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How to be a Presentation Ninja


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Don't murder your message with 19 year old clip art, garish colour schemes, whizzing text and abusive sounds, and line after line of tiny text that the speaker reads and the audience can't see - …

Don't murder your message with 19 year old clip art, garish colour schemes, whizzing text and abusive sounds, and line after line of tiny text that the speaker reads and the audience can't see - captivate your audience Ninja style! This session will go through the easy steps how to liven up any presentation by dumping the templates, embracing dramatic graphics with Creative Commons, and limiting the number of words per slide to create a truly engaging presentation slidedeck. Zing! Ninja style, now your presentation makes people lean forward...and are eager for your message. Become a presentation a sensei! - This is also a great way to demand that your students synthesize their information and refine their skillz to become the next generation of presentation Ninjas!

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  • 1. How to be aPresentation Ninja Gwyneth A. Jones The Daring Librarian
  • 2. This slide by @JesseDee
  • 3. This slide by @JesseDee
  • 4. This slide by @JesseDee
  • 5. This slide by @JesseDee
  • 6. Flickr Creative Commons by Jessica Feis
  • 7. The “art” is setting yourself apart. Style & design. The difference between asnoozefest or knocking the socks off your audience. Ninjas have style.
  • 8. Templates are Trite Standard PowerPoint templates are ugly and don’t communicate, they kill! We can do better!
  • 9. 1. Have a Killer Title & Cover Slide
  • 10. Don’t be afraid to have a bold title that will grab people’s attention.
  • 11. At most conferences you can almost tell whichpresentations are going to suck before they even start.
  • 12. Likewise, make your session write-up stand out from the rest in the conference catalogue.
  • 13. Here’s some cover slides that don’t suck
  • 14. If you’re going to upload your preso online to Slideshare (and you should!) having a great looking “cover” can make ALL the difference!
  • 15. My Transparency preso was featured onthe Slideshare front page & it got 87,169views in 4 days! That’s crazy!
  • 16. Avoid your cool fonts & arresting imagesfrom messing up by saving your preso as a .PDF before uploading to Slideshare. @JesseDee Rocks!
  • 17. 2.Use Killer Fonts & a Coool Colour Scheme …or a slick clean one!
  • 18. Friends don’t let friends use Comic Sans!
  • 19. H0t c an be Exp ensive! But I HA D to have it!
  • 20. Da Font is FREE!FREE Fonts fo r DownloadAvailable in b oth Mac & Win Match the font With the Mood !
  • 21. 1001 Free Fonts:Their site is ugly!…..their fonts are NOT! Unusual fonts are cool & memorable! This one is
  • 22. Chooseone title fontAnd one text font
  • 23. This is Han SoloAnd this is American Typewriter
  • 24. Now Let’sTalk Colour Scheme
  • 25. What Are You Wearing?Look at the colours that fill your closets & Colours that make you feel happy!
  • 26. I like dark colours with punches of Bright Yellows, Greens, & Blues
  • 27. Cool Colours Add Fab!
  • 28. An easy way to find a great lookingcolour scheme is pick a “most loved” palette from ple peo 2, 834 this! “lo ve”
  • 29. 3. Be Brutal! Cut Your Text
  • 30. If you’re going to put down word for word exactly what you are going to say you will kill your message & your audience!" Btw, this whole preso has TOO much text!•  Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah•  More blah blah blah blah blah blah blah•  OMG! blah blah blah blah blah blah blah•  OMG! More blah blah blah blah blah blah
  • 31. Bullets Can Kill.The more the audience has to read the less they are listening to you.
  • 32. BlinkingSparklyZoomingTwirlingText & Sound Effects Are JustNOT Cool. Really.Stop it!
  • 33. This slide by @JesseDee
  • 34. 4. Use Killer Images
  • 35. Arresting Images & Sparing Use of Text Will Make You a Presentation Ninja! Psst! Thereare 3 Ninjas in this picture! Flickr Creative Commons pphoto by wth42
  • 36. Your own photos: Time consuming but a very nice touch.I like to use a photo full screen 1024 X 768 and set as the slide background.
  • 37. Flickr Creative Commons Thousands of FREE Pictures! All you need to do is to follow the CC license, give proper credit & attribution. Flickr Creative Commons photo by Studiolit
  • 38. Animate Your Slides! Go!Animate, Xtranormal, & Second Life Offer unique opportunitiesfor FREE Background images.
  • 39. Second Life screenshots are out of this VIRTUAL world!
  • 40. Spend Some $$Royalty FREEpaid professionalphotos look cohesive & slickbut cost money.I bought this iStock photo for $7.60 You’re worth it!
  • 41. iStock photos areprofessional & slick.
  • 42. To Recap
  • 43. Now go forth and be aPresentation Ninja.
  • 44. I totally stole this presentation! Thank You!
  • 45. Other Awesome Presos from my Slideshare Sensei @jessedee