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The New Student Services Academy is for new guidance staff in the CareerTech system. It is designed to give them an overview of preparatory services that they may be asked to provide to high school and adult students.

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  • The New Student Services Academy is for guidance staff who will be working with high school and adult students in career and technology education in Oklahoma.
  • Welcome to my presentation!
  • People used to believe that CareerTech meant you had to make a choice between college or career. You had to be either be white collar or blue collar, and you had to make that choice now!
  • Tech Prep came along and helped change that. Tech Prep in Oklahoma helped develop Career Majors that led our system from programs to courses, and they championed the college transition through the Cooperative Agreements and now the Cooperative Alliances. The federal funding for Tech Prep has been eliminated and we are transforming the good of Tech Prep into Carl Perkins and more.
  • Little did everyone know that Tech Prep would help students attending a technology center be prepared to choose between college or career.
  • The Cooperative Alliances are a partnership between the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. It is truly a statewide agreement in both departments official policy. All 29 technology centers and 19 colleges particiapte.
  • There is no tuition paid by students. Students pay an $8 per hour Academic Service Fee. Oklahoma’s Promise will not apply toward Alliance credits and adults can use federal financial aid in some cases.
  • In order to be eligible, high school students must have either a 2.5 GPA, 19 PLAN ACT or 15 ACT score. Adults must meet the regular admission requirements of the institution.
  • Enrollment Management for Oklahoma’s technology centers
  • We must work to inform the public about CareerTech, and all the opportunities that await students on our campuses.
  • We don’t want CareerTech to be an afterthought or to go away.
  • Marketing is a critical aspect of Enrollment Management.
  • Recruitment is a vital component ofEnrollment Management.
  • Retention is a vital component ofEnrollment Management.
  • The transition of students to college and career is a vital component ofEnrollment Management.
  • To be successful in Enrollment Management, you must have an Enrollment Management Plan.
  • Thank you for listening, I know that there are other things that you would rather be doing.
  • Just a few jokes before I leave.
  • Thank you very much for being a great audience.
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