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What's the Buzz About the Digital Workplace?


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Social Analytics and SEO Trends For an Emerging Industry Paradigm

Published in: Data & Analytics
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What's the Buzz About the Digital Workplace?

  1. 1. What’s the Buzz On the Digital Workplace? Social Analytics and SEO Trends Lynn Noel The Digital Ecologist @lynnoel
  2. 2. S SEO Analysis of Google Trends 2004 to 2015
  3. 3. S No Traction until 2013 S Sharp Rise in Mid-Late 2015 S CMSWire, DWG, Gartner S More traction in UK than US Search Term: Digital Workplace
  4. 4. S Much more traction than DW S Strong Activity 10 years ago S Low point was 2011-2013 S Picking up since 2014 S Still not back to pre-2005 levels Comparison: Digital Business
  5. 5. S DM pushes even DB off the scale S DB was the buzz 10 years ago S Trends crossed around 2009 S Digital Marketing is taking off S Digital Workplace doesn’t register Comparison: Digital Marketing
  6. 6. S Digital Media is on a downturn S It was all the rage 10 years ago S Trends crossed with Digital Marketing late in 2014 S Digital Marketing is gaining S Digital Workplace AND Digital Business don’t even compare Comparison: Digital Media
  7. 7. S SMAC = The Nexus of Forces S Mobile leads the pack by a mile S Social IS digital for lots of people S Cloud has small, growing traction S Analytics beats out Big Data Megatrends: SMAC in the News
  8. 8. S Strong correlation between trends for digital and social as standalone keywords S Social alone still beats digital, but digital marketing has passed social marketing and is growing fast since last year S Trends crossed in 2011 and 2013 S Looks like digital marketing is the new buzzword for social marketing Is Digital Social? Is Social Digital?
  9. 9. S Strong correlations between digital/mobile and workplace/workforce S Mobile workforce beats other combinations S Mobile workforce could be a good SEO strategy for digital workplace S Could workforce be stronger than workplace because a mobile workforce is less tied to place? Is the Digital Workplace Really Just a Mobile Workforce?
  10. 10. S Steady increase across this entire keyword set in the last ten years S Looks like the users in the news are customers rather than employees S Customers have experiences, but employees engage…? S Companies strategize on how to improve customer experience but increase employee engagement Experience or Engagement? Depends on Who’s the User Keywords on the rise 1. customer experience 2. user experience 3. Employee engagement 4. Employee experience 5. Customer engagement
  11. 11. To Reach a (Mobile) Digital Workplace Audience, Talk About Digital Business and Employee Engagement Before Customer (User) Experience S Customer experience correlates strongly with user experience S Customer experience is pulling ahead of more generic UX S Employee engagement has a strong history of growth, though still below UX S Digital business was declining, now slowly rising in the middle of the pack S Mobile Workforce and Digital workplace are (as yet) still way under the radar for news headlines
  12. 12. SEO and Industry Predictions For a Digital Workplace Strategy S SMAC Trends Have a Natural Watershed: Social and analytics for external initiatives, mobile and cloud for internal initiatives behind the firewall (including extranets and SSO) S Strongest demand for UX will be in external-facing digital marketing for customer experience rather than internal digital workplace UX S Employees as customers will gravitate to external social networks rather than company- sponsored social intranets, except when they must manage confidential content/data S Strongest leadership for internal digital workplace initiatives will come from HR teams charged with employee engagement, and secondarily from Marketing teams with a charter for digital business S “The digital workplace” will struggle for traction until it can engage mobile employees