How To Create Ppt Ver1


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How To Create Ppt Ver1

  1. 1. How To Create PPT - Abhishek Kapoor (2/3 PGPEX)
  2. 2. Agenda  What a PPT is not  What is a PPT  How to initiate PPT creation  How to organize a PPT
  3. 3. PPT is NOT a Report  OVERALL ASSESSMENT  Rules have been fairly configured on the firewall, however there are rules that need to be reviewed and reconfigured accordingly.  Following are the observations made:  There are rules configured where a source host or network can access a destination host or network on ports that are vulnerable.  A number of objects are combined in source and destination fields and a number of ports are opened for access between them.  There are few redundant rules where a number of source hosts access a particular destination using the same service ports.  A few network, port and service object-groups are created which are not used and are redundant in the firewall configuration. You may project report separately
  4. 4. PPT is NOT a Fact Sheet Security Check Risk Rating SecondaryASA Weak physical security High Latest version of Software is not installed Medium Safe Insecure hostname Low Safe Default/Blank Exec mode password High Default/Blank VT password High Un-attended terminal timeouts are not set Medium Unsafe Remote access is not restricted Low Safe Un-restricted inbound ICMP traffic Medium Unsafe Fragment Protection is not configured Low Unsafe High ARP clean-up interval Low Unsafe VLAN’s with Native VLAN ID Medium Unsafe Login banner is not enabled Low Unsafe You may project fact sheet also separately
  5. 5. PPT is NOT a Design Space  The servers are not protected properly and may lead to leakage of critical data if not managed properly provided there are no loop holes and no body guarding at the main door if …..  But this situation can be avoided if we use our brain, kidney, liver and intestines judiciously without any discrimination …..  Which will lead to better Indo-Pak relationship without hampering the security of the critical servers kept in the datacenter of your DR site. Practice your artistic talent else where please
  6. 6. PPT is just to Assist Provided You have A desire To express Something Specific
  7. 7. With some Graphics Maybe
  8. 8. You may cover entire space also. Doesn’t matter really.
  9. 9. With Some Info As Well Giving A Few Supporting Directions
  10. 10. To Help in Decision Making Provided You have Several Options Ready!
  11. 11. How To Design A PPT How to plan?
  12. 12. Who Is The Audience? Senior Management?
  13. 13. Who Is The Audience? Or Middle Management?
  14. 14. Are You Selling Your Service?
  15. 15. Are You Driving Action Are You Driving Plan? An Action Plan?
  16. 16. Do You Have Required Data?
  17. 17. You Need To Know 3 Things First Step: Write all these clearly on one draft slide  Nature of Audience  Objective to be achieved  Data required  To support your argument
  18. 18. Plan How Would The Ideas Flow StartList atall Correlate Arrive with possibleaideas Select flow Final few Final Throw startrest coming from With the & Ideas all directions Conclusion
  19. 19. Keep Your Answers Ready For All Possible Questions Related To Your PPT and Discussion
  20. 20. A Good Slide Is Very Thin
  21. 21. To Summarize, DO: 1. Know your audience 2. Know your objective 3. Plan the flow of discussion 4. Align content to the flow 5. Present agenda first and summary last 6. Keep titles as action items 7. Use graphics / images where necessary 8. Keep your answers ready 9. Rehearse and correct at-least once.
  22. 22. And Do NOT  Write too much on a slide  Write long sentences  Have too much animation  Multiple action items on once slide
  23. 23. That’s All!