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AmbITion: The New Wolsey
AmbITion: The New Wolsey
AmbITion: The New Wolsey
AmbITion: The New Wolsey
AmbITion: The New Wolsey
AmbITion: The New Wolsey
AmbITion: The New Wolsey
AmbITion: The New Wolsey
AmbITion: The New Wolsey
AmbITion: The New Wolsey
AmbITion: The New Wolsey
AmbITion: The New Wolsey
AmbITion: The New Wolsey
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AmbITion: The New Wolsey


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AmbITion Final Event: The New Wolsey. …

AmbITion Final Event: The New Wolsey.

A presentation on the digital progress of the New Wolsey Theatre Ipswitch through the AmbITion project.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. NWT Amb : IT : ion presentation Manchester ’09 Stephen Freeman & David Leek
  • 2. The New Wolsey Theatre
    • Producing and receiving house in Ipswich, Suffolk
    • 400 seat main house
    • 100 seat studio
    • NWT produces Pulse Fringe Festival
    • Tours and collaborates nationally
  • 3. The New Wolsey Theatre - Where we were
    • Venue management system consisted of an Excel spreadsheet
    • Standalone Box Office using out dated technology.
    • Canon camcorder used rarely to generate content
    • Website built in 2001. 2006 online ticket sales at 8%. Currently 16%.
  • 4. Amb : IT : ion Developments- Overview
    • Venue management system
    • Video capture & post-production facilities
    • Ticketing & Marketing system
    • Web development
  • 5. Amb : IT : ion Developments – Venue Management System
    • Provider: Artifax
    • Status: Installed, in use, not using full functionality (yet)
    • Integration: Currently no integration
    • Organisational impact: Some small efficiency benefits
  • 6. Amb : IT : ion Developments – Video capture & post-production facilities
    • Provider: Various: Sony, Mac, Senheisser, Bose, Fostex and more…
    • Status: Installed & operating. Key staff trained.
    • Integration: N/A though have generated some web content
    • Organisational impact: Already used by associate company, creative learning dept., marketing dept. Need to address capacity to deliver.
  • 7. Amb : IT : ion Developments – Ticketing & Marketing system
    • Provider: PatronBase
    • Status: Implemented, Go live Monday!!
    • Integration: Website interfacing almost complete. Artifax interfacing slow.
    • Organisational impact: Expectation: increase in organisational/Box Office efficiency; increase in web bookings
  • 8. Amb : IT : ion Developments - Website
    • Provider: Tincan
    • Status: In development. Go live revised to mid-April
    • Integration: Complete with ticketing system. Reconsidered interfacing with Artifax
    • Organisational impact: Maintenance of website will increase due to new user generated content. More moderated communication
  • 9. Website Current vs Future
    • Static images
    • Very much a push medium
    • Heavily text based
    • Separate blog areas
    • Agency method ticket sales
    Current Website
  • 10. Website Current vs Future
    • Embedded video capability
    • ‘Pull’ as well as ‘push’ medium
    • More visual than text heavy
    • Seamless blog areas
    • Social networking links
    • In house web sales
    Future Website
  • 11. Website Targets for 2009 year end
    • To increase web users by 150%
    • To generate e-distribution alternative for every paper based mailout
    • To generate content for every in house production and creative learning project
    • To increase the conversion rate of visitors to bookers
  • 12. Challenges we face and Outcomes to date
    • Maintaining and developing staff capacity to deliver expectation
    • Continued work with suppliers to achieve desired integration
    • Managing the expectations of a digital participant into a live participation
    • Shift in approach to traditional marketing
    • Have entered into a collaborative relationship with Analogue, a new digital media devised theatre company
    • An organisational shift to digital thinking
  • 13. END