Stewart Townsend, Datasift 'Know your customer - Stop listening'


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Stewart Townsend, Head of Business Development, Datasift
Data, data everywhere… from our unique experience providing social data to hundreds of customers, we have learned the biggest problems you’ll encounter when you get all the data you wish for. Stewart will be sharing his thoughts on how to stop listening, breathe and focus on knowing your customer using the social data available to you. From hundreds of sources with numerous use case scenarios you will see how this is crucial to growing your business.

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Stewart Townsend, Datasift 'Know your customer - Stop listening'

  1. 1. DATASIFTOVERVIEWKnow your customer – Stop ListeningStewart Townsend@stewarttownsendHead Business Development
  2. 2. Tale of Two Airlines11Virgin America got $30,000/yrin new business from our CEOwith a $100 voucher and threetweets.Virgin America Revenue up 40%+ last quarter.
  3. 3. More Than $1B In B2B Social Deals2
  4. 4. A Tweet is not just 140 characters of text anymore….Source: Twitter display guidelinesSocial Data is Getting Richer3
  5. 5. Get ROI From Tidal Wave4Follow Us@datasift@nik@rmb900 M users 460M tweets daily150M users 110M users100M users100M users4
  6. 6. What most organisations do.5Follow Us@datasift@nik@rmb1. Social Media Marketing1. Labor Intensive Monitoring2. Analyze & Response3. Enterprise Integration4. Enterprise Transformation5
  7. 7. Social Data Is Tough61. Messy1. Massive2. Metadata3. Privacy4. Integration6
  8. 8. Social Data Transforming Enterprise71. Learn more about your customers2. Build better relationships with them3. Just say ‘NO’ to Silo data4. Measure the effectiveness of Marketing5. Track your customers
  9. 9. Use CaseHow can we usesocial data to learnmore about ourcustomers?8
  10. 10. What are fashion lovers in Londontalking about?
  11. 11. Know your social audience:
  12. 12. Social Interests built from content individualsare publically sharing and sentiment.Natural Language processing builds this into aset of high-level topics
  13. 13. Who your customers are, andwhat they likeSegment customers by addingsocial interests into existingsegmentation information ( plan, PAYG).Use to designcampaigns, personalize offers andwebsite.
  14. 14. Social media content about consumer electronics devicesfor 4 days from 25k users: - Laptops - Netbooks - Desktop PCs - Tablet PCs - Monitors - ServersDell use caseFirst We Collected Market Data13
  15. 15. HP/Compaq=Very Active, Dell=Positive14
  16. 16. Acer Really Active In Netbooks15
  17. 17. Dell Gets Buzz In Desktops16
  18. 18. We recorded all comments about and all posts with links toweb content about Dell:• 117965 interactions,• generated by 37066 unique authors,• between 8th and 12th of June 2012Dell In Social Media17
  19. 19. The @dell Account = Few Followers18
  20. 20. So We Used @delloutlet19
  21. 21. Tracking Sentiment Over Time20
  22. 22. Demographics Of Dell Tweeters21
  23. 23. Who Follows @DellOutlet?22
  24. 24. Who Follows @DellOutlet?23
  25. 25. Popular Services They Use24
  26. 26. What Do They Do?25
  27. 27. Where Do They Shop?26
  28. 28. Where Do They Eat?27
  29. 29. Where Do They Live?28
  30. 30. Californians Love Dell!29
  31. 31. Other Tech Brands They Tweet About30
  32. 32. But companies struggle with… What’s the question ? Social data – its all just spam Value in data – consulting Joining data – opens value Know your customer = Increased Revenue
  33. 33. Email not includedQuestions32