Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence

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  • 1. Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence Frames of Mind: the theory of multiple intelligence,1983 Intelligence Reframed: multiple Intelligence for the 21 st century, 1999 Definition of Intelligence Intelligence is the ability to find and solve problems and create products of value in one’s own culture
  • 2. Different Types of Intelligence
    • Linguistic/verbal
    • Intra personal
    • Interpersonal
    • Musical
    • Bodily Kinesthetic
    • Logical –mathematical
    • Spatial
    • Naturalistic
  • 3. Linguistic intelligence This type of human intelligence is Responsible for all kinds of linguistic competence-abilities, talents and skills, available in human beings
    • Sharing knowledge and information
    • Reading aloud article
    • Making report
    • Preparing written material
    • Writing article, imaginary news
  • 4. Intra-personal intelligence This type of intelligence consists of an individual's abilities to enable him to know himself
    • Allow pupils to express freely and frankly
    • Engage them in journal writing ,reporting and in some imaginary writing
    • Ask them to prepare a self-appraisal and self-evaluation report
  • 5. Inter-Personal Intelligence It consists of the abilities to understand individuals other than one’s self and one’s relation to others
    • Give opportunities for group activities, sharing of experience
    • Follow co-operative and Collaborative learning strategies
    • Conduct debate and discussion
    • Soft skill development
  • 6. Musical Intelligence This type of intelligence covers the abilities, talents and skills pertaining to the field of music
    • Reciting and appreciating poems, songs,
    • light music
  • 7. Bodily-kinesthetic This type of intelligence is concerned with the set of abilities, talents and skills involved in using one’s body or its various parts to perform skillful and purposeful movements
    • Conducting activates like Nature study camp, mountaineering, swimming and sports and game competitions
  • 8. Logical-mathematical intelligence This types of intelligence is concerned with abilities ,talents and skills in areas related to logic and mathematics
    • Collecting facts regarding type of forests
    • Calculating the different time in different countries and region
    • Some type of activates for analysis, guessing, classification, categorization
  • 9. Spatial Intelligence This type of intelligence is concerned with abilities, talents and skill involving the representation and manipulation of spatial configuration and relationship
    • Locating mountains, plateau in the physical map
    • Slide show, Picture
    • Making poster, collage.
    • Drawing map
  • 10. Naturalistic Intelligence It is revealed the ability of an individual to observe nature keenly, to identify the characteristic features of Biosphere
    • Conducting picnic, study tour, fieldtrips, ect
    • Sharing of experiences from nature