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Judicial Action manual designed for KSU resident assistants.

Judicial Action manual designed for KSU resident assistants.



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Manual Manual Document Transcript

  • Designed by Denae Eagen
  • Welcome to your Judicial Action Reference Guide. This document is intended for use by the 2008-2009 Resident Assistants of Kennesaw State University. This guide provides instructions on using the Judicial Action website to submit electronic Incident Reports. Please read this document and your training manual thoroughly before submitting an incident report. This document will be available for reference throughout your service as a KSU Resident Assistant. Related Documentation: www.JudicialAction.com KSU Residence Life Website KSU Resident Assistant Resources Website KSU Resident Assistant Training Guide ii KSU Residence Life
  • Contents BEING
 iii KSU Residence Life
  • Being Prepared Resident Assistant Training Manual Each Resident Assistant receives a comprehensive training manual when they begin training. This is a valuable resource and should be consulted whenever you have questions. Refer to the section on “Duty, Confrontation and the Judicial Process” to learn about important procedures for handling incidents. This section also informs you about what to include in an Incident Report and how the Judicial Process works at KSU. These procedures are important! They serve to protect the Residents, the Resident Assistants, and the University. Failure to follow these procedures can endanger yourself and others. Furthermore, not adhering to protocol can invalidate an incident report and disrupt the Judicial Process. It is your responsibility to learn and utilize these procedures. Residence Life Website The KSU Residence Life Website is located at http://www.kennesaw.edu/residencelife. Along with general information about Residence Life, this website has useful resources for Resident Assistants. These resources are available on the website at any time. “Guide to Campus Living Handbook” – A Resident’s guide to all the policies that affect them while living on campus and to any guests who are visiting campus. This guide is always available for Residents and Resident Assistants to access online and can clarify any confusion about what is and what is not allowed. Print copies may also be available through the Residence Life Office and the KSU Housing Leasing Office. “Resident Assistance Resources” – This page features a print copy of an Incident Form that can be downloaded if the Judicial Action website is not available. It also has instructions on what should be included in an Incident Report, a sample Incident Report that you can refer to, and other useful resources. 1 KSU Residence Life
  • Being Prepared Incident Notes Take clear notes when responding to incidents. Make sure you have detailed information on who was involved, what happened, where it happened, when it happened, and how the incident was handled. Don’t underestimate the importance of small details. Do not leave any information out. Refer to your “Resident Assistance Resources” online and the section on “Duty, Confrontation and the Judicial Process” in your Resident Assistant Training Manual for detailed instructions on what should be included in a report. You should type up the incident report as soon as you return from responding to the incident. It MUST be submitted to Judicial Action before the end of your shift. It is advisable to write up the report narrative in a word processor so that you can save it in the event of interruptions or technical difficulties. Remember that any information you receive or report is confidential! You may speak with the other RAs who responded to the incident and to your CRL. Do not share incident information with anyone else. Official Confidentiality Notice: All judicial information and documentation is considered part of the students’ “record” therefore its contents are protected by FERPA and are confidential. RAs, as agents of residence life and the university, are liable under the terms of FERPA if they violate this federal law. DO NOT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE SHARE INFORMATION YOU LEARN IN THE COURSE OF YOUR JOB WITH ANYBODY EXCEPT YOUR CRL, UNLESS DIRECTED BY YOUR CRL TO DO SO. THIS INCLUDES FELLOW RAs, ROOMMATES, FAMILY MEMBERS, ETC.! UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU EVER SPEAK WITH THE MEDIA! 2 KSU Residence Life
  • Getting to the Website Getting to the Website To access the Judicial Access website, you will need a computer and a reliable Internet connection. Proceed to www.JudicialAction.com. Hover over the “Login” icon and then select “Member Login” from the drop-down menu. You’ll be directed to the login page. Logging In Your CRL (Coordinator of Residence Life) will set up your account in the JA System. 1. Log in using your KSU NetID. 2. Ask your CRL for the preset password. 3. Type “Kennesaw” for the school. 4. Click “Login.” DO NOT SELECT TO ENTER THE TEST SITE. From here, you will be directed to the Judicial Action main page. Fig. 1 Changing Password The “Change Password” option is located on the left sidebar of the main page. To change your password: 1. Type in the old password 2. Type in the new password 3. Re-type in the new password 4. Click “Make the Change.” Fig. 2 Your password has now been changed. Note: If you elect to change your password, be sure to memorize it and to record it elsewhere in case you later forget it. It is difficult to recall a lost password. 3 KSU Residence Life
  • Creating a Quick Entry Creating a Quick Entry Resident Assistants can create Quick Entry Reports, which are also referred to as incident reports. These are then sent to a hearing officer for further deliberation. Before submitting an incident report, you will need to look up the main party involved. A case number will be created for the incident and it can be copied to all parties involved. It is recommended to look up the IDs of all students involved prior to creating the report. This will verify that your information is correct and save time spent searching later. Non-students and unknown parties are submitted differently. Select “Add an Incident” on the main page to begin searching for a student. Fig. 3 You will be directed to the Student Information Search page. From there you may select to search for a student, or to add a non-student or an unknown offender. After you complete the report for the main offender, you will have the opportunity to copy the report to additional students. Students All Kennesaw State University students are recorded in the Student Information System (SIS) Database regardless of their residential status. Records are held for several years after a student has left the University. These records are accessible through the Judicial Action website and include: the student's name, gender, birthday, KSU ID number, listed address, telephone number, and a photo ID. This information may be used to identify any student involved with an incident on-campus. If you have a full or partial ID for a student, you can find the rest of the information in the database. You may search for a student by their full name or last name, as well as by their KSU ID number. If you do not have either forms of identification, you can check the roster in the Duty Bag to search for their apartment number. The roster will also list their name and KSU ID number. You may then search for them in the SIS Database. 4 KSU Residence Life
  • Creating a Quick Entry Student Search Form Fig. 4 How to find a Student by Student ID In the Student ID field, type in the student's nine-digit ID number without spaces. It should appear like this: 000123456. If your results return as an error, make sure that you typed in the number correctly. How to find a Student by Name In the Student Name field, type in the student's last name first, followed by a comma and the first name. You may also type in the last name alone or a portion of the last name. It should appear like this: Smith, John. The database will return any student information matching your request. Verifying Student Information The available student information will appear as the form below. This will allow you to select the intended student. The Judicial Action website will then request a second confirmation to verify the student's information before continuing to the incident form. Fig. 5 Click “Continue” on the verification screen to begin documenting the incident. 5 KSU Residence Life
  • Creating a Quick Entry Non-Students Non-Student information should be documented and reported to the hearing officer. Below the student search forms, you will find options for adding a Non-Student and unknown offenders. The options are in bold text surrounded by brackets. Click “Add a Non Student” to record the identifying information. You can document information such as:  Full Name  Driver’s License #  Or Student ID from another University  Gender  Date of Birth  Nickname  Address  Telephone Number Fig. 6 6 KSU Residence Life
  • Creating a Quick Entry Unknown Offender An unknown offender can be entered into the report. They will be assigned a number such as “U33” and the victim, if applicable, location, and time will be documented. The option is located below the student search forms in bold text surrounded by brackets. Click “Add an Unknown Offender” to record the incident. The incident may also be recorded under the known party, if applicable. Fig. 7 7 KSU Residence Life
  • Adding a New Incident Incident Form Once you have verified the student information, you will be directed to the New Incident Form. Each line must be completed before the form may be submitted. A case number will be automatically assigned to the completed incident report and it may be copied to other involved students or non-students. Note: The Judicial Action website will time out after five minutes of inactivity. Fig. 8 8 KSU Residence Life
  • Adding a New Incident Incident Information  PD Number(s)  Police Case Number ■ If the police reported to an incident with the RA on Duty present, the responding officers will give the RA on Duty a card with the case number written on it. This number must be included in the Incident Report. It may be added by selecting “Add a Police Number.” A field will appear and the number can be typed in. Corresponding drop-down menus for arrest status and the department responsible will be made available for selection.  Arrest Status ■ You must designate whether or not the party was arrested. This option may be applied differently for each student involved in an incident.  Department ■ You must select the appropriate department from the drop-down menu. Options include KSU Police Department, Cobb County Police, or FBI.  Date of Incident  This is the date the incident occurred. Remember that the date changes after midnight. An incident occurring at 11:30pm on 01/01/2009 will have a different date than an incident occurring at 12:30am on 01/02/2009.  Note: Dates in the future are unavailable. To ensure accuracy, you may select the calendar icon and click on the appropriate date on the calendar.  Time of Incident  This is the time that the incident occurred. Be sure to include AM or PM.  Victim  This option is pre-selected as “No Victim.” If a victim is documented, then select the appropriate classification from the drop-down menu and type the victim’s name in the blank entry field.  Available Classifications:  Other  Guest  KSU Employee Student  KSU Employee  KSU Property  KSU Residential Student  No Victim 9 KSU Residence Life
  • Adding a New Incident  Referred By  The referral field includes a drop-down menu that lists all potential case referrals. A Resident Assistant will include themselves and any other Resident Assistant who responded to the incident. Format the referral as [RA First Name Last Name].  Referred Date  This is the date you input the report. It may differ from the date of incident.  Hearing Officer  This field is pre-set to the presiding Hearing Officer. To include an additional hearing officer in the report, you may select to “Add Secondary Officer(s)” by clicking the bracketed option below the name of the Hearing Officer.  Location  Use the drop-down menu to select a general zone in which the incident occurred. The list suggests off-campus, on-campus, and on-campus residential locations. Once you have selected a general zone, this field will generate a drop-down list of more specific areas. Select the appropriate location.  Specific Location  Type in the apartment number or other specific location information.  Hate Crime  This field is preset to “Not a Hate Crime.” Leave this field as it is unless otherwise directed. The Hearing Officer will decide whether or not a Hate Crime took place.  Incident Narrative  The “Comments” section is where you enter the incident narrative. This should include all of the details of the incident. It is important that this portion of the report is unbiased, thorough, and clearly written. This report will be read to the accused parties during their hearing.  When referring to an individual, avoid the use of personal terms, such as she, he, you, or I. Use a full title and last name for each reference.  Example: Resident Smith, or RA Smith.  Refer to your “Resident Assistance Resources” online and the section on “Duty, Confrontation and the Judicial Process” in your Resident Assistant Training Manual for detailed instructions on what should be included in a narrative. 10 KSU Residence Life
  • Adding an Incident to Other Students Adding an Incident to Other Students Once an incident report has been submitted, you will have the option of copying the incident to other students or non-students. You may do this for as many students as needed. Simply click “Copy This Incident to Other Students” to begin. Errors can occur during the copying process, so be sure to review each report for accuracy. To add a new and separate incident, select “Add Another Incident.” Fig.9 Note: The case number has been removed to protect the privacy of individuals. Additional Information Additional Information If there is any information not included in the report, you may send it to your CRL through a private e-mail. Include the Case Number or the name of involved party and a brief description of the incident in the e-mail. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask other Resident Assistants or contact your CRL for more information. 11 KSU Residence Life