Building the Social Powered Brand: Turning Social Data Into Competitive Advantage


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Social data is exploding, providing new insight into markets, customers and audiences. Patrick Morrissey, VP of Marketing at DataSift and Shree Dandekar, Chief Strategist, BI and Analytics at Dell will tackle the social data challenge, explore the impacts and opportunities with social to drive brand advocacy and provide advice on how brands can make sense of social data at scale to drive advocacy and impact. Get an inside view on how Dell is using social data to translate conversations into a near real-time NPS (Net Promoter Score).

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Building the Social Powered Brand: Turning Social Data Into Competitive Advantage

  1. 1. Building The Social Powered Brand: Turning Social Data Into Competitive Advantage
  2. 2. Social Data Is Exploding
  3. 3. Social Data Is Shaping Your Brand 50% are talking People who recommend brands on social networks 90% are listening People looking at recommendations on social networks 3
  4. 4. Social Data Is Your Brand 50% go to your social site first
  5. 5. Incredible Opportunity $1.3T Potential economic gain for top 20 industries Source: McKinsey
  6. 6. Getting Value? 3% Companies reporting substantial benefits from social Source: McKinsey Source: McKinsey
  7. 7. Brand Management?
  8. 8. Important point v.02 Why Is This So Hard? Subtitle Grab your phone and explore the entertaining and very pink world of Benefit Cosmetics. As Benefit's founders say, "Laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it!"
  9. 9. 500M Tweets Per Day
  10. 10. Social data is rich and complex 400 Fields of Metadata User Content Location Reply Device Application Links Mentions Date/Time/Timezone
  11. 11. 200 # of Social Networks Have more than 1M active users Source: Wikipedia
  12. 12. The Long Tail:
  13. 13. 20,000,000 Blogs & Forums Updates Per Day
  14. 14. tum 85M Tumblr Posts Per Day g Source: DataSift
  15. 15. Generating Massive Data 9x Growth In Shared Content Data Shared (Zettabytes ) 8 6 4 2 0 2009 2010 2011 3.2Bn Facebook Likes 500M Tweets 100M Instagram Photos Source: IDC, Mary Meeker KPCB 2012 2013E 2014E 2015E 250M Tumblr Posts 200M bitly Clicks 70M+ Blogs, Forums
  16. 16. More Data Outside Your Business Than In
  17. 17. Step 1 Was Listen & Engage
  18. 18. 3% Listening only captures 3% of social traffic Source: Conversocial
  19. 19. Think What You Might Be Missing
  20. 20. Today: A New Social Economy 20
  21. 21. Opportunity In Every Department R&D Product Development Marketing Market Research Operations Supply /Demand Forecast Marketing Communications Sales & Marketing Demand Generation Sales Social Commerce Service & Support Customer Care Human Resources Recruiting Talent
  22. 22. DataSift Powers Social Data Innovation Infusing Social Data Across The Enterprise customer service news monitoring social apps email marketing influencer modeling BI/analytics apps social data platform layer Social Data Publishers market research demand planning DIY enterprise apps
  23. 23. Fueling An Analytics Revolution From transactions inside Customers Purchases Interactions outside Engagement Opinions Interests Data you want | Quick and at scale | Low cost per data source Data you want | Quick and at scale | Low cost per data source
  24. 24. We Power Enterprise Leaders
  25. 25. We Power Social Economy Apps Demand Generation Business Intelligence Data Visualization Social Media Marketing Analytics Marketing Customer Service Advertisement Analytics Broadcast Media Data Science, Analytics Data Visualization Analytics Data Visualization Social Media Analytics, Business Intelligence Data Visualization Analytics Analytics, Lead Generation Social Media
  26. 26. Social Data Is Transforming Business Social Monitoring Command Centers Marketing Teams isolated Activity Spikes Social Data Business Decisions Whole Company Every Team Influencers & Audiences Social + Business Data connected
  27. 27. Campaign Analysis USA Fac 37%ebook of Mobi Tra l ffic e ! USA Dir ect Tr UK affi c! NL! USA Fac ebo ok We b! ! USA Twi tter ! USA Upw orth BR! CA! m GR!
  28. 28. SecondSync Dials in Advertising
  29. 29. Social Competitive Intelligence
  30. 30. Unique Experiences For High Value Prospects
  31. 31. Player Popularity Drives Demand Planning
  32. 32. Finding Influencers…Who Are Also Buyers Data you want | Quick and at scale | Low cost per data source Data you want | Quick and at scale | Low cost per data source
  33. 33. Inside The Social Data Transformation Shree Dandekar Chief Strategist, Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics Dell, Inc. @shree_dandekar
  34. 34. Social Net Advocacy Pulse (SNAP) Using real-time brand reputation analytics to drive business Shree Dandekar Director, BI/Analytics Strategy Twit: @shree_dandekar Confidential Confidential Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential
  35. 35. Over six years of social media experience March 2008 Accepted Solutions launched on Community February 2006 A voting based site allowing Dell France begins Online Community 2008 May Michael Dell asked customers and others to Outreach Why don’t we reach out and help Dell Outlet achieved submit ideas for Dell. October 2007 bloggers with tech support issues? $0.5M in sales via Twitter Michael Dell quoted in Business Week December 2006 In response to Jeff Jarvis question around Ratings and January 2009 whether companies want to be part of the online reviews launched conversation: ”My argument is you absolutely Dell Organizes on do. You can learn from them. You can into four improve your reaction time. And you can be a customer better company by listening and being involved in that conversation.” focused business units June 2009 Global Twitter revenues of $6.5 M February 2007 IdeaStorm launched 2006 2007 July 2006 Direct2Dell launched Today Direct2Dell exists in English, Spanish, Norwegian, Japanese and Chinese. January 2007 StudioDell launched August 2006 Blog outreach expanded beyond tech Support 2008 2009 June 2007 Dell joined Twitter EmployeeStorm launched Internal Blogs Launched for Employees. Dell’s video and podcast site, with helpful tips and tricks. Eventually expanding this into the YouTube channel making sharing easier. November 2007 DellShares launched The first investor relations blog by a public company. January 2008 Dell aligns organization for success June 2008 Channel blog launched April 2008 Inside IT launched Blog focused on business customers, and Cloud Computing. Confidential Confidential Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential June 2009 $2M+ Sales via Twitter December 2009 Huffington Post Blog Dell named the No. 1 most social brand with “Open Leadership Award for Innovation and Execution” December 2010 Social Media Listening Command Center launched 2011 2010 2009 Dell TechCenter Spring 2009 Members of Community and Conversations deployed within each of the new Dell Business units March 2010 Dell joins Sina Weibo in China Altimeter recognized Dell Social Media & Community University (SMaC U) launched 5,000 team members trained by end of year 6 Awards for the Social Media Listening Command Center B2B pages on Facebook June 2010 CAP Days launched In-person events for vocal online customers
  36. 36. Motivation Poor Sentiment Accuracy No Contextual Information Too many metrics Ease of Use 36 •  Majority of social media posts classified as neutral •  No actionable insights •  Pretty graphs/charts/reports but what is important? •  How to integrate social?
  37. 37. Context is Key for Business Insights Actual post “(More customer reviews)I purchased this drive to repair/upgrade a dead drive in a Dell Mini 9 which originally came with an 8G PCI SSD. The 16gb was a nice addition, and it was instantly recognized in BIOS, and booted just fine with my XPS/USB install” Actual sentiment/topic assignment… Radian6  tagging  is  at  the  Post  level Sentence NA Topic Dell Sentiment Neutral Intensity NA identifies single topic and assigns sentiment to entire post. Clarabridge  tagging  is  by  topic Sentence Topic Sentiment Intensity 1 Hard  Drive (-­‐) -­‐2 1 Mini  9 (-­‐) -­‐2 2 Hard  Drive Neutral 0 Actual  Social  Drive Media  Example  Post  from 3 Hard   (+) 2 separates into 3 distinct clauses and assigns sentiment by topic/ context for each clause. 1)    "(More  customer  reviews)I  purchased  this   drive  to  repair/upgrade  a   dead   drive  in  a   Dell  Mini  9 2)    which  originally  came  with  an   8GB  PCIE   SSD. 3)    The   16gb  was  a   nice  addition,  and  it  was  instantly  recognized  in  BIOS,  and  booted  just   fine  with  my  XP/USB  install" 37 Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential
  38. 38. Introducing SNAP Social NET Advocacy Pulse (Positive – Negative) Indicator of purchase intent Customer touch point Confidential 38 •  Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential
  39. 39. SNAP twit pitch SaaS analytics offering •  Real time social analytics tool to monitor customer sentiment by brand and product category Aggregated social metric •  Single aggregated metric - net sentiment/advocacy of social conversations for easy monitoring and tracking Drill-down and actionable insights •  Ability to drill-down for various aspects of the business in order to uncover positive and problem areas Targeted social listening •  Enables conversations of interest to be sliced/diced by categories and delivered to different business managers Dell Confidential 3 Confidential Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential 9 Confidential
  40. 40. SNAP: How do we get actionable insights through social media conversations? 1 Listen: More than 25K Dell conversations every day 40 •  2 Aggregate: Aggregate all conversations pertaining to Dell / industry / competitors Dell Confidential Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential 3 Enrich: Filter, categorize and determine sentiment using best-in class NLP and Text Analytics engine 4 Collate: Calculate SNA -which represents overall brand advocacy and the advocacy behind individual contributing facets of the product / business 5 Deliver: Real-time tool for tracking and monitoring SNA and actionable insights for business managers
  41. 41. Case Studies
  42. 42. Using SNAP to optimize product pricing strategy 50 40 SNA 48 4,328 36 30 36 2,477 32 41 30 3,024 2,042 20 688 10 4000 3000 2000 1,520 1000 - 0 1/10 1/17 1/24 1/31 Volume of Conversations Revenue 42 Dell Confidential Confidential 5000 Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential Confidential 2/7 SNA 2/14 Volume of Conversations Revenue XPS 13 - SNA and Conversations
  43. 43. Using SNAP to capitalize on real-time NPS 30 8 28 6 26 4 NPS 24 2 SNA 22 0 Q1 43 43 Dell Confidential Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential Q2 Q3
  44. 44. 14   100   12   SNA   10   8   50   6   4   2   0   0   SNA   44 Dell Confidential Confidential Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential Wireless   Ba4ery   Confidential Keyboard   Volume  of  Conversa/ons  (k)   Using relevant chatter to quickly rectify support issues
  45. 45. Using SNAP to improve Search Engine Optimization Listen to Social Media Conversations Apply Listening Algorithm and Identify Buzzwords • Touch screen laptop • Tablet laptop • Duo laptop • And others… 45 45 Dell Confidential Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential
  46. 46. SNAP for CMOs 46 Dell Confidential Confidential Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential Confidential
  47. 47. A few SNAP business applications Product Development •  Primary Research •  Early Warning system •  New Product Ideation Sales •  Lead Generation and Scoring 47 Dell Confidential Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential Marketing •  Instant feedback on campaigns •  Improve Product messaging and offers/promos •  SEO/SEM Support/ Customer Service •  Improve coverage •  Prioritization of support issues NPS Diagnosis •  Issue identification and tracking •  Predicting NPS based on SNA M&A •  Research on potential acquisitions •  Customer reaction on upcoming acquisitions
  48. 48. Thank You Shree Dandekar Director of BI/Analytics Twit - @shree_dandekar Confidential Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential
  49. 49. Dashboard displaying SNAP metric and customizable trend chart Dell SNA for Nov Detailed Post metrics Weekly SNA and Post Trend Confidential Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential 49
  50. 50. SNAP by topic groups Allows you to drill down into a specific product/topic Displaying SNA for all Product Categories Drill down a specific product Confidential Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential 50 SNA dropped by 16 pts in last week of Nov
  51. 51. Drill in to topics to understand change in SNAP for any time period (week to week) Topics – Related tab provides which Confidential topics are contributing to the change Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential
  52. 52. Drill down in to actuals posts contributing to SNAP score Customers unhappy about price for specific config of XPS 13 with ubuntu Confidential Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential 52
  53. 53. SNAP jumped right back after price correction Confidential Dell - Critical Handling - Confidential 5 3
  54. 54. 5 Steps To Social Data Success
  55. 55. Arm Yourself
  56. 56. Target Your Audience
  57. 57. Kill The Vanity Metrics Fans Friends = #sowhat Likes
  58. 58. Get Proactive & Test
  59. 59. Work Across Departments
  60. 60. The social economy is just getting started… the time is now Data you want | Quick and at scale | Low cost per data source Data you want | Quick and at scale | Low cost per data source
  61. 61. Want more detail? Download Beyond The Hashtag: A Field Guide to Social Maturity beyond-the-hashtag
  62. 62. Thank You Patrick Morrissey @patmorrissey