IT Governance - OpenThinking Day


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Understanding COBIT 5.0 (IT Governance) by Mr. Avinash Totade
President of Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) UAE Chapter
OpenThinking Day 2012

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IT Governance - OpenThinking Day

  1. 1. Critical Skills for Auditors11:45 PM – 1:20 PM1.5 CPEs 12:00 PM – 12:15 PM Understanding COBIT 5.0 (IT Governance) Mr. AvinashTotade President of Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) UAE Chapter
  2. 2. IT GovernanceAvinash TotadeB.Sc. B.E. CMA, CISA CISSP CGEITChief Internal AuditorEmirates Aluminium CompanyPresident ISACA UAE Chapter
  3. 3. What is IT Governance? The leadership and organisational structures and processes that ensurethat the organisation’s IT sustains and extends the organisation strategies and objectives.-- IT Governance Institute © Avinash Totade 17
  4. 4. Purpose of IT Governance• Planning IT projects involves an array of political, organizational, legal, technical, cultural, and personnel issues• A robust governance structure ensures that the voices of stakeholders are heard, formalizes quality of decision making, and is the vehicle through which complex IT projects are effectively implemented. © Avinash Totade 18
  5. 5. Fundamental elements of I.T. Governance• IT delivers value to the business• IT risks are managed Driven by Stakeholder value Outcomes DriversValue Delivery Risk Management Strategic Alignment Performance Measurement Resource Management © Avinash Totade 19
  6. 6. Introduction Aligning Enterprise Objectives & ITOne of the goals of IT Governance is to align with thebusiness objectives defined by Enterprise Governance.• Organisational goals are used as inputs to derive IT Goals, Objectives, and Performance Metrics IT Results• Auditing processes are put in place to measure and analyse Chain the performance of the organisation. Organisational Goals and Objectives IT Purpose (Mission / Vision) IT Goals IT Objectives IT Measures IT Mgmt. and Staff Performance Expectation © Avinash Totade 20
  7. 7. Introduction IT Governance using ITGI Framework  Executing the value proposition  Linking business and IT throughout the  Defining, maintaining and delivery cycle validating IT value  Ensuring IT delivers proposition the benefits in line  Aligning IT operations with with the strategy the enterprise operations  Concentrating on optimising expenses & proving IT’s value  Controlling projects and processes with best practices to ensure success I.T. Governance  Clear understanding of enterprise’s appetite for Using balanced scorecard Focus risk and risk transparency  Embed risk management to translate strategy into action to achieve goals Areas responsibilities in the Tracking project delivery operation and monitoring IT KPIs  Safeguard of IT Measuring and reporting Resource assets, disaster IT services recovery and continuity Management of operations  Optimal investment, use and allocation of resources, and capabilities (people, applications, infrastructure)  Optimising knowledge and IT infrastructure  Knowing where and how to outsource 21
  8. 8. IT Governance in summary• To align IT strategy to business strategy• To assure investors, shareholders and other stakeholders that IT risks are being mitigated and managed• To obtain value from IT investments• To ensure that organizational structure facilitates the implementation of strategy and goals• To create constrictive and sustainable relationships and effective communication between business and IT, and with external partners• For measuring IT performance• To support good Corporate Governance 22
  9. 9. Thank You Avinash Totade Chief Internal Auditor Emirates Aluminium Company President ISACA UAE ChapterEmail: