Chapter 11 Section 3
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  • 1. Section 3 Notes
  • 2.  For years, PIRATES from the BARBARY COAST states of NORTH AFRICA--- MOROCCO, ALGERIA, TUNISIA, and TRIPOLI--- had harassed American ships in the MEDITERRANEAN SEA. They often demanded payment from the ships in return for protection.  In 1801, when THOMAS JEFFERSON refused to pay the pirates, the ruler of TRIPOLI declared war against the UNITED STATES.  The war ended in 1805 when the ruler of TRIPOLI agreed to end demands for protection payments.
  • 3.  During JEFFERSON’S presidency, BRITAIN and FRANCE continually fought against each other. As GEORGE WASHINGTON had done, JEFFERSON sought to keep the UNITED STATES neutral.  Despite U.S. neutrality, FRENCH and BRITISH warships seized many Americans vessels. The BRITISH also continued their practice of kidnapping American sailors and forcing them to serve on British ships.  In 1807, a British ship fired on the American warship CHESAPEAKE, killing several crew members and badly damaged the vessel. Americans were outraged and demanded war with GREAT BRITAIN.
  • 4.  In response to growing tensions with BRITAIN, JEFFERSON imposed a trade embargo on both BRITAIN and FRANCE. He hoped that this would hurt their war efforts and stop them from raiding American ships.  The EMBARGO ACT OF 1807 prohibited all American ships from leaving the United States for foreign ports. The act badly damaged U.S. trade and hurt Jefferson’s popularity.  In 1808, just after JEFFERSON left office, Congress repealed the EMBARGO ACT and replaced it with the Non-Intercourse Act. This act allowed Americans to trade with any nation except FRANCE AND GREAT BRITAIN.