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Course Design 2


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Course Design 2

  1. 1. prwr7900: Denae:Kickstarter Pedagogy Project“Audiences respond to passion, sincerity, and an ability to execute. They want to see you communicate this in yourvideo, and they want you to offer creative rewards that are fairly priced.” - KickstarterKickstarter Essay and StoryboardPedagogy Project ReportLessonOne of the mos t wides pread us es of communication is in marketing. Cons umers and inves tors have high expectations andare looking for information, ins piration, and integrity. How you pres ent yours elf and your project is important. Is your ideaviable? Can you convince s omeone els e to inves t in the early s tages ? How will you honor your project goals ? How will youreward their s upport?Kicks tarter is a s ocial funding platform for creative projects . Projects range from board games to large-s cale city renovations(NYC Low-Line) and s ocial projects . Kicks tarter is one of s everal financial crowds ourcing platforms aris ing to s upport artis tsand fill in the gaps left by the National Endowment of the Arts and bus ines s es . It allows audiences to become one-timebackers in projects that interes t them.Kicks tarter projects demons trate the importance of high-quality, pers uas ive vis ual and written communication. Kicks tarterprojects als o have a very unique charm and maintain a s ens e of humor and wonder. Even though each project is a s incerebus ines s venture for the creator, it’s als o the fulfillment of a dream.Your tas k is to firs t look at Kicks tarter projects as a backer. Bas ed on in-clas s dis cus s ions and readings , you will evaluatetwo projects and determine what elements appeal to you as a backer and what elements turn you away. Then you’ll be takingthe bes t of what you find to brains torm a concept project of your own. This as s ignment will als o be your firs t s tep in learningabout videography and s toryboarding.Instructional Materials"Persuasive Writing in Action" PowerPoint PresentationEdit [April 1]: The New York Times featured an article on the "Pebble" wris twatch, a Kicks tarter project included in thePowerPoint pres entation.Digital Tools:Diigo Tools List. You will need to ins tall Diigolet, Diigo Toolbar, or Chrome Web Highlighter to bookmark, highlight, s tickynote, and s hare the Kicks tarter projects . Choos e the option bes t s uited for your web brows er.Diigo Help. Diigo has video tutorials for us ing its toolbar and addon-on/extens ion features to bookmark, highlight, s tickynote, and s hare.ACMI Generator. You will need to regis ter a free us ername in order to s ave and s hare your s toryboards .Writing Resources: You mus t read and adhere to Kicks tarters guidelines for your project propos al. Us e this information toguide your decis ion and determine if your project idea is acceptable.Kickstarter Basics FAQKickstarter SchoolKickstarter GuidelinesVideo Resources: Thes e res ources provide bas ic information on s toryboard creation, camera s hots and movements ,s ound, and lighting.ACMI Getting StartedACMI Building the ConceptACMI Copyright Law and EthicsACMI Storyboards and ScriptingJISC Digital Media: Basic Guide to Shooting Video
  2. 2. J Media Group: Basic Film TrainingAssignment RequirementsFor this as s ignment, you will us e digital tools to analyze two exis ting projects and to begin brains torming aproject of your own. This as s ignment will help you prepare for the mock Kicks tarter group project later in the s emes ter.Your project will include two annotated pages , one es s ay, a propos al works heet, a s toryboard, and a team preparationworks heet.Email Diigo links and attached es s ay to the ins tructor by 11:59PM on [March 5].Email ACMI link, attached propos al works heet, and attached team preparation works heet by 11:59PM on [March 19].Step 1. Discover current Kickstarter projects and s ee how project creators are us ing written and vis ual mes s ages toinform audiences and promote their projects . Choos e a category that interes ts you. Kicks tarter categories : Art|Comics |Dance|Des ign|Fas hion|Film & Video|Food|Games |Mus ic|Photography|Publis hing|Technology|TheaterStep 2. Evaluate two Kicks tarter projects from the s ame category. Us e Diigo to annotate each Kicks tarter project. Us ing thecomments you’ve made on Diigo, write an analys is es s ay evaluating the s trengths and weaknes s es of each project (3 pagesdouble s paced minimum). Be s ure to focus on both written and vis ual as pects of the project.Step 3. Propos e your own idea for a Kicks tarter project us ing the Proposal Worksheet.Step 4. Us e the ACMI Generator to create a s toryboard for a concept video of your propos ed Kicks tarterproject. Storyboards can feature photos , computer-generated images , or hand drawn images . Feel free to us e props ,puppets , pets , and people (with permis s ion).Step 5. Complete the Team Preparation Worksheet from Joanna Wolfe’s Team Writing.Learning Objectives Develop written literacy s kills in analytic and pers uas ive writing Identify traits that make pers uas ive writing and vis uals more effective Apply what you have learned about pers uas ive writing and vis uals to create your own project concept and s toryboard Strengthen planning and drafting s kills by annotating reference materials , creating a propos al, and des igning a s toryboard Es tablis h accountability by completing a s elf-as s es s ment before beginning a group project Acquire bas ic knowledge of video and s toryboard creationGrading FormsProject Grade [25% overall grade]Annotated Projects: 15 pointsAnalysis Essay: 35 pointsProposal Worksheet: 25 pointsStoryboard: 25 pointsTeam Preparation Worksheet: Pass/Fail. The worksheet does not constitute part of your grade; however, failingto complete it will deduct 10 points from your project grade.Annotated Projects: 15 points Excellent Good Adequate Weak Inadequate (5) (4) (3) (1-2) (0)Highlights interes tingpas s ages that are laterreferenced in es s ay, places
  3. 3. ques tions or ideas in s tickynotesComments thoughtfully onmultiple written and vis ualelements of the projectChoos es a project withs ubs tantial vis ual and writtencontentAnalysis Essay: 35 points Excellent Good Adequate Weak Inadequate (7) (5-6) (3-4) (1-2) (0)Analyzes s trengths and weaknes s es of twoKicks tarter projects from the s ame categoryEs s ay has a clear organization s tructure,complete with trans itions and s ubheadings ifneededEs s ay evaluates multiple as pects ofprojects (i.e: vis uals , written content,rewards )Es s ay us es appropriate vocabulary fromreadings , lectures , and in-clas s dis cus s ions(ie: components of MAPS and SMART goals ,film terminology)Bas ic s tandards of Englis h us age metProposal Worksheet: 25 points Excellent Good Adequate Weak Inadequate (5) (4) (3) (2-1) (0)All requirements are met; each ques tion hasbeen ans weredthoroughly and the project meets Kicks tarterguidelinesProject concept is eas y to unders tand fromthe des criptionPropos al s hows a clear unders tanding ofintended audienceFund dis tribution and backer rewards areplaus ible and reas onableStrategy goals are s pecific, meas urable,attainable, realis tic, and timelyStoryboard: 25 points Excellent Good Adequate Weak Inadequate
  4. 4. (5) (4) (3) (2-1) (0)Has a clear beginning, middle, and endUs es original work in the form of photos ordrawn images ,props , pets , puppets , or people (withpermis s ion)*Non-original artwork is properly attributedand copyright-free.Features a minimum of 15 frames , 30maximumIncludes duration, location, camera s hots ,camera movements , and s cript for each framePreview runs between 2min-5min