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Social Networks


Published on

Edgar Khachatryan …

Edgar Khachatryan
July 13 2011
Talks on PR

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Social Networks
    Talks on PR
    Scene #1
    by Edgar Khachatryan
    Yerevan, Armenia, July.13.2011
  • 2. Top 3 Social Networks
    Free marketing tools (but you need to invest your of time)
    Facebook – General (Blogging, Micro-Blogging) - 700 mln. Users
    Business Page Likes
    Twitter – General (Micro-Blogging, RSS) - 200 mln. Users
    LinkedIn - Business & Professional Networking - 100 mln. Users
    Business Connections
    Total: 1 bln. Users
    Academia – Academics and Researchers – 200K Users
  • 3. Social Networks in CIS
    Vkontakte - Social Network
    Russian-speaking world & CIS Countries - 120 mln. Users
    Odnoklassniki– Social Network.
    Popular in CIS Countries - 45 mln. Users
    LiveJournal - Blogging.
    Popular among Russian-speaking bloggers. - 20mln. Users
  • 4. Be Real
    If people like you they'll listen to you, but if they trust you they'll do business with you - ZigZiglar
    Integrate social networks into PR efforts to solve same goals and objectives.
    Be sure that you are establishing connections that are relevant to your business and not a public relations agency.
    Social Networks are driven by technologies to deliver messages, but never trust your IT department to run your blog.
  • 5. Monitor and Analyze
    Use e.g. Google Alerts to Monitor what is being said about you
    Use of RSS feeds to get latest information.
    Be aware of what is being said, be sure information is accurate, reliable & available.
    Pro-actively manage your own, and your organization's online footprint
  • 6. Give Value
    People want to read useful information (put tutorials, articles, etc.)
    Leave comments, involve professionals from your companyto give valuable information.
    Keep in mind; networking is quickly becoming a main form of Advertising & PR for companies.
  • 7. Example: LinkedIn
    Quality of the network in LinkedIn is quality of the contacts, not the quantity.
    Use LinkedIn's Groups. There are more than 150,000 groups.
    Participating in Answers forum.
    LinkedIn, unlike MySpace & Facebook is professional network. Members are promoting themselves for career development & their companies.
  • 8. Facebook vs. Others - 1
  • 9. Facebook vs. Others - 2
  • 10. Some Advices
    Choose right Social Networks.
    Do not just promote news, stories or press releases, but build one-on-one relationships.
    Do not overload networks with company promotions. Social media networks are free to use, connections can quickly feel overloaded with PR communications &messages.
    Use it as an interaction tool with back and forth communications.
    Update statistics and use it. E.g. for now; about 50% of bloggers are from 18 to 34, 2/3 are male, 70% are educated & 27% of internet users read blogs.
  • 11. Cyber-Bullying & Trolling
    Very common in social networks and can often result in emotional trauma for the victim.
    Up to 39% of users are “cyber-bullied”.
    Users post remarks or pictures that potentially cause a emotional pain for another individual.
    Social Networks such as Facebook is occasionally used to emotionally abuse individuals, which is trolling.
    Trolling can occur like; damage of dead person tribute pages, name calling, playing online pranks on volatile individuals, comments to cause anger.
  • 12. Psychological Effects
    You are mostly working with people who have clinical disorder.
    Nowadays, people spending an big amount of time on social networking sites, which is clinical disorder & affected users feel lonely.
    Users have false sense of connection that increases loneliness, they have feelings of sensitivity to disconnection, which again leads to loneliness.
  • 13. Thank you! Now Q/A!
    iCity LLC
    Web Site:
    Twitter: @iCityLLC
    Cell: + 374.55.013.444
    + 374.93.444.012