlinear mda regression papr reduction bidirectional spectrum mobility queuing theory multi-channel aes return loss map reduce voltage-mode oscillator multiphase sinusoidal oscillator analog circuit optic disc k-nearest neighbour gait recognition block cipher low-pass filter circuit design cntfet cost function spinning reserve naive bayes algorithm energy management data privacy predictive fundus sanitization soft computing sales robust clustering algorithms sliding mode controller global positioning system image classification s-transform continuous wavelet transform support vector machines voltage stability index tcsc pareto front sla hrv gamification aggregation surveillance free space optics power systems wind turbines mathematical model mammography dspic microcontroller hpc network-on-chip metacognition programming communication software testing api virtualization frequency selective surface quantum cryptography wideband antenna reconfiguration pca frame difference region of interest real-time back propagation lbp cad mitigation dvr sdr channel bandwidth uhf band filter resilient backpropagation vehicular network database visual quality data hiding churn prediction sign language data retrieval dynamic programming analysis tools aifr neural network (nn) frequency domain heterojunction rate of change of frequency energy storage system fuzzy gain scheduling euclidean distance light dependent resistor unit cell reflection loss mutual coupling nfc image denoising power amplifier (pa) matching network (mn) dual band protective relaying nqr nmr voltage regulation performance index optimal location simulink maximum power point tracking coefficient of correlation bit rate heart disease inductive logic programming tool use learning median filter fuzzification circular patch antenna asynchronous machine doppler radar mpsoc image enhancement amplifier real time heart rate 60 ghz power system control workflow scheduling dstatcom big data analysis photovoltaic panels matlab software pixel clustering ldpc cryptanalysis resonator solar irradiance superconducting winding short-circuit current limitation extreme learning machine analytical model mathematical modeling education mesh topology local area network (lan) readiness ict lithium-ion battery caching cache memory dac adc medium access control pss pcm cuda phasor measurement unit periodogram harmonic algorithms methods universal background model visualization pollution smart city graph image attacks image forgery image forensic trust management metamaterial user satisfaction micro controller agriculture cst nonlinear control industrial robot condition monitoring stereo vision speaker identification gaussian mixture models deep neural networks speech recognition gmm video watermarking phase frequency detector charge pump soc matlab-simulink fuel cost compensation current density regression model visibility graph optimal path planning frequent itemsets association rule mining discrete cosine transform fault prediction tools handwriting water quality technology big data analytics robust estimator hybrid sensing blind signature bit-error-rate auction multiobjective optimization fuzzy inference system quadrotor filtering classifier svm classifier iris recognition radio frequency identification stbc indonésia e-health switching technique pin diode compact antenna multicarrier transmission battery lifetime 3g permanent magnets smart substation iec61850 grey wolf optimization micro grid virtual laboratory networking hybrid compression assessment pso algorithm noise figure leach k-means algorithm multiband antenna backstepping control usrp energy detector sces mosfets gate-all-around fir filter microstrip line error correcting codes energy management system graphene thermal analysis power transmission line task scheduling noise logistic regression coronary heart disease upnp performance analysis ofdma cloud security wireless sensor network (wsn) power density coupling coefficient branch line coupler lqr controller harmonic suppression solver application mrc lsb reflection coefficient dvb-t2 biological signal capacitor bank shunt active power filter (sapf) software lcc doubly fed induction generator (dfig) breakdown voltage artificial immune system wind power conversion polarization current depolarization current virtual machine resource management decision making map serious games entropy level set fuzzy ahp video streaming data uncertainty wireless mesh networks routers minimize cost of distance mbpso wdm band-pass filter motion estimation block matching algorithm morphology phemt inalas/ingaas/inp qam osnr series lc tank lmv cell thin film transistor gan space vector modulation deregulated power system power balance photovoltaic system leakage current newton-raphson method quality factor geometrical parameters spectrogram time-frequency distributions harmonic signal lte-a ipv6 formal method sputum smear baciloscopy standard deviation hashing skin lesion abc algorithm data aggregation control systems classification algorithm pv panels hybrid power systems homer software emission reduction electricity markets torque fcm recurrence solar panel encoding scheme biomedical implants network functions qos framework base stations (bss) radio over fiber indexing vertical handover controller real time processing gaussian mixer model (gmm) automatic speaker recognition (asr) mri resolution pre-processing abnormal behaviour chaotic system remote monitoring biometrics singular value decomposition integer wavelet transform image watermarking data gathering complex networks latent dirichlet allocation metaheuristics cognitive radio network queue management revenue coap manets remote sensing mac protocol physical layer security circular polarization handoff latency biometric atm fire detection alert svd nmf voltage controlled oscillator traffic light peripheral interface controller emergency phev gas emissions fuel rate driving cycle turtlebot robot navigation obstacle recognition obstacle avoidance laser scan flood rapid control prototyping performance comparison energy optimization small signal model energy audit wind power generation state space representation lvrt upqc control structure adaptive wsdl multivariate visual analytics sessions magnetic resonance imaging semi-supervised learning high availability distributed systems multi-agent system schottky diode patch antenna monitoring cost marginal cost utility function interference vlc user interface modulation scalability bf-mpso işe bf inverted pendulum polysolenoid linear motor k-nn fft emotions finfet routing algorithm permanent fault fault tolerant matrix converter congestion management linear quadratic regulator resistance control strategy optimal placement fuzzy control steady state analysis sinusoidal pwm boost chopper energy saving microgrids bin packing bootstrap laravel mobile applications equalization arabic language resource provisioning performance mobile agent mutual information evolution strategies face detection cloudsim real time system k-means clustering hierarchical clustering mean square error rls algorithm power line interference ecg signals multipath routing naive bayes base station finite element method microstrip patch multipoint relay parallel processing ad hoc networks electromagnetic band-gap mushroom-like ebg structure vsslms adaptive filter adaboost algorithm image encryption image security image fusion average precision gabor filter low noise amplifier (lna) ultra wideband (uwb) electron linear accelerator center of pressure humanoid robot scheduling algorithms fdtd mesfet xilinx system generator metamaterials csrr oxide thickness wkb approximation resources power flow power transformer solar photovoltaic google chrome firefox explorer musical notes linear discriminate analysis wireless network security stream cipher snow 3g qualnet rfpm positioning lte localization location-based services health hazards google maps stand-alone hsm embedded cryptography digital signature non-gps music algorithm modified algorithm doa scheme policy evaluation square-shape dielectric nested square-shape dielectric microwave band dielectric resonator antenna population-based approaches nurse rostering problem local search approaches gravitational emulation diversifications social ski driver sine cosine algorithm cross-layer optimization window function m-ary phase-shift keying (mpsk) smart house system netpi network platform iot control system blynk network platform text encryption plain text mutation crossover bio-medical signals 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function (m objective function (of) internet of thinks (iots) routing protocol for low power and lossy networks expected number of transmissions (etx) moving object detection and tracking kalman filter (kf) frame differencing (fd) computer vision (cv) background subtraction (bg) renewable non-interconnected renewables sources generation dispatch energy storage systems sensorless model reference adaptive system fuzzy sliding mode controller artificial neural networks multilayer perceptrons energy prediction activation functions power transformers hts transformer high-temperature superconductivity fault current limiting temperature coefficient photovoltaic module passive cooling module temperature efficiency improvement weighted recursive least square physical approach park's reference frame parameters identification online identification brushless dc motors weakest bus online voltage stability analysis single machine system oscillations multi machine system excitation sunflower optimization location and size enhanced sunflower optimization distribution generation voltage variation mppt algorithm hybrid active power filter srf theory iraqi environment dust deposition automatic-cleaning classical techniques bio-inspired (bi) power curves mathematical modelling cumulative probability density functions planning hvdc grids mtdc (multi-terminal direct current) mst (minimum spanning tree) hybrid hvac-hvdc grids track circuits stray current running rails inductance induced voltage wind power plants reliability of power systems availability assessment new model inter-turn short-circuit fault induction machines indicator fault sepic controlled rectifier feedback circuit signal to nose ratio security gap (푆 ) reed solomon visual semantic model multi-task learning fmri activity patterns brain decoding rule-based classification detection making smart fire detection safe evacuation virtual learning environment systematic review neural network algorithms learning management system nxd-schema multi-tenant database eet spatial domain grayscale image graphic effects time-frequency approach pqrst fragments electrocardiogram (ecg) secure password storage password security hash function dictionary attacks brain chain brain-computer interface smart cities particulate material atmospheric pollution air monitoring time slot manual school timetable hill climbing algorithms hard and soft constraints course schedule power dissipation portable processors radar pulse compression openmp multi-core dsp smart agriculture cognitive computing residual function fuzzy numbers delay differential equations bezier control points software security security management security knowledge ontology-based context university students self-efficacy perceived usefulness perceived enjoyment social influence e-learning system six stages runge kutta second-order nonlinear rk56 fivp tvws spectrum sharing dsa cooperative mobile networks security self-invertible key matrix hill cipher elliptic curve cryptosystem ascii code vehicular-to-vehicular obstacle awareness forwarding method vfactor the last m digits loops initial value web threats mobile p2p network data dissemination toe framework structural equation modeling diffusion of innovation big data technology ethereum dapp smart hydroponics system pcb nft mqtt horticultural lighting transportation ocvrp demand robust deadline test document clustering multi-verse optimizer rc6 fpga design cascaded design harmony search optimization technique (hso) psim mine blast algorithm (mba) wind energy conversion system (wecs) permanent magnet synchronous generator (pmsg) underdamped system non-parametric techniques matlab pid tuner visual control glass grip fuzzy system assistive robotics wind turbine modelling fopid controller double feed induction generator vtol transition tilt rotor airplane human-robot interaction hand tracking delivery status adjustment virtual environment robotic object gripping convolutional network cnn regression medical image analysis mimo system channel capacity solar pv module travelling wave solutions advection time delay stage structure competition thermal resistor fuzzy logic control (flc) 3d printing prototype finite element method (fem) cold environment enclosure push-pull inverter ips changeover relay ups back-up power supply tcp/ip proportional-integral controller active queue management palmgren-miner method discrete coulomb counting method battery management system voltage source converter single-phase three-leg double-frequency ripple power active power decoupling power train parallel hev motorcycle matlab/advisor hybrid electric two-wheeler prosumer rotor circuit motor parameters equivalent circuit loss sensitivity factor load flow optimal siting and sizing wind energy conversion system transmission line protection gaussian processes smart fault diagnosis system pv panel technologies emulator power oscillation damping unified power flow controller low-frequency oscillations dolphin optimization under frequency load shedding scheme protection relays load shedding scheme intelligent electronic devices software protection object-oriented programming data flow computing papillary orthonormality minimum spanning tree (mst) déformations dactyloscopy xsl xml platform pentaho model driven architecture e-orientation risk assessment availability attack-tree undergraduate level traditional based teaching sentence patterns corpus based teaching uae smart government service quality performance impact visual story telling video searching video indexing video content analysis chaotic system dna encoding bit-level scrambling gangrene disease classification gangrene disease twitter sentiment analysis multilingual software rejuvenation software aging image retrieval mobile sink hill climbing sale system crud opration map mask color selection color map alpha channel 3d object security system communication system avr atmeg8 appliance control system wireless relay networks multi-antenna systems diversity techniques differential techniques cooperative techniques beamforming techniques tweets social media platform sentimental analysis tf-idf algorithm language independent keyword extraction graph-based algorithm signal-to-noise ratio wall compressive spectrum sensing vital sign health monitoring java-based data communications software defined radios smart receivers digital modulation ultra wide band applications transverse electric band-pass filtering response wayfinding system safety monitoring self-checking process nist v2v lightweight protocol dos attack two-tier networks q-learning integral time absolute error sine-cosine swarm optimization integral absolute error mpc control modeling of nonlinear machine overhead crane system linear matrix inequality adaptive anti-swing control voltage mode control sliding-mode control nonlinear controller current mode control wind speed forecasting short-term forecasting sensors placement leap motion controller inmoov hand haptic feedback gender classification cross-dataset inference cnn architecture csk power flow analysis electrical network artificial intelligent methods adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference zaslavsky map lsb technique k-means clusters choatic maps developing countries blast cell texture glcm ct image swarm intelligence techniques dermatologists pulse oximeter motion artifacts illumination cardiac pulse rate prosthetic myo armband multilayer perceptron neural network myoelectric mlpnn gestures wireless capsule endoscopy feature transform center symmetric auto color correlogram fluorescence sine map logistic map speech encryption temperature sensitivity mosfet channel fin transmission gate inl dnl cmos current-steering dac tonometer gonioscopy finite element model pq theory dq theory multilevel converter current harmonics mitigation shunt active filter hybrid structure combined power supply reactive power remaining useful life estimate prognosis health monitoring predictive maintenance power transmission network low-level generation two-link arm fractional-order wind-pv-battery system micro-grid hybrid renewable energy self-excited induction generators neuro-fuzzy excitation capacitance dynamic operation tuneable antenna text data mining polarity text data keras intrusion detection system (ids) kernels gamma voronoi fire forest detection reversible data hiding intra-prediction encoding blocking theano cntk current energy fpga device fast block cipher differential analysis cspn knowledge network attacks bagging dynamic parameter adaptation ant colony system asp.net & c# internet of vehicles traffic modeling l and s bands broadband matching open service gateways iparking miss detection malicious user false detection polyimide inset-feed video on demand mobivod ieee 802.11ac frame aggregation channel bonding human finger tissue absorbing web application firewall dynamic profiling data clustering anomaly request non-identical interferers nakagami-m fading channel maximal ratio combiner incremental relaying decode-and-forward cooperative wireless networks stc pulse shaping oob fbmc transmit antenna selection partial relay selection maximum ratio combining channel state information time-domain analysis mlp neural network bearing takagi-sugeno parallel distribution direct vector control active and reactive powers tuning gwo fixed-speed ukf nonlinear system crukf 3d avatar machine translation deaf person vehicle detection raspberry pi uv camera pattern matching image capture wavelet thresholding robust speaker identification pncc gfcc fw tampering mn 2+ color uniformity (ce tb)mgal 11 o 19 :ce:tb tio 2 sio 2 caf 2 caco 3 reomote-phosphor srbasio 4 :eu 2+ cutter vertical wind turbine cloud communication srf total fuel cost hydrothermal system swapping stations p&o parallel dc-dc converter energy management strategy three-level npc inverter nonlinear load integrated compensation passive power filter active compensation model reactive power compensation voltage profile enhanc power loss reduction optimal capacitor placement dolphin optimization algorithm different load models svar msgbcaep fmsg ctpso ccpso ccpp runner root radial topology sensitive camera moisture sensor intelligent bed particle swarm optimization distribution network speed solar radiations turn-away intentions threat of professional obsolescence software companies it professionals information technology (it) bangladesh programming language motivation game mechanic game elements human language cyber-medicine combinatory late-machine web accessibility thailand elderly disabled dvfs acrr refractive measurement myopia eye health diopter ensemble methods convolution boosting sdn controller radial basis functions back propagation networks lorenz map ip telephony chaos-theory amr-wb-g.722.2 noise uncertainty campus network bandwidth utilization lifetime hop nonlinear model environmental factors autonomous surface vehicle indirect lyapunov's theorem unstable nonlinear system adaptive state feedback controller rst controller pitch angle control pitch gujarati language emotion detection from speech defect detection ceramic material wavelet features dicom computed tomography cancer detection convolutional neural networks superpixel brain tumour time delay neural network spike spatiotemporal pattern decoding algorithm multiple input single output vrml occluded objects manipulator robot haar classifiers fast r-cnn dag-cnn phase-based (pb-evm) linear-based (lb-evm) eulerian video magnification(evm) motion magnification de-noising based wavelet transform features performance topographical feature selector face features pt system pt monitoring mechanism camera model pipelined cordic integrator gmsk frequency modulation frequency demodulation digital frequency synthesizer differentiator quasi-symetrical approach logarithm generator orthogonal frequency divisionmultiplex (ofdm) modulation techniques fixed bit rate (fbr) signal quality lossless image transmission error-free transmission channel encoding switching action tracking error ins resistivity sensor conventional removal methods controlled magnetic field computer system black powder alternative solution mgceal11o19:tb3+ phemt transistor low phase noise mm-wave band colpitts vco medical iot heartbeat fractional order proportional- integral stator flux orientation sfoc pi controllers multi-levels inverters h-bridge signalization system mtl theory electric railway word cloud text analytics higher education digital culture trajectory ship power losses reduction islanding meta-heuristic algorithms environmental dispatch solar photovoltaic array mppt po water pump battery storage secondary voltage control secondary frequency control fixed-time control distributed observer optimal size modified moth swarm algorithm modeling of wind turbines economical analysis three-phase inverter seamless transfer islanded virtual design prototype gravitational search algorithm interactive approa prohibited operating zones non-convex economic power dispatch piecewise cost function sdn agent power-aware multicasting cluster-based-manet voltage quality static var system automatic tap-changer np-hard pesoa flow shop scheduling problem self-checking technique woven fabric defects texture analysis smell agent optimization media and sport coverage fanet routing protocol fanet optimization destination path model random forest classifier difficulty level blooms taxonomy imaging processing descriptors phrase annotation paragraph annotation semantic annotation medical element annotation causal self-training algorithm optical burst switching network bhp flooding attack water quality status smote imbalance class bootstrapping handwriting recognition slight homogeneity slight continuous clopen sets recovery satisfaction procedural justice perceived trust perceived justice citizens loyalty speech quality double chaotic masking communication security chaotic flow systems single rectangular split ring resonator (sr-srr) ultra-wideband (uwb) dual band-notched health environment pollution map non-ionizing radiation electromagnetic pollution optisystem optical-wireless system ofdm-rof simplex-method linear programming problem tracking capability signal processing radar signal frequency resolution ambiguity function prediction models disease prediction certification authority (ca) online certificate status protocol (ocsp) nurbs surface dynamic rrm residual energy chaotic whale metaheuristic optimization chaotic tent map nigeria internet service provider incentives botmaster simulated technique radius of curvature offset integrated optics system usage system design system impact information system success educational technology model variable loads unity power factor controller neural network algor load voltage control steepest descent operating head inflows hydropower non-cooperative game theory device-to-device smf (standard median filter) road (rank-ordered absolute differences) digital image denoising amf (adaptive median filter) marching cubes isosurface disk herniation 3d modeling occupancy sensing motion sensing basic emotion tanh transfer function sigmoid transfer function relu transfer function gaussian transfer function ffnn test of electronic control unit (ecu) synchronous handling multithreading technique multi actuator system silvaco power limiter microwave power qr electrical alternans p-wave paroxysmal atrial fibrillation methodology for detection digital signal processing register pipelining technique phase accumulator adder monitoring system dam gate reduction of co emission 2 message digest-5 algorithm energy theft detection quasi-z-source double output non-linear load phase locked loop unbalanced load non-ideal source voltage four wire shunt active power filter wind energy generation subtropical solar desiccant cooling mould growth institutional building indoor air quality sswt hill climbings searching voltage sag series transformer modulated carrier signal direct converter improved particle swam optimization competitive electric market short term load forecasting two points estimation method probabilistic load flow mopso uvtg shunt inverter power tensor power conditioning web service orchestration service oriented architecture choreography vertical intent vertical selection doc2vec aggregated search technical condition statistical identification dissolved gas analysis diagnostics adaptive algorithm stochastic optimization primary users ultra distance function quasi metric space modified !-distance common fixed point  -contraction ' stationary wavelet single-channel short-time fourier transform fear emotion classification relaxation electroencephalography eeg dynamics spectral filtering photovoltaic cells bio-filter pig map-reduce hive hbase flink cloudxlab voltage differencing gain amplifier (vdga) variable phase angle oscillator tilted collector hyberdized solar plant direct normal irradiance concentrated solar power static analysis software vulnerabilities public vulnerability repository buffer overflows shared data osn processing time optimization computation offloading depression text2onto semantic web ontology learning wordnet jwolf gru neural network training teaching-learning algorithm incorporating oslr routing discovery link breakage threshold signature residuosity identity-based signature discrete logarithm distributed denial-of-service denial of service moth optimization metaheuristic optimization neighborhood search united arab emirates (uae) technology acceptance model (tam) subjective norm enjoyment e-learning systems accessibility network traffic self-similarity low-rate ddos attack hurst coefficient cyber attack botnet detection mel frequency cepstral confections (mfcc’s) gaussian mixture model (gmm) microsoft research (msr) identity toolbox automatic voice recognition (avr) network simulation node replacement failing sensor sensitive data mrsh-v2 dlp data breach approximation matching spectrum exchange information mu-law dynamic subcarrier mapping adaptive quantization multi-agv conflict-free route thingspeak platfrom visual object tracking night surveillance video deep-learning object tracker plant disease bacteria foraging algorithm linear discriminant analysis image analysis diagnosis aide stego-text stego-object stego-cover invisible character information credibility facebook permutation entropy hjorth descriptors reversible color arnold transform xie and beni index (xb) separation index(s) partition index (sc) partition coefficient (pc) fuzzy maximum likelihood (fml) dunn index (di) classification entropy (ce) alternative dunn index (adi) mie-scattering mn 2+ dual-layer remote phosphor geometry small cell mcs fifth generation (5g) data rate multiple kitchen appliances inductive power transfer class e inverter the hazards static branch prediction hybrid branch predictor probe coil smart wireless changeover spurios message practical measurement data acquisition system valve-point effects multiple fuel options spillage inductance wind farms thermal power plants production cost emission levels waste management municipal solid waste gasification waste to energy electrical power three phase three leg igbt inverter stm32f303ret6 microcontroller instantaneous reactive power theory stand-alone installation photovoltaic inverter half bridge inverter full bridge inverter boost converer loss allocation distributed generator d-q theory tradeoff curve multiobjective function optimal placement of facts csa real west algeria electrical network combined economic emission dispatch price penalty factor bi-objective dispatch problem dynamic response steady-state unbalance voltage supply direct power control ac-dc converter rnn nids weight reduction pm motor hemicycle stator decryption/encryption cloud computing security chaos model uwsn spatial reuse reactive jamming jamming detection cross layer design cooperative communication user equipment’s (ues) random access protocol (rap) pilot contamination (pc) multiple-in multiple-out (mimo) raised cosine q-factor nrz nonlinear effect audio signal teaching learning based predictive particle population optimization smoothing n-grams language models grammar checking ecg signal diffie-hellman cbc mode adaptive huffman coding small dataset single-attribute-based classifier oner classifier tpc-c mult-itenancy trmm satellite rainfall estimates rainfall threshold rain gauges landslide successive cancellation decoding polar codes bhattacharyya parameter video conferencing undeclared functionality standards russia mobile phone lpwan lorawan lora applications botswana lora survey ransomware openflow crypto ransomware temperator sensor rf spectrum analyzer reflectometer (ofdr) optical frequency domain fiber bragg grating harq haps triple band split ring resonator cpw fed tropospheric scintillation scintillation models satellite communication system ku-band cdf primary user emulator cluster symmetric block cipher multi-level keys information security encryption des spectrum handoff multifractal traffic bio-inspired algorithm parasitic pv module perturb and observe algorithm h-bridge inverter grid connected photovoltaic system bipolar pwm trajectory reconstruction programming by demonstration motion capture speed sensor rfoc induction motor (im) fault-tolerant-control (ftc) cuckoo search avr system secure navigation visual servoing multi robots system kinematics modeling super resolution low resolution image upscaling high resolution non-fiducial fiducial cs video endoscopy run length matrix gastrointestinal lesions colorectal cancer temperature distribution optical nanoantenna bowtie wirelength estimation vlsi rectilinear steiner tree urdhava tiryakbhyam vedic multipliers pipelining watermark micro-organism hidden layer gradient feed-forward neural network semantic similarity semantic relatedness explicit semantic analysis esa ozone treatment multilayer electrophoresis deposition dssc cnt/pdda solar cell quantum dot energy conversion absorber matlab/simscape gmppt/lmppt dual mppt fully electrical bus buck-boost dc/dc converter hybrid energy storage system battery thermal behavior split factor pv grounding fault current distribution earth potential rise optimising energy efficiency energy model belt conveyor system techno-economic analysis environmental sustainability emission power loss minimization grey wolf optimizer dstatcom placement optimal generation scheduling integral backstepping control observability economic study for the addition new data transmiss communication infrastructure latency time binary particle swarm optimization short-circuit rectifier fault dc-link capacitor ic algorithm boost polyvinyl chloride multiple nanoparticles interphase electrostatic fields electrostatic field home appliances paid follower fake user simulation tools packet sniffer design characteristics ugr’16 stacking sframes network intrusion detection graphlab create satellite data pre-processing data cleaning source code change patterns transformational approaches change repertitiveness api-migration adaptive maintenance abstract syntax tree template question answer pair convolutional recurrent neural network complex question answering inception-cnn intrusion detection system ids dbn blstm state-full service service system library service software defined networks openlow hardware offloading the reality of iraqi oil recurrent neural networks predication oil price feed fored neural network a/b testing mental model open street map geospatial data analytics dimensionality reduction spread spectrum direct sequence wireless local area network (wlan) scheduling scheme fourth generation (4g) fifth generation network nanoholes arrays localized surface plasmons optical transmission biosensors light dependant resistor cognitive methods for channel allocation base station composite network rof co-ofdm-rof 16qam security-aware fair transmission dcf (distributed coordination function) cognitive iot switched beam phase array antenna array element ls lmmse dft wireless lan opnet end to end delay clhvg chhvg network flow quasi orthogonal space time block code multiple-input-multiple-output diversity tranmission zero narrowband cross coupling coupled-line evm dp-qam wimesh topology control flow control channel assignment beacon attendance management quadratic assignment job shop scheduling big bang-big crunch metaheuristic microprocessor based control temperature sensor temperature control educational control system setpoint tracking imc disturbance rejection rc hovercraft itae criterion polarization controller pid corrector electromagnetic fiber squeezer pid tuning method error criteria wfcs delay time standard bat algorithm pdf and pdff controllers pd magnetic suspending system improved bat algorithm benchmark test functions brain tumor recursive inverse algorithm adaptive filters stereo matching gradient matching bilateral filtering similarity distance handwritten arabic documents floating threshold features extractions bag-of-visual word weighting function robust detector fundamental matrix epipolar geometry eight-point algorithm fwht digital watermarking medical imaging systems cad system breast cancer screening reversible logic quantum cost energy loss arithmetic and logic unit soil moisture sensor internet of things sensor subthreshold leakage current short channel effect low power devices leakage current mechanisms gate induced drain lowering hard exudates diabetic retinal image binary operations wireless body sensor network (wbsn) smart healthcare rgs pic gf 2ph-hsm wind system battery system voltage unbalance factor voltage disturbance symmetrical components steady-state performance phase electrical distance back propagation neural network multiple transmitter axial displacement voltage inverters renewable energies intelligent power systems power controller active and reactive wts dc-chopper crowbar combined strategy robot tool use tool creation robot learning sextic parametric hyperbola equioscillation siem iot botnets whiskers circuit swarm robotics infrared (ir) array stereoscopic images obstacle detection motion planning bacterial behaviour autonomous robot non-orthogonal multiple access (noma) successive-interference cancellation (sic) field-programmable gate array (fpga) additive white gaussian noise (awgn) quasi-z-source converter noma idma pv power generation pv array ac/dc grid information technology information service kalkun gammu statistical machine translation language model indonesian-javanese sequance file nhar namenode har ehdfs big data in small files secure just noticeable difference model image steganography channel selection rule vehicular adhoc network internet of vehicle infotainment system viterbi decoding power consuption parallel cancellation convolution encoder bit error rate (ber) microarray data genomics gene expression data visual studio dijkstra's algorithm indonesian batik deep neural network batch normalization user evaluation bayesian network mobile navigation digital map morphological analysis natural language processing hidden markov model data deduplication eexprule sαs impulsive noise incremental hybrid case-based reasoning (ihcbr) multi-agent system (mas) felder-silverman learning style model (fslsm) personalized path adaptive learning system time hoping luby transform code deterministic degree generation time-slotted channel hopping ieee 802.15.4e artificial neural network (ann) rssi mote track inout system position estimation target tracking riverbed modeler 17.5 multimedia services edca rough set theory multipath variable reluctance pid command neural command machine (vrm) adaptive pr controller diesel generators improved pcmc hybrid control 3dof helicopter system infrared sensor bi-directional hidden markov model (hmm) support vector machines (svm) linear discriminant analysis (lda) extreme learning machine (elm) automatic speaker recognition (asr) vab cut static background hog haar-cascade grab cut foreground subtraction contours deep transfer learning linear structure tensor difference of gaussian (dog) online signature verification left right model hwt hmm uniform noise salt and pepper noise hssim histogram similarity measure gaussian noise feature similarity index measure fsim symmetric multiprocessors reinforcement learning multilevel feedback queue multi core scheduling self-heating effect gan/alinn/gan gan/algan/gan gan cap photocatalyst p25 commercial powder ni-doped tio powder multilayer thin film xrd sem-edx la-co-sm nanoferrites (lcsf) ftir dc resistivity state-space transformation critical path delay crc area time product tunneling width tfet poisson equation hetero-gate dielectric scale length junction-based noninvasive method near-infrared spectroscopy blood glucose spherical slotted antenna plasma dielectric integra-functional-equations xilinx-ise processor hardware description language (vhdl) dc-dc boost converter unsymmetrical fault symmetrical fault fault analysis bus impedance matrix proportions and integrals hysteresis silicone rubber silicon nitride silicon dioxide electrical treeing operating reserves montecarlo simulation extreme values synchronous electric generators salient-pole electric machines liouville eigenfunctions piecewise continuous sturm electric machines cascade equivalent circuits quantum superposition quantum image processing photons probability cubic approximation circular arc bezier curves maximal flow flow extended network interfernce management d2d communication cellular network software define network distributed denial of service secure routing software design learning management system (lms) software development user-centered design (ucd) child-computer interaction resource syllabel-based neural ner named entity corpus myanmar language bidirectional lstm manufacturing planning automated standard supply chain management power consumption prediction physical machine km balanced cluster size abnormal gait patterns container-based networking uplink channel ngn scanned antenna array metaheuristic algorithm hybrid optimization algorithm prime factors integer factorization fermat’s factorization euler’s theorem computation loops ccn soft decision log decoder public key cryptography chaotic maps skin cancer microwave imaging elliptical patch antenna biomedical imaging linear discriminant analysis oblique tree decision classification trees discriminant random project pursuit index slotted waveguide antenna rf front-end phased array antenna analog beamforming task scheduling algorithm priority forward kinematicsl inverse kinematics degree of freedom lqr itae gas turbine simulator scada-hmi industrial control systems firewall wavelet denoising multivariate denoising chaotic signal video analysis moving object detection mean averaging foreground modelling dna arnold fast principle component purist (fpcp) blob analysis robotic navigation morphological filters radio scheduling energy conservation junctionless cylindrical central potential smart water environment monitoring rp-wleds phosphor optical properties cri cqs success probability (sp) relaying network half-duplex (hd) energy harvesting (eh) log domain current mode active filters pinch-off storage of medical data spo2 dc blood pressure mems fabrication lcp intracranial pressure sensor capital cost second order sliding mode control kálmán length depth valve point loading effects ramp rate multi fuel sources distribution system communications zero voltage sequence triple phase shift phase shift modulation hybrid phase shift control dual active bridge converter wide area monitoring system phasor measurements units online monitoring critical bus improved qbpso algorithm quantum computing transmission supply chain capacity generation cost generating unit mixer grinder hysteresis current control bldc gradient algorithm multi-scale morphological power transmission lines clarke transformation renewal energy photovoltaic energy intrusion tsr-psr monte carlo simulations parameter optimization iris dataset utaut tam collaborative learning behavioral intention robotic applications 3d environment vertex marker reproduce size grid method otp mqtt protocol dna computing virtual communities social networking services information warfare antagonistic conflict unstructured environment hybrid neuro-fuzzy semantic segmentation segnet residual layers food recognition encoder-decoder cnn sizing massive influx health services malicious uniform resource locator blacklists binary classification problem locally deep svm decision forest azure machine learning cloud service assurance proactive fault handling cloud fault remediation analytical model development method cloud service cloud modeling process cloud metamodel virtual tree view presentation powerpoint omnithread secret message 3d logistic map 3d chebyshev real signal hermitian symmetry dco-fbmc broadband power amplifier binomial transformer quadruple band notch arn wdm system rz modulation formats mdrz fwm crosstalk validities computation multimodel approach wetland modelling vfcw modelling series cstr nitrogen removal backstepping controller artificial bee colony permanent magnet linear synchronous motor min max model predictive continuous control set model predictive control cascade control main diesel engine hybrid iwopso engine rotational speed control system robotics surgery mu-laparobot motion control medical robotics haptics force control bilateral control image quality assessment grabcut algorithm foreground object xnor gate secret key mse and psnr lsb algorithm wearable device visually impaired mser character recognition system textures hessian eigenanalysis fractional differential edges contrast swt-pca algorithm fusion image fpga xilinx system generator spot partition microarray c-v model aom load scheduling zad technique non-linear phenomena bifurcation mixedinteger linear entrenched core testing corebasedorganizations space vector pulse width modulation electric skateboard 555 timer soil moisture microwave emissivity neuromuscular muscle fatigue hemiplegic functional electrical stimulator (fes) humanoid muscle model flexible stimulation waveform rule-based method power quality disturbances hybrid electric vehicle equivalent circuit model pulse width modulation inverter synchronous reluctance motors rare earths or ferrite economic analysis direct-on-line-start virtual inertia transient response per-phase equivalent circuit dsp-based electric-drives linear induction motor voltage space vector 3-phase induction motor drive rotor angle reactive flow space heating solar water heating solar house ingap/gaas hbt current gain power and energy distribution systems thermal loads evolutionary algorithm energy source matheuristic electrical loads demand-side management hand bone forensic anthropology age estimation revolution neural network rules models history public key cryptosystem modified rsa cloud service models cloud data storage b-spline pulp caping tertiary dentine carries sinc-collocation numerical solutions korteweg-de vries equation fractional derivative heuristic mc hygroscopic swelling support vector machine (svm) probabilistic neural network (pnn) phishing detection phishing attacks fraudulent emails sleep roll-over accelerometer adxl335 rpl / 6lowpan networks threat modeling security framework risk electronic health records recommender system (rs) rating estimation methods k-weighted clustering kernel cf collaborative filtering (cf) classical rating prediction methods smart contracts iot (internet of things) datatrusted exchange wireless body area network packet prioritization optimal packet routing modified greedy approach critical packet forwarding hyperledgerfabric health information exchange (hie) electronic healthcare records (ehr) post stratification sampling fcm algorithm quantum key distribution quantum fouriertransform shor’salgorithm photon polarization service orientedarchitecture interceptor asynchronous queue real-time critical information virtual gateway system industrial iot cyber security architecture cyber-defense authentication mechanism enterprise architecture ea ea patterns analysis of ea plr ftl flash memory data recovery percentage split feature selection method classification accuracy open web application security project (owasp) electronic integrated antenatal care (e-ianc) electronic medical records (emr) antenatal care (anc) software component based security (scs) software based reusabilitycomponents (src) software based certification (ce) awareness training (at) access controlmethods (acm) overlay network distributed detection clone detection triple band gap-ebg side lobe reduction microstrip array antenna resources management modules placement mpr online social networks malicious online communities intelligent spam sensing interval fl type 2 fl type 1 resonance predictive control induction heating speed profile optimization pontryagin's maximum principle urban rail systems energy efficient operation automatic train operation imc based pid hopper tank fractional filter alienor method stator inter-turn short circuit residual generator fdi extended kalman filter ycbcr space xor operation information hiding moth-flame optimization genetic approach substitution confidentiality chaotic generator y-parameter spice model symbiotic organisms search switching characteristics evolutionary optimization cmos inverter lc colpitts oscillator bjt half step full step cw ccw state-space equations small-signal modeling modular dc-dc converters current-mode control nonlinear unknown input observer structure from motion monocular vision systems measurement noise three-stage bipolar transistor amplifier variable reluctance machine (vrm) stator current spectral analysis short-circuit fault network variable reluctance finite elements pv/wind hybrid pss/e dc chopper busbar fault ocp mbbo losses cost reduction protection coordination overcurrent relays inter-trip link voltage collapse modal analysis maximum point of load parallel control structure maximum sensitivity load frequency control (lfc) iae hysteresis controllers dpc voltage dependent current order limiter (vdcol) thyristor converters short circuit ratio mtdc system nanofluid heat pipe renewable energy sources (res) multiple carrier sinusoidal pulse width modulation asymmetrical cascaded multilevel inverter (acmli) process control ethernet camera tcpst losses reduction texture descriptor paralleization local derivative pattern gpgpu test optimization test driven development software testing life cycle automation testing producer mobility named data networking mobility support scheme mobility approach information centric networking single mode encryption (sme) pure-plaintext (ppt) pure-ciphertext (pct) key-logging facility (klf) credit scoring cart pap smear approach (had) hierarchical decision cervical cancer signature recognition signature analysis harmonic source diagnostic analytic ensemble features slenderness roundness ratio perimeter leaf feature reverberation mllt lda feature transformation distant speech recognition polypharmacy drug interactions workload prediction resources deployment efficient resource provisioning resources exploitation dynamic resource provisioning pervasive protocols transportation problem priority based encoding logistic model benchmark (ycsb) yahoo cloud serving ssdb database redis nosql phishing detection techniques user awareness on em phishing email and websites phishing threshold software system quality metric cohesión wpke algorithm rake algorithm complaint analysis real-time monitoring data public charger siting ev charging infrastructure cluster-level demand share project schedule compression time-cost function negative total float integer critical path method spem security properties security profile sdsib model transformation loc code generation vanet security eecc ecc aecc wideband applications ring-shaped dms bandwidth enhancement requirements analyst requirements artifacts educational data mining cosmic funtion point data wrangling slotted antenna lte bands through wall detection micro-doppler frequency conjugate gradient clipping tone reservation wimax ieee 802.16e ofdm system rgb leds color filter fitness value lte network logarithmic propagation model teleworking mobile office key performance indicator balanced scorecard preemptive priority telecommunication services mobile services secure device encryption attack sca dpa slots rfiduhfreader input impedance perceived usability perceived credibility e-government citizen relationship heart pulse body sensor network systems uwb technology scm-sac-ocdma ocdma multi-diagonal multi-robot system coordination scheme reducers hadoop distributed file system fully differential current conveyor (fdcc) active rc circuit hilbert transform digital-to-analog converters differential non-linearity label connected component fuzzy c means bilateral filter retinal oct macula sndr signal noise ratio (snr) sigma delta modulator discrete time (dt) continuous time (ct) analog front end shape detection local standard deviation level detection hough transform automated inspection pattern approximation noise reduction feedforward architecture adaptive slope human motion identification pseudo random generator multiple secret sharing secret sharing linear system haar dwt skeleton joints human activity recognition depth image xilinx ise rademacher functions word lengths quartus hadamard transforms srr energy recovery conventional cmos static cmos two phase clocked adiabatic adiabtic switching principle equilibrium points dynamical systems numerical simultion gate oxyde thikness cnt chyrality vdcc universal biquad electronic control active filter commercially available ic ultra deep submicron (udsm) regenerative pseudo power consumption (pc) current drawn (cd) cascode voltage switch logic(cvsl) cascode rtl design optical communciation onoc inter/intra crosstalk modulation (sr-svm) sub-region space vector neutral point clamped inverter (npci) dual 2-level inverter time-series pattern least squares method electrical power demand dsarima model dead-time generator rescheduling high speed four-to-two compressor nano electronic nanotechnology carbon nanotube field effect transistor (cntfet) solar energy sharing switching matrix power-voltage curve module irradiance current-voltage curve wind power plant reactive power control strategies point of common coupling subtractive clustering som k-mean cluster analysis magnetoelectric multiferroics landau-khalatnikov theory material response histeresis loops cross interaction singular perturbation method glial network gerschgorin’s circle theorem artificial neuro glial network power system stabilizer multi-objective control lmÏ h 2 /h /µ controller ∞ interruption cost expected composite adequacy interconnected microgrid a state of charge x-ray lithography micromachined inductors micro power inductors metal-embedded su-8 slab high aspect-ratio inductors leasing c4.5 algorithm bacterial foraging route optimization pairing function overhead reduction software risk software projects risk management risk factors trust rbac genetic simulated annealing algorithm routing problem multi-trip deep belief network leap motion multiple classifier system feature set partitioning combiner construction classifier ensemble construction ant system hypertension hybrid ga-vns food composition fruitgarden design mobile off-loading mechanisms mobile back-ends elastic executions clone cloud systematic literature review (slr) supply chain process model process mining cross-organizational process minimal fuzzy open set homogeneous topology fuzzy homeomorphism fuzzy bitopology cut topologies time-frequency distribution multilevel thresholding improved harmony search logistic function domain examination data processing data analysis reliable rules non-redundant rules association rule classifiers amazon the posterior pole of retina region of interest (roi) automatic technique waveform concatenation text-to-speech systems speech synthesis indian languages concatenative synthesis privacy preserving data publishing (ppdp) privacy preserving data mining (ppdm) misusability measure n-queen problem mutation over operator cross over operator micro array data gene selection gene analysis fuzzy classification oscillator active device vertical databse infrequent itemset frequent itemset éclat algorithm behaviour agent-based modelling and simulation traditional internet pacec global knowledge named data network content storage content selection caching policy caching placement real-time warning system landslide monitoring compressed sensing e-procurement bidding rf exposure radiation level child health cell tower radiation substation automation defense in depth cybersecurity ns-2.5 aomdv iaas selection iaas providers decision assist lingo internet pricing ocvrp garbage transportation multi-path parks–mcclellan (pm) low pass filter finite impulse filter (fir) differential evolution (de) convergence natural languages processing classification algorithms arabic text mining arabic text categorization arabic language processing qycbcr quantization matrix luminance jpeg chrominace average spectral efficiency average channel capacity free-space optical amplify-and-forward type of database exact string matching algorithms e-atheer algorithm inertial navigation system single compartment model robot joint controller two-phase learning purkinje cell granule cell-golgi cell circuit golgi cell lower dendrite tree modulated receptive fields generalization cerebellar model controller cerebellar granule cell layer averaging cerebellar model phase plane continuous conduction mode switched reluctance motor (srm) ziegler-nichols method controller tuning ant colony optimization (aco) voice features parkinson’s disease motion detection adaptive threshold variance fluctuation temperature sensing closed-loop pcr grayscale template matching geometric template matching counterfeit banknote mother wavelet the wavelet packet transform stenosis sbi doppler ultrasound video copy detection multimedia content protection cloud-based multimedia content nutritional deficiency k nearest neighbors deep learning with auto encoders zigbee transceiver oqpsk dsss awgn channel side lobes reflection coefficients radiation coefficients computational cost network fault fault identification signal conditioning ac/dc converter bootstrap circuit channel charge injection clock feedthrough cmos switch error reduction sample and hold circuit odor classification mos sensor intelligent sensing phase-locked loop jitter reduction surface water ndwi ndvi ndmi mndwi landsat index method renewable energy source piezoelectric conventional energy visible radiations solar radiation polycrystalline solar cells indoor solar cells artificial radiation kalai smorodinsky bargaining solution fault classification transient monitoring function line protection market predictions high-gain dc-dc converter grid integration asymmetric multilevel inverter facial features expression recognition task mobile video emotion recognition asian conversation dataset multi-modal dataset word count weka svn hyperline frequency calculation cnb bag of words accidents sms it-service galvanic skin response experimental research emotion detection sentiment lexicons arabic reviews tool forensics digital evidence blackberry messenger intrinsic motivation cognitive architecture agents dynamic data masking business domains data masking big data privacy roc diabetes mellitus rsa algorithm public cryptography computer security computer science mobile games interaction techniques interaction design game interactions sleep apnea sexually transmitted disease classification task english-hindi cross language information retrieval query translation disambiguation coherence model food safety str dna barcoding cma-es genetic programming redundant residue number system error detection and correction equalizers conventional codes sla agreement dynamic virtualization adaptive four-threshold microstrip technology gallium arsenide (gaas) field-effect transistor (fet) thick substrate mushroom-like ebg high dielectric constant c-band satellite learning instrument gdlc elementary mathematics learning education taper waveguide optical power splitter mmi structure iii-nitrides fd-bpm method particle swarm optimization cloud computing optimization problem minimization makespan wa secret message chatting software realization coverage space time coding mimo ofdm convolution code web-based traditional infectious health-care epidemic disease gaas substrate dc probe low pass-filter cw thz photonic transmitters bow-tie antenna web-oriented pub-sub message broker iot middleware actor based printed antennas array circular shaped dumbbell cdgs queueing model continuous-time markov chain (ctmc) spectrum access 5g cellular networks device-to-device (d2d) micro-structure batik threats compliance cloud computing services adult learners information system success interference instability financial sector disagreement space time block code spatial correlation receive antenna selection (ras) full rate ofdm-fso multiple transceiver gamma-gamma distribution proportional integral control walking stability bipedal robot vector control pmsm fault tolerant control 5 phase inverter speed observer barrier lyapunov function active magnetic bearing linear quadratic regulator (lqr) sugeno fis inverted pendulum (ip) intelligent control adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (anfis) temperature protection ni wsn fuel station fire protection simulink and simelectronics mass spring damper lagrange equation multilayered antenna multi-layer miniaturization techniques compact size 2.4 ghz band nearest neighbor interpolation line-column interpolation enlarge bilinear interpolation bicubic interpolation time-frequency analysis pilot contamination massive mimo el-az estimation signal to noise ratio gradient filter out noise color filter array faber-schauder dwt least significant bit permutation region growing algorithm mass segmentation line segment satellite imagery image entropy hybrid security balanced resources edm bearing fault active noise cancellation technology process parity generator layout design microblaze data encryption standard advanced encryption standard novel 11-level inverter width modulation (mspwm) multicarrier sinusoidal pulse thoughtful comment brand popularity brand metadata wide-band inter-modulation distortion time hashing function collision matching demand load bim automated code-checking and revit switched capacitor circuits summing circuit multi input converters inverting circuit windings design three-phase induction motor single-phase induction motor input current load flow forecast wavelet rake receiver uwb systems rake receiver maximal ratio combining channel impulse response adaptive rake receiver passivity-based control lyapunov fuel cell euler lagrange cascaded boost social welfare market clearing load modeling switching sequence cascaded h-bridgeinverter wireless broadband network video transmission ns-2 mgs csvc ssvm srbs psychiatric patient image mining grid computing cluster computing sequence pattern periodic pattern fuzzy time-interval traffic pattern learning agent website quality university website logarithmic fuzzy preference svr supervised software tests j48 code metrics basis test paths rov remotely-operated customer feedback analysis business intelligence learning outcomes game based learning e-assessment tracking object moving target background modeling rural electrification program outranking approach multi-criteria decision aid electre iii method pupil area iris detection color difference circular hough transform binary image session key exchange network stability proximal caries molar teeth edge enhancement water pipeline monitoring leak detection node design mutation testing mutation analysis nguyen widrow momentum coefficient backpropagation adaptive learning rate similarity scores hash codes deduplication comparison window archive simple additive weighting engine model cloud renderfarm services number of topics minimum description length optimisation likelihood microarray gene expression temporal state role based access control grained access control event-role-attribute based fine environment state attribute based access control malware detection forensic intelligence cyber crimes uas next generation air traffic management nextgen air traffic control relationship flourishing psychoinformatics intolerance internet infidelity forgiveness mixed traffic vehicle movement maneuver intention inverted index histogram indexing spi model security in cloud mimo bowtie antenna hfss hexa-band location prediction comparison symmetric key algorithm selective encryption diffie–hellman manet. blackhole attack open flow open day light ld dcn user stories story points software estimation agile/devops estimation cosmic function points vivaldi return loss (s11) purchasing decision product choice factor analysis seminar alerts mic technology bow tie antenna array antenna performance estimation network function siso ring fss indoor wireless path loss model 60 ghz band data classification auto ml quantum error intercept-resend attacks eavesdroppers cloning attacks power-aware metrics energy-efficient multiple mmwave connections mmwave frequency bands hybrid mmwave (bs) aproach 5g communications lwa leaky wave hw-mlwa gap capacitor control cell web browser ram live forensics investigation dgs structure spectral efficiency. optimal power allocation cognitive small cell voip playout scheduling jitter jitter buffer management distributed hybrid active power filter harmonic filter harmonic detection plasma position back propagation network the fast torque response. synchronous motor permanent magnent percentage of thd modified dtc hysteresis bands real-time implementation dspace hammerstein method. hybrid systems actuator active fault tolerant control rr interval qrs complex subspace optimization krylov eigen vector background estimation point operation peak signal to noise ratio gamma correction transform medical image processing lossless and lossy compression quality of image multi-object ahc within-class covariance gaussian mixing model automatic speaker recognition reflectivity doppler weather radar color classification quantization parameter and rate control rlbp fa dwf matching network hemt transistor balanced amplifier technique wireless communications duplexers dielectric filters ceramic filters sdr-semi definite relaxation ofdm-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing sdr-semi definite approach mse-mean square error lmse-least mean square error semi blind and trained channel estimation blind receiver diversity blind channel estimation qr ecomposition givens rotation cordic swell sag panel improvement diode bypass phasor measurement units line model distributed-parameter mras imd dtc wind generation impact on fault level grid balanced faults evaluation criteria solar photovoltaic system hysteresis controller reliability evaluation rbts contingency analysis probabilistic performanceindex composite power system optimization technique incremental conductance mppt wood plastic composite green technology bio-composite bambusa vulgaris parameter estimation joint source channel coding baum-welsh algorithm bahl-cocke-jelinek-raviv algorithm twisted pair cable scattering parameters network analyzer differential signal balun transformer smbr gsa ann modeling time diversity gain rain attenuation earth-satellite links transmission line modeling surge impedance characteristic impedance bit-sorting reconfigurable processor instruction set extension experimental antenna orientations multiple watermarks human visual characteristic arnold scrambling underwater optical wireless transition point scattering regimes monte carlo slotted technique log periodic antenna fractal koch geometry pentagon patch antenna frequency reconfigurable ebg underground cooling thermoelectric generator solar concentrator fresnel lens convex lens video image processing road marker classifications auto assist driving system p2p online features features selection phase range dra reflectarray cross microstrip patch slot filter web based monitoring turbidity sensor turbidimeter automated water filtration brain dominance multi layered perceptron coal-fired power plant boiler mobility prediction handover delay handover algorithm secret data data protection spatial regression spatial autocorrelation spatial path analysis spatial data path analysis method soa flexibility bpm nearest neighbourhood invasive lobular carcinoma invasive ductal carcinoma eye blink emoticons good parameter feed formulation very irregular histogram significant contrast index of fuzziness bimodal adaptive thresholding web service javascript e-business accelerator product recommendation trend customer segmentation smf fwm eopm dwdm dsf lrfm model customer churn polarity classification movie reviews concept-based approach unsupervised classification generation method consensus method clustering ensemble chi-square time series system for prediction non stationary sensor network privacy preservation intenet of things robotic gas metal arc welding weld bead geometry prediction regression analysis multiple kernel learning word level category in medical content weighting second opinion n-best text summarization hearing-impaired flex sensor data glove rfid-uhf reader patch meander line orthogonal-frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) multiple-input multiple output (mimo) energy efficiency (ee) antenna selection (as) vantage point tree indexed data high dimensional data points rms delay spread propagation path loss pdps mm-wave sampling algorithm data leakage detection content inspection mobile phones mobile forensics mobile device analysis jain‟s fairness index interference management cognitive relay networks root mean square error noisy and missing data tcp rician rayleigh tcp variants permanent magnet dc motor lyapunov-like function robust adaptive control fmvss 118 regulation contact method automotive power window electric current information automatic threshold anti-pinch bond graph disturbance attenuation fault sensitivity robust fault detection switching system sum square error modified sliding mode control gravitational particle swarm electro-hydraulic actuator wavelet packets spiht evaluation parameters aging model monogenetic binary feature (mbf) linear projection (lp) hyperspectral image (hsi) band selection algorithm (bsa) probability of existance noise removal impulse noise fixed value wmsn leach protocol ich-leach random number generation psnr and ssim metrics lsb method trabecular bone radiograph periapical osteoporosis integrated density area parameter video processing systems surveillance systems intrusiveness design rules criminal investigations transition densities testing time switching activity scan based designs benchmark testing darlington pair circuit simulation cascade vertical farming linearity distortion cancellation ads discharging time charging time energy density cam cães wideband bandpass filter h-shaped dgs dgs unit bandpass filter defected ground structure quntum well quntification poisson-shrodinger equation confinement comsol softwre market deregulated electricity genco market power epso commitment profit based unit reliable and economic operation distributed energy resources demand response program hvdc converter dc transmission lines dc faults back-propagation solar distributed generation neutral point clamped (npc) non detection zone (ndz) islanding detection renewable energy harvesting gear box elevator cabinet delta company takagi-sugeno-kang fuzzy ar.drone minkowski distance gray-level cooccurrence matrix city-block distance chebyshev distance canberra distance socket rmi peer-to-peer mobile cloud adhoc virtual cloud rock melon fertigation mixture process greenhouse fertigation automatics system wireless local area network reconfigurable antenna microtrip antenna long-term evolution text-based image retrieval mpeg-& powered localized descriptor content-based image retrieval auto-tagging solar tracker dual axes reflection phase sbs suppression phase modulation technique l-band hybrid remote erbium-doped fiber amplifier linear array thresholding fuzzy divergence parameter techno-socio economic residential electrical energy consumption conceptual framework rf power amplifier folded cascode low noise powertrain pherb fuel economy advisor preference similarity matrix data points exemplars affinity propagation vinogradov’s theorem rabin cryptosystem pseudo inverse fermat’s two squares theorem chen’s theorem memory frequency scaling transliteration latin balinese security threats mobile payments transport simulation transport sector model systems dynamics software tools co2 emissions reactive power compensation multicriteria optimization firefly process model discovery requirement engineering business process modeling anaphora resolution ultrasound image specklenoise abdominal circumference task subtraction network load cpu load computation time iterative distance transform for convex sets white blood cell acute myloblastic leukemia music classification acute lymphoblastic leukemia lyric features acute leukemia emotion corpus based emotion cbe audio features kprototype kmeans cooperative caching differential space-time coding distributed space-time coding cooperative communications two-way relay networks distributed beamforming minimum mean squared error cooperative diversity maximum likelihood (ml) network coding multi-antenna techniques multi-user two-way wireless relay networks mimo systems timor leste rice pests and diseases knowledge-based system interactive text messaging residual resources finish time dynamic allocation container collaborative research ultra-wideband technology rreturnloss planar filter microwave substrate microstrip filter microstriptechnology bipolar junction transistors survey ad-hoc network redistribution hyperconvergence penalty distributed processing rectangular aperture high tc superconducting full-wave analysis real time traffic radio resource management mlwdf vehicles passing electronic toll collection satellite applications ku/k band single mode fiber optical amplifier multimode fiber fiber optic bts channel state information (csi) individual transmit power constraint (itpc) sfr power ratio lte-advanced hetnet lyapunov exponents stability analysis bifurcation dc-dc buck converter rapid control prototyping dig zeglior-tunung method state-feedback controller pole placement pid controlle matlab simulation azimuth position control system response respiratory sound lung cancer crackles vehicle count traffic congestion shadow removal mog hsv zero voltage switching phase-shifted leakage inductance full-bridge electric variables control digital measurements digital filters current measurement squarer mos analog circuits low voltage current-mode circuit analog multiplier operational transconductance amplifier (ota) i testing ddq fault injection transistor (fit) circuit under test (cut) open faults build in current sensor (bics) bridging faults mobile agents mobile ad-hoc networks bandwidth optimization rayleigh channels frequency-selective fading channels fading communication channels dds anc ale residual current measurement rcd (residual current device) helmholtz coil configuration electrical safety devices voltage deviation optimal reactive power dispatch active power loss voltage unbalance losses induction motors energy performance zip load model frequency-dependent load exponential recovery load continuation power flow windings overheating voltage-current characteristics superconducting transformer automatic reclosing pcc renewable energy generation power-quality improvement photo-voltaic system multi-functional dstatcom storage tank solid oxide fuel cell pv model grid electrolyzer stochastic programming optimization methods mixed integer linear programming facts controllers stream orchestration prediction model fuzzy logic algorithm nred mred whale optimization algorithm particle swan optimization optimum emission cost stator currents open phase heating third authentication second multi-touch fourth biometric first rhythmprint fifth security rate control quantization parameter internal current control high-gain dc-dc drive real-time streaming scheduling principles service request scheduling z-score conjoint analysis robot software architecture action learning tool use by a robot transient signal gsm signal allocated power wireless security near field communication mobile security hybridneural network histogram equalization tsukamoto method defuzzifikasi decision support system m2m/mtc lte/sae stego image search space developed pso algorithm cover image vendors implementation factors erp graph database dynamic schema svm polynomial pls regression multiple least squares regression ground level ozone concentration large graphs bat-cluster bat algortihm automated clustering project management software national indonesia standard hypothesis testing end user requirement bias% achievement probability accuracy index strategic alignment project priority project portfolio pmbok cobit scene context outlier multivariate analysis multi-signature scheme gost r34.10-2012 standard random oracle model (rom) ec-schnorr signature web-based application development vocational high schools multimedia learning success web-based application multimedia learning expert systems stub matching proximity coupling extended bandwidth dual-band antenna pair-wise key establishment hmac dual-frequency operation coplanar waveguide (cpw) fed heterogeneous wsn service level agreement torque ripple flux ripple electromagnetic flux time-domain signal analysis fourier transform discrete wavelet analysis bpnn random occupation sensing s-ghp noise estimation gradient histogram axi amba polarizations hemts current-voltage characteristic algan/gan 2deg low-power digital low-voltage. programmable biomedical application capacitive neutralization differential d-band website oxygen saturation v-band horn antenna vco-pll mixer wideband synthesizer marine communications transmission spectrum coulomb blockade negf tcad simulations single electron transistor real time measurement station (rtm). phase measurement units facts devices diyala city network public lighting system led lighting inrush current high pressure sodium en 50160 norm pv systems maximum power oint tracking (mppt) adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system scientific workflows meta-heuristics iaas cloud energy savings energy consuption load frequency control(lfc) non-integer imc filter unbalanced and/or distorted source neutral current mitigation service time electric vehicles charger facility arrival time reduced switch count inverter fifteen-switch inverter field-programmable-gate-array pulse width modulati unbalance multi photovoltaic band pass filter optimal controllers global optimization power system harmonics reduced switch count multi level inverter (mli) induction motor drive multi-level inverters grid-connected pv system bypass diodes ufls system inertia pss/e dynamic simulation entso-e two-model mppt svpwm technique optimal power control repulsive force magnetic flux density inductance gradient fea maximum available power lyapunov-function based controller doubly-fed induction generator wavelet transformation transmission parallel line clarke’s transformation pll directed current control radiation and temperature pv performance model cylindrical center electric field accumulation-mode pre-diagnosis fuzzy stretching dynamic cluster control canine cataract biometric authentification user analysis u-healthcare recommendation bmr bmi horror survival game group image play gaming elements game contents analysis fear elements brachial artery 4-directional contour tracking schema machine socialization awgn vulnerability analysis viterbi hard viterbi with window system viterbi soft tcm-ugm tcm max-log-map log-map unified modeling language cloud computing software modeling android mobile platform spectral efficiency quadrature amplitude phase carrierless amplitude phase advanced modulation format proportional-derivative exponential coordinate rotation matrix attitude multi-band diplexer passive damping negative incremental resistance constant power load surrogate modeling mimo evaporator reactive power compensation distribution systems unified power quality conditioner moth flame optimization first instantaneous power theory power quality compensation pi recursive controller phase rules afs state feedback controller pr-controller pi-controller optimised pid controller pv power forecasting pre-fault conditions three phase inverter propositional integral control adaptive fuzzy pi controller dynamic eccentricity inter bearing raceway defect linear optimization ambient rf electrostatic force multiprocessor time demand analysis rma strained silicon layers cmos technology biaxial strain fifth keyword web-based services emerging technologies scaling process solar charger wide area network (wan) the real-time web communication (webrtc) web new signalling mechanism (webnsm) socket.io steganalysis lsb steganography pheromone matrix quranic recitation the annual image data standardization policy data processing mosaic mosaic tile based model mosaic pixel based model one map policy minimum cloud cover mosaic image tdma uml step topology cloud analyst predictor variable scale object classification model performance lvq connectionist model cognitive process elastic trust computation dynamic trust customized trust assessment sukuk rating islamic bond hidden markov model heuristics pm2.5 low cost sensors air quality monitoring air pollution index urbanization pilot study shielding effectiveness secure data transmission optimal route selection mac hash function electromagnetic interference mw-5000 fsk transportation system signal parameters low pass state variable filter standardization battery module framework survivability migration of vm dtmc vlsi architecture tail biting convolutional code reversed-trellis algorithm uniplanar compact (uc) defected waveguide structure (dws) workload server load mobile users cloudlet cloud models broadcasting miniaturization cpw-fed cadfeko transimpedance amplifier photodiode op amp morphological image leukocyte inexpensive equipment hematologic test computer aided diagnosis snubber knee point converter virtual resistance meter dc voltage source dc current source quadrature pervasive myrio voice kit ii ultrasonic sensors gizduino audio notifications public information personal data disclosure act challenges receiver centric mac t2fls stability improvement large-scale simt audio encoding audio decoding alac rule induction mining mammogram best first supervised descent method facial expression voltage security load multiplier factor dssi bus voltages indoor positioning guidance system cyber physical system hedonic coalition formation frequent pattern drift vsi digital circuits analog circuits unstructured documents knowledge transformation interrogative knowledge interharmonic electric arc furnace data warehouse (dw) logical operations aggregate functions bitmap index (bi) iceberg query (ibq) hostilities government electronic information clearing hatefull authority signal-quality reception-success carrier-to-noise-ratio problems intelligent arabic book document ranking ibf term weighting qd miner web crawling social network ensemble cluster toddler’s nutrition status method fuzzy sugeno basic4android sql lite manager jamu semantic web rule language iot and big data edge nodes burst times quantum round robin personalized background models maximum a posteriori (map) speaker verification speaker modeling subdural haematoma support vetor machine (svm) neuroendoscopy adapter module (nam) iso standards software development process usability evaluation avispa tool 6lowpan routers key management protocol 6lowpan network software maintenance object-oriented metrics code smells location bike crowd sensing join leave overlapping members ternary tree combinatory problems local search chn independent set max-stable problem vessel cargo waterways cpu scheduling image splicing copy-move attack anti-forensic network simulator ns-2 performance evaluation tfrc sctp dccp ahp method correlation analysis student preferences course selection analytic hierarchy process intelligent algorithm iso 9126 private cloud computing zero forcing beamforming fifth-generation (5g) security and reputation aggregation multimedia element mobile augmented reality remote management wireless sensors synchronization dsp power consumption model gpon wireless access optical access half mode substrate integrated leaky wave antenna very high speed integrated circuit hardware descri maximum power point tracking (mppt) projective lag method chaos synchronization lyapunov stability theorem adaptive method stability theorem modified projective synchronization (mps) active method wireless system statistical control chart half-join asymmetrical fuzzy region merging ambiguous region fuzzy clustering mean ratio log ratio stationary wavelet transform change detection m-health watermarking medical images speaker recognition retrieval content-based audio database query processing acoustic signal processing hidden markov models word error rates automatic speech large vocabulary continuous gmm-ubm lprp lpr lpcc mpeg-2 structure dct blocks copyright protection loop filter differential pair configuration voltage controlled delay line delay locked loop vip verification methodology testbench reuse ip environmen anesthesia eeg machine synchronization index order patterns electroencephalograms eye blinking s-bend spacing asymmetrical waveguide symmetrical waveguide soi lcrw s-bend waveguide switching angle pattern search algorithm cascaded hbridge inverter linux application automatic metering reading open source hardware electric energy measurement java tracking perturb and observe maximum power point lightning protection relative intensity power outage frequency metrological zones power outage duration power outage coastal power grid cloud-ground flash lightning strike dielectrophoresis cellulose pressboard bridging ester oil mineral oil hsa de t & l based optimization real power under-frequency scheme under voltage scheme contingency total real power loss radial structure matlab environment integral absolute error (iae) algorithm (hs) meta-heuristic optimization lfc harmonic statistical annalysis pwm motor drives electrical industrial system current-voltage characteristics power-voltage characteristics self constructing neural network electrical characteristics solar photovoltaic cell shading soiling fillfactor multi-machine non-linear technique thyristor controlled series dynamic inversion stream processing measurement interchange schema heterogeneous data sources wrist rehabilitation system home-based computer game pea space charge polyethylene nanodielectrics nanocomposites portable grounding system lightning flashover kaolin grounding material bauxite polymer nanocomposite moisture content lldpe-nr magnetic field level linda wheel construction site 132 kv otl porcelain insulator finite element software voltage distribution electric field characteristics broken lightning strike pattern lightning air terminal geometrical structures xlpe void quickfield sf 6 lightning impulse gas mixtures cf i 3 by-products ultrasonics non invasive conveying composite pipe wavelength spectroscopy shortwave near infrared nir led rehabilation robotics nervous system disorders sit-to-stand movement kinematic model fes-induced movement multi-way array motor-pump system non-contact heart rate photoplethysmograph independent component analysis facial tracking white blood cell (wbc) red blood cell (rbc) hough circle transform (hct) contour detection complete blood count (cbc) colour space analysis vlsi design vbb technique static power 1-bit full adder mmic ingaas/inalas empirical modelling sts stm si(111)- (7×7) excess phosphorous doping window application sleep monitoring device body condition parameters ambient temperature signal-to-noise ratio multi-output multi-input enrgy efficiency 5g cellular systems wireless communication internet of things low power wide area network long range network simulator (ns-2) multipath scheduler ip over satellites admission control polarization maintaining fiber polarization controller (pc) sagnac loop filter (slf) multiwavelength fiber laser refractive index reconfigrable metamaterial loss ultra-wideband antenna target detection monostatic antenna gpr technology antennas high-frequency rejection hexagonal uwb antenna diamond-slot cut substrate coplanar waveguide cpw printed circuit board imbalance difference model radiated emission diffrential mode common mode huim high-utility itemsets fhm sadt bond graph modeling of a dynamic system systemic modeling mechatronic system abs braking system ear recognition software modelling software cost estimation effort estimation offline ideal distance cursive object oriented programming code reusability usability evaluation method systematic mapping study software quality model membership function fuzzy tsukamoto valid time uml class time varying temporal database meta-model knowledge discovery ssm idfif data variety data speed maximal coverage locationproblem gradual cover location problem ambulance location model prediction parameters information support the stock market state expert’s knowledge decision-making maximum relevance variable selection multilayer perceptron minimum redundancy neuronal network heuristic variable selection case based reasoning bamboo species lif heterogeneous system distributed system root mean square error (rmse) inflation fuzzy neural system (fns) gray level co-occurrence matrix correspondence correlation coefficient scattering radar cross section mathieu functions elliptic cylinder chiral/chiral reactive proactive performance metrics ns2 multi-stack mac scheduling traffic ryu controller redudancy link aggregation soft frequency reuse (sfr) sinr dimensioning cir downlink bler temperature based detector match filter detector glrt message recovery id-based cryptography cdh problem bilinear pairings statistical distribution multipath propagation differential evolution algorithm. partial transmit sequence peak-to-average power ratio cloud computing environment (cce) virtual machine (vm) cloud service provider (csp) test data generation regression testing tool operator network lustre programs activation condition hfa gn-model tdhmf flexible-grid fixed-grid pareto optimal solutions nsgaii neuro-fuzzy controller model mismatch hart control stochastic delay ppi controller robustness inertial navigation imu drift compensation knee transfer function intensity preservation gamma correction color cast image edge detection digital image processing canny technique shot boundary detection sift abrupt change gradual transition video segmentation mri brain image processing discrete wavelet transform support vector machine minutiae points fingerprint images scale invariant features mudra recognition frequency hog features indian classical dance mudras e-secuirity dns (dominant neighborhoodstructure) gns (global neighborhoodstructure) daugman’s rubber sheet noise cancellation converge word error rate multimedia applications measurment noise intelligibility stone texture reduced dimensionality co-occurrence matrix translator tesseract signboard water mark pell’s cat map alphabet pattern current comparison domino delay noise immunity conditional high speed keeper domino stuck at faults self healing redundancy black box model zf rician fading rayleigh fading nakagamifading mmse mimo-ofdm luminous control high brightness leds dcdc switching converter e-health application tunable antenna rf switch rectangular slot rectangular resonator notch band ultra wide band interdigital structure valve point loading pv panel polycrystalline eldora-40 parameter extraction nonlinear least square method maximum power point (mpp) electrical characteristic switching circuit fourier series quantum genetic algorithm nondestructive testing magnetic analysis deconvolution crack detection transmission loss reactive power scheduling evolutionary programming more electric aircraft electric machine electric generator optimal integration eigenvalue process bus goose backup protection ramp rate limit parallel inverter instantaneous p-q power theory hysteresis control street lighting pv syst power quality analyzer dialux robot competition line follower robot 300 ghz doubler transmitter onos provisioning short-term load forecasting rmse optimization fuzzy sugeno cryptographyalgorithms knowledge discovering fuzzy association mining education data mining apriori-like algorithm cost benefit analysis classifier accuracy class imbalance lossy compression lossless compression hybrid transformation large-integer high-level verification hardware description language co-simulation assertion-based verification tiered model intelligent hybrid cloud data hosting cost efficient pixy cmucam5 big o arduino nano parameter adaptation ant colony algorithm moocs distant learning content base filtering mining of sequential patterns single constraint progressive sequential pattern mining pisa* classification-by-sequence with single constraint cbs_class* web application testing testing tools testing techniques coverage testing automated testing path loss obtimization empirical models smart antennas multiple signal classification uniform circular array matrix pencil direction of arrival spatial processing music method closely spaced sources array geometry source based clone stacked antenna satellite communications packaging technique cpw-fed antenna antenna gain improvement upnp extension home network application interoperability application architecture optimization mathematical immune genetic algorithm impedance transformer refinement processus odp negotiation event-b miniature antenna koch fractal rectangular microstrip patch antenna (rmsa) defected ground structure (dgs) cst microwave studio ansoft hfss wimax band multibande antenna modified ground structure gps band self-balancing robot i-be biosensor hovercraft biosensor carrier rigid body quaternion attitude control asymptotically stable indirect field oriented control adaptive control template matching anpr sparse representation k-svd intra prediction dictionary learning monument generalized co-occurrence matrix wiener filter speech enhancement pesq improvement pesq secondary user primary user svm classification plastic surgery ev-sift feature low-resolution canonical correlation analysis 1d-hmms sparse independent analysis signal separation algorithms independent component analysis (ica) gaussianity silicon multiple channels neutral-point-clamped modulation index random number galois lfsr fibonacci lfsr xilinx higher order fir filter uart – universal asynchronous receiver transmitter signature authenticity intel hex file format flash write can – controller area network bootloader displacement parameters extraction microwave figure of merits hemt model cutoff frequency band filters 2d-fdtd 2d photonic crystals vhdl language turbo decoding ml-dsc codes fpga implementation interleaver quadrature oscillator phasenoise otra rainwater npc irrigation hoga hybrid energy storage pemfc parallel 7 level active filter instantaneous reactive poweralgorithm npc converter notch filter algorithm harmonic distorsion thd tensile strength dielectric strength carbon black carbon nano tubes foc design efficiency three-phase voltage source inverter stand alone generator fuzzy logic control. dspace implementation hybrid calculation technique dg modelling for power flow decoupling analysis approach asymmetrical power flow transmission loss allocation test systems proportional sharing power flow contribution incremental transmission loss thermal model lumped circuit finite element machine tools delstar converter current transformers total harmonic distortion(thd) sinusoidalpulsewidth modulation(spwm) multi-levelinverters(mli) diode clamped five phase multi level inverters(dcm conventional two level five phase vsi capacitor clamped five phase multi level inverter measured impedance rectangular waveguide propagation constant dielectric materials three-phase electric power power converters power conversion harmonics integral backstepping refurbished motor fixed and operating cost economic efficiency measure induction motor scheduling problem parallel computing belief function theory combination lustering rogue access point hopfield algorithm opc architecture co2 sensor carbon monitoring system carbon emission traffic patterns omnet++ meshes interconnection networks rsa encryption hybrid cryptography digital signature algorithm des algorithm aes algorithm multi-layer neural network xbee service discovery pervasive discovery packet delivery ratio markov model frame retry limit backoff freezing timer sc-fdma bcd code channel interference channel allocation multi-wavelength fiber laser lyot filter four-wave mixing beam switching beam forming sentimental classification labelled words bag-of-words parallel coordinate decent differntial evolution antenna measurement integrity verification integrity and hashing hardware based encryption cp-abe duty-cycle mechanisms contikimac minimum transmission energy error correcting codes low density parity check ultra high frequency solenoid inductor polydimethysiloxane high tuning range ferrofluid-based optimal agents in multi-agent system flooding attacks external attack in manet adhoc network system emf assessment electromagnetic radiation high delay spread timing estimation multipath channel stubs implementation slots implementation coupler 5g technology circular slots defected ground structure fractional bandwidth coupled lines pricing strategies shunt hybrid apf pso tuning subcontracts multi criteria expert judgment criteria weights bias weights variational models riesz fractional derivative partial differential equations image inpainting fractional calculus speech system identification linear predictive coding fuzzy recursive least-squares video tampering detection video forgery detection prediction residual inter-frame forgery detection sliding window haar cascade classifier eyes spatial modulation matched filter low complex satellite image psnr & rmse mri color and gray color image adaptive k-means clustering image quality hungarian algorithm dynamic embedding assignment problem vector reflectometer surface mount device (smd) p-band one port calibration dttb digital antenna vehicle safety range sensor fast algorithm anti-collision uhf rfid slot shaped miniaturized gcpw resistor mismatches common-mode gain differential difference amplifier instrumentation amplifier sputtering pecvd fabrication amorphous silicon analytical approach the drift channel aperture electromagnetic field of the cell particle dynamics standing wave drift sleeve biperiodic retarding system beam emittance acceptance structures markov state spece model high integrated sf6 substation generator adequacy classical substation adequacy indices renewable energy sources (res). power quality (pq) photo voltaic (pv) distributed generation (dg) pumping system butane renewable energy integration energy potential charging/discharging schedule wind rose wind generators distribution of weibull wide area measurement systems (wams) supplemental control pv solar farm inter area oscillation damping controller static synchronous compensator (statcom) point of common coupling (pcc) particle swarm optimization(pso) ocean energy taguchi oxidative induction time natural ester insulation oil design of experiments antioxidants optimal siting surface discharge oil-pressboard interface full discharge wave-energy-conversion tri-core pmlg overall weight optimized design ocean waves switched reluctance motor pwm control dc split converter homer optimization software pulse width modulation converters inverters frequency conversion step down transformer logic design automatic voltage regulator low density polyethylene cigre method ii boron nitride atmospheric pressure plasma transformer fault dielectric response peak signal noise ratio (psnr) text clustering pairwise random swap (prs) mean square error (mse) fuzzy c-means (fcm) web monitoring marriage satisfaction route link packets delivery network performance location based data forwarding indonesian culture application genetic algorithms data authentication cyclic redundancy codes search engine recommender system cloud computing service user authentication non-intrusive authentication active learning music mood id3 clasification signal to noise ratio(snr) mobility of mobile nodes mild mental retardation instructional thematic game assistive technology system spatial analysis rainfall patterns techniques hybrid machine learning multi-agents system adpatation user intention search context autocompletion energy dissipation models np hard no wait flow shop tweet sentiment analysis targeted advertising streaming big data processing three-dimensional routing fuzzy systems ultrasound morphological operations breast lesion unifying linguistic and numeric values the linguistic 2-tuple student assessment multi criteria decision making tendering multi-criteria decision making it master plan pixel resolution frames per second selection combining pc combining ela post reception selection bec arq apc topic sensing topic detection coherence softset theory soft set predicate reduct parameterization proactive source routing hello messaging scheme depth-first iterative-deepening received signal strength packet loss ratio macrocell gff fbg edfa key exchange ascii: american standard code for information inte wanets mac resonant structure partial h-plane waveguide filter partial h-plane waveguide telemedicine telecardiology adoption telecardiology cardiovascular cardiac care narrow band method of moment filtenna order reduction kharitonov‟s theorem interval systems aggregation method voice disorders communication disorders classification methods fast search algorithm ni mydaq human biometric search pattern motion vector laser canon distance measurement thermal imaging digital image centroid and bounding box tomato late blight disease kernel principal component analysis independent component analysis pem fuel cell impedance model prc model noise simulation gaas ser coherent detection double-balanced mixer tcad on-off ratio voltage-mode operational floating current- conveyor common-mode rejection ratio instrumentation amplif ad844 genetic algorithm (ga) flexible ac transmission system (facts) unified power flow controller (upfc) photo voltaic (pv) system nonlinear compensation home area network demand side management battery energy system utility grid township feeder unavailability electricity distribution cost of energy not supplied sensoring predict level pollution insulator under reach rogowski coil pscad-emtdc ct saturation single-diode model measurement factors extracting photovoltaic cell electrical parameters technological parameters tapped transformer high coupling coefficient solar pv signal detection power distribution system classification analysis power distribution classification technique variable reluctance generator finite element analysis self-regulation nonlinear function (snf) pneumatic actuator dead-zone compensation ann controller; blsepic; current controller; pfc; uwb fcc cpw coefficient of reflection xgboost robocalls ensemble method ufmc multi-carrier modulation iota 5g mobile communication resonant frequency microcantilever laser biosensor traffic engineering opnet 17.5 gmpls z language unified modeling language formal specification user journey location based service smart meter iot monitoring cloud storage advanced metering infrastructure super twisting algorithm and hence the responses could be designed separate the proportional integral derivative controller is pervasive computing pattern mining multilabel classification fuzzy sets complex activity recognition l*a*b* color model image hashing ziehl-neelsen phone recognition and language modelling (prlm) neighborhood component analysis (nca) linear discrimination analysis (lda) language recognition evaluation (lre) quantization laplacian of gaussian skin cancer diagnostic system melanoma histo-pathological images natural language descriptors long short-term memory hybrid recurrent neural network bi-directional recurrent neural network spiral inductor rfics quality factor-q metal thickness probability of detection p-value meta-analytic approach diversity combiners bayes factors mugfet ion/ioff ratio inas- finfet channel dimensions pervasive network data quality wireless sensor networks (wsns) sink node (sn) reference node (rn) quality of services (qos) anchor nodes (ans) group of mobile sinks (gmss) base station (bs) оne input-one output control system lyapunov vector function gradient-velocity method closed-loop control systems work function source/drain doping pillar thickness doping concentration channel doping channel length system-on-chip bluetooth low energy android app polarizer circuit numerical results experimental results dc motors driving iraqi school electrification fractal geometry; julia sets; mandelbrot set; powe iraqi school electrification sine-cosine algorithm multi-source system system monitoring power system protection power distribution network energy supply reliability optimal power flow (opf) monte-carlo simulations electrical buses bus rapid transit voltage regulator transmitter/receiver ook modulation/demodulation inductive link class e power amplifier two-link robot arm validation time complexity fanny citescore coupling index order recurrence plot eeg signals power grids optimal scheduling multithreading integer-linear programming hydrothermal power generation aclr linearization technique predistortion high power amplifier six-port technology millimeter wave integrated circuits couplers cost effectiveness fuzzy homogeneous components homogeneous components cdh fuzzy topological spaces cdh topological spaces wireless sensor network. public key encryption random tree naive bayes classifier heart ailments entropy theory concept drift data stream clustering i-mac message broadcasting collision-free cf-mac implementation infrastructure configuration management feature model software product line inductive coupling square inductors wireless transfer power parser model extraction formal verification flight mh370 data preprocessing cross layer qos framework spcl qos framework novel qos aware hetnets (nqhn) quality-of-service (qos) wireless communication (wc) optimized traffic scheduling (ots) data analytics elliptic curve cryptography and twofish private key public key sac-ocdma access network responsive web web 2.0 hci ux parameters range queries nearest neighbor mobile locations presorting moving object fine-tuning ultrasonic flow meter fast fourier transform oil refineries pipe cracks radioaccess techonologies genetic algoritm multi-service tree mobile ad hoc network service composition takagi-sugeno type pendulum type-2 fuzzy controller inverted model reference robot head vision-based model selection cross validation branch and bound variable branching strategy node selection strategy very-large-scale integration (vlsi) architecture sum absolute of the difference (sad) integer motion estimation (ime) hevc trypan blue morphological operator image thresholding guide image filter cell counting motion heat map confidence measure (cm) mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (mfcc) deep neural networks (dnn) adder-tree vedic multiplier wallace-tree multiplier roi dbscan fingeprint segmentation image magnetic resonance imaging. brain enhancement visual surveillance trajectory analysis anomaly detection 3d alignment 3d point clouds 3d reconstruction ripeness estimation palm oil content visible-near infrared sensor optical sensing objective measures fused image multi-resolution transform quarter shift dual tree complex wavelet transform multi focus image fusion electronic circuit passive control dynamical system line equilibrium capacitive wireless power transfer; biomedical imp wireless/wired smart application fingerprint sensor detector x-ray kvp meter low-resource settings eee802.11 micro-controller biomedical sensors vital signs wearable medical device pulse-width modulation two-level autonomous inverter frequency converter electric drive dynamic loads eens ieeerts dafor performance indices system reliability powerline communication smart meters security tesl intelligent automation power system operations grid-connected inverter second-order generalized integrator (sogi) phase-locked loop (pll) polynomial fit linear fit daily peak load greenhouse gas emissions sustainable energy global power generation global energy pulse density modulation photovoltaic and wind power voltage stabilizer implementation converter design buck-boost converter photovoltaics power grid potential energy mean wind speed least squares support vector machine supervised learning forecasting of pv power generation solar photovoltaic energy license plate variance pixels embedding technique remote access trojans random forests algorithm network behavior detection gated recurrent units long short term memory recurrent neural network countvectorizer tf-idf sgdclassifier stanford corenlpm nltk newspaper pseudo-exhaustive testing output domain testing optimal mining technique multiple mobile elements collaborative mobile elements graph clustering community detection collaborative similarity crops siseases detection cddass android apps agricultural experts luhn’s idea gibbs sampling fuzzy sugeno olap automatic learning web server clutser response time approximated load qaplib tabu search hybrid chicken swarm optimization quadratic assignment problem 2-opt job-shop scheduling chicken swarm optimization channels allocation scheduler jain’s equity index medical service medical record reengineering maintainance complexity metric metacognitive agent "mase" method agenttool word embeddings named entity recognition arabic value chain telecoms opportunities software size project duration productivity effort unicast group communication black hole node medium voltage distribution network correction technique atp software satellite sensors interactive environmental map mobility management heterogeneous network best cloud energy-aware wireless sensor crankshaft mac protocol interference constraints adaptive modulation secrecy capacity pilot channel estimation vod qpsk qam64 iptv quran diacritics wireless biotelemetry single-feed pmipv6 clustered sensor pmipv6 bulk registration switched beam antennas scanned arrays reconfigurable antennas mobile systems base station coverage amplitude-only scanning shoulder-surfing password iris eavesdropping plaintext honey encryption ciphertext brute-force attacker quadruple tank system piezoelectric actuator nonlinear system identification evolutionary neural networks tchebichef watermarking tchebichef moments image edge human visual characteristics edge entropy stroke diffusion-weighted imaging (dwi) brain imaging surgical equipment operation theatre ip camera automatic medical surgical trolley movement video surveillance telegram bot portable anpr number recognition pneumatic hmi can crusher rtl pnmf signal-to-noise ratio (snr) radar equation optimal range angle tracking radars (atrs) angle error ring oscillator current starved sinusoidal memory optimization function generator spatial time-frequency based approach spatial generalized mean ambiguity function satellite-automatic identification system matrix decompositions marine surveillance joint zero-(block) diagonalization blind source separation system units gsm network float switch sensors arduino board water temperature control on-off controller gain scheduling palaysis movement gesture gsm wavelets signal and noise multiresolution analysis electric power quality voice assistant smart mirror internet of thing behaviors acceleration pid software pid hardware numerical bifurcation dynamic power converters analysis jobs instantaneous utilization demand-driven swm image mosaicing execution time device utilization cim optical interconnects optical crosstalk laguerre-gaussian (lg) beam complex gaussian functions collins diffraction integral sram cell scaling technologies cmos logic styles parametric faults fault modeling discretization analog vlsi circuit q-zsc impedance source dynamic model parametric model dc geared motor payback period lighting power density delamping method value at risk portfolio optimization conditional value at risk ancillary services diesel power plant compressed air energy storage sensor fault kalman observer fdi observer biological science mppt control indirect field oriented control (ifoc) direct field oriented control (dfoc) doubly- fed induction generator (dfig) grid fault four-leg inverter photovoltaic cell wind energy conversion system relevance vector machine gaussian kernel winding connections three-phase special transformer seven-phase multiphase power transformer harmonic reduction pv-wind hybrid battery energy storage harmful flying insects electrical insectitiseur electric discharge electric current re-phasing phase balancing load modelling harmony search algorithm gamma ray electrical characterization radiation response total ionizing dose effects power mosfet hungarian algorithm. semantic analysis similarity syntax analysis web services multiple views multidimensional information visualization scatterplot slot reservation point redeem cashless bounce back bonus feedback promotions rfid card reader sas gaming industry tumor detection brain cancer statistical tests encryption algorithm xss attacks malicious javascript imagesubxss web application attacks cross-site scripting shared data services computing multi-tenancy saas cloud neural networks classification medical datasets mysql database. c# programming language shopping mall desktop miniature parcd multi-objective functions cauchy distribution arm numerical data phenological approach multi-temporal image transformation paddy field classification dna profile str-dna point-in-polygon deformation energy lattice structure reticulated structure adaboost c4.5 ckd feature extraction. unsupervised learning recurrent neural network. forecast earthquake replication technique fault failure recovery distributed computing usability management agile software development usability usability evaluation traveling salesman problem travel route scheduling intelligent travelling planner pml discontinuous galerkin time domain electromagnetic wave wireless power transsmision rectenna nash equilibrium minlp pricing scheme zimmermann algorithm canteaut-chabaud algorithm multiplier bch codes minimum distance architecture surface gateway channel reservation load balancing virtual machine migration contiguity constraint uplink transmission vehicular environment scheduling algorithm trellis coded modulation o-ofdm delta-sigma modulator a*(a-star) inter-clustering routing fuzzy logic inference system voicing production durations formants arabic vowels fractional frequency reuse inter-cell interference macrocell enb random access network spam filtering privacy and security opportunistic networking mobile social networks data routing expectant mother health sector mother and baby care peak data rate recent software failures performance testing survey security testing stability and serviceability t-model 4s beleved rim real interpolation method non-linear system permanent magnet linear synchronous motor. multi parametric programming model predictive control multi-input-multi-output (mimo) systems proportional-integral derivative (pid) state feedback control markov process hamilton-jacobi-bellman equation sliding algorithm bhattacharyya distance song recognition regression-based approach recognition model classification image embedder eeg signal frequency bands esprit automatic setup load monitoring bio-inspired lung disease detection chest radiograph chest x-ray wideband low noise amplifier nanosatellite receiver fronts end microwave active filter coupled line bandpass filter ac water pump. drive circuit j-k flip flop priority encoder sequential design water level sensor yield static ram memory units design structure shortest path routing network on chip random arbiter okumura/hata model. free space propagation model surface stability ph sensitivity high-k material isfet/electrolyte models isfet sepic converter and zeta converter cuk converter common mode voltage (cmv) dsp controller ac motor drive space vector pulse width modulation (svpwm) voltage rectifier circuit bulk regulation transistor active diode compliant mechanisms multi-lateral transactions bilateral transactions congestion cost pade approximation emulated reactance injected voltage four quadrant operation sssc with energy storage whale optimization etap passive filter two area scald-fuzzy self-tuning pi controller torque ripple control q-axis average current q-axis ripple current dc-bus-voltage-ripple variable frequency drive smart buildings bms dynamical analysis pv generator dc shunt motor active and reactive power d-statcom multilevel inverters variance reduction local linear regression event detection cepstrum smoothing variable speed drives sugar cane industry feedwater pumps flow regulation retscreen software word embedding word2vec virtual machine placement foundation front-end frameworks comparison model symfony php framework codeigniter zend symphony php frameworks evaluation php frameworks simarech heuristic inspection ergonomic evaluation human-machine interaction smartphones sleep obtrusiveness e-banking failure fcm clustering fuzzy logic implicated dl (flidl) description logics (dl) fuzzy inference rules (fir) fuzzy logic implicated fca (flifca) formal implicated concept (ficpt) formal implicated context (fictx) formal concept analysis (fca) lentil brightness bi-histogram microscopic image rust disease mahalonobis distance linear regression mlp classifier training set size authorship attribution soft computing technique iaas virtual machines uncertinity its-dashboard notification web tracking navigation session e-commerce website features customer satisfaction locality preserving projection large dimensional datasets non-orthogonality broiler chicken layer hens chicken feed convolutional neural network (cnn) pose invariant faces multi-view face detection folktale interactive spammer malicious links online social network load balance cloud data center migration cloud data centers virtual machins task feasibility earliest deadline first semi-supervised clustering language similarity lexicostatistic cost reduction simulated annealing (sa) nearest-neighbors search (knn) service differentiation push notification incident notification firebase cloud messaging confusion matrix svm hotencoder rb-bayes 5g mimo antenna payload xor burrows wheeler transform dynamic embedding ku band chemical element integration topic modeling l learner reviews moocs learning analytics min-max algorithm regression based machine learning moa granularity level estimation big data curation radial basis function arabic language letters real world traffic simulation. compressed fuzzy logic aodv routing protocol parameters optimization power minimization additive white gaussian noise content-aware hybrid genetic algorithm content status iptv delivery networks vary link capacity varying propagation delay varying network load active queue management (aqm) message digest message authentication code linear congruential generator hash simulation. busy period e and z planes radiation pattern control switchable ebg enhanced signal detection cyclostationarity distance training technology effect strategy and activity human resource management misadjustment artifacts orb surf pcb identification pcb defects improved learning algorithm rock microstructures volcanic and plutonic rock rbf support vector machine gaussian mixing model (gmm) natural language understanding system (nlu) natural language processing (nlp) man-machine interface (mmi) grayscale images rgb images encrytion algorithms improved binarization method local otsu thresholding ancient document binarization handwritten jawi document hybrid approach multi-resolution analysis component substitution pan-sharpening spam filtering techniques spam image average recall filtering techniques log-gabor gui cascaded lna and phemt hybrid microwave integrated circuit (hmic) microstrip lines radial and phase paths accelerator aperture accelerating section buncher cell electromagnetic field biperiodic slowing structure robotics zero moment point landing detection force resultant piezoelectric sensor average turnaround time average waiting time priority based round robin (rr) immunity measurements gtem mtl field-to-line coupling matlab simulink lte scheduling algorithm hardware co-simulation dgs threshold voltage roll-off tunneling asymmetric dgmosfet system on chip parallelization line segmentation bresenham's algorithm comparative analysis configuration study area cooling system thermodynamics solar energy system impedance-source inverter radial network binary search backward/forward sweep-based method adjacency matrix fault diagnosis dissolved gas analysis (dga) random neural network (rnn) biomass; microgrid; downdraft gasifier metaheuristic algorithms distribution networks voltage magnitudes mixed integer nonlinear programming associated petroleum gas combined heat and power global solar irradiance weather data pv forecasting neuro-fuzzy algorithm discrete fourier transform magnetizing characteristics fault inception angle wavelet based multi-resolution analysis micro-grid protection scheme probability steady state spare number spare location
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