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LinkedIn: The Top 5 Conversation Starters to Generate New Business - Forward Progress - Dean DeLisle - 2014
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LinkedIn: The Top 5 Conversation Starters to Generate New Business - Forward Progress - Dean DeLisle - 2014


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This slidedeck supplemented the following Forward Progress webinar by Dean DeLisle: …

This slidedeck supplemented the following Forward Progress webinar by Dean DeLisle:

If your business does well with referral based business then you’re going to enjoy this webinar. In this session, we show all participants how to get into conversation with people on LinkedIn and convert them into new business.

In this Complimentary Webinar: Dean DeLisle, Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, will give you the first 5 simple yet critical steps to start conversations on LinkedIn.

You will learn great conversation starters in:
- Your LinkedIn Network
- Your Connection Center
- Group Discussions
- Other critical areas

Learn what to say and where to say it. This webinar will provide an understanding of how LinkedIn engagement will build relationships and gain trust with your ideal connections.

All registrants will get access to the recording and materials.

Forward Progress has trained over 85,000 people in over 40 countries on increasing referrals and targeted appointments using LinkedIn!

With over 250,000,000 professionals on LinkedIn, you are closer to your targeted sales prospects than you think. Learn how to find them before your competitors do. You will see how easy it is to start a conversation and engage with a new prospect on LinkedIn and then convert them into a sale.

Testimonial: “Having worked with Dean over the last couple of years, I've grown to appreciate his dynamic approach to business development. I've seen dramatic results recently using his conversation starting tips, nearly doubling our deal flow. Dean and his company, Forward Progress, are two of the best things to happen to our company in a long time.” William Beal – Real Estate

Published in: Marketing

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  • Staying Active online
    Being SOCIAL
    How many of you enjoy what you do?
    Are proud of what you do?
  • What are you afraid of when you post?
    No one will respond?
    Looking “stupid?”
  • Many of us are doing this already!
  • Building rapport with our community
    We can’t reach this many people in person all the time
    Networking events take time!
    Host your own!
    Getting Referrals!!!
  • Who else loves warm leads?
    People you know – sometimes even mixing business with pleasure!
  • Name three of your networks!!
  • NETWORKING IS NOT 1 to 1!!!!
  • - Let’s look at the LinkedIn Network
    - This is just a little bit above average.
    - Look at these numbers in your network!!!
  • It’s huge!
  • Tons of people overlook this!
  • Almost like a CRM!!
  • Transcript

    • 1. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc
    • 2. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc
    • 3. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Dean DeLisle • Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, Inc. • Train and Coach over 2,000 people per month • Trained and Coached over 85,000 in Social Network Skills • Over 30 years in Business Coaching, Consulting and Training • Call Center, Internet, eMarketing, Event Management, Lead Generation, Web Seminars, eLearning, eSelling • Over Two Billion Dollars Sales, over 100 Million Leads, Helped Thouands of People using Internet Based Lead • Financial Services, Real Estate, Professional Services, Legal, Accounting Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Technical, Insurance, Agencies, Auto, Retail, Banking Educational and Channel Sales…..
    • 4. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Maximize Your Learning • Please turn off your mobile phone • Close your email • Remove all distractions • Tune in and you will learn quickly
    • 5. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc How to Engage with the Go-To-Webinar Interface • Questions area in task bar • Type us a question so we know you understand • Ask us anything throughout the session
    • 6. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Social Networks Where Do You Stand Now? YOU ARE HERE
    • 7. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Social Network Efforts Why do they often not work for organizations? MINDSET!MINDSET!
    • 8. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc The Issue with Social Networks • “I don’t have enough time” • “I don’t know what my voice should be” • “I worry about negative comments • “I don’t know what to post” • “I’m worried about what people will think”
    • 9. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Current Use of Social Networks? • Blogs • Articles • Postings • Status Updates • Emails • Video/Photo • Links
    • 10. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Why Online Social Networks? • Interactive • People Respond Well • Builds Trust • Builds Community • Viral Activity • Sharing
    • 11. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Referral Based Leads Why are referral-based leads so great? They’re WarmThey’re Warm
    • 12. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Social Networks We Already Know • Ourselves • Our Business • City/Country Clubs • Chambers • Industry Clubs • Organizations • Charities • Religious/Health • LinkedIn Groups
    • 13. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc How Many Connections Do You Have That You Cannot See? • That know YOU? • That trust YOU? • That have done business with YOU? • That would recommend YOU?
    • 14. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Engagement Continuum Disengaged Mis-Engaged Engaged Barely logged in Unconsciously liking things Posting and commenting Learning about Person’s profile And background Engaging with intent to transform relationship for mutual benefit Transactional Conscious, Tied to Yearning & Emotions Transformational Dr. Bob Wright – Wright Graduate University
    • 15. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc The LinkedIn Network
    • 16. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc 2014 LinkedIn Stats - Growing • LinkedIn Has Over 250 Million Members • Average user has 240 “Connections” • One degree from over 35,000 “Trusted Connections” • Two degrees from over 3,200,000 “Trusted Connections” • 160 Million unique visitors a month • 1 million new members added per week • 17.8 million members belong to groups • 1.2 million comments and posts to groups weekly • 2 billion people searches annually • 2 million companies have a company page OVER 1,000 to 1
    • 17. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc 1. Your Profile • Your First Conversation • Complete Profile • Be Clear • What will you do for others? • Why & How? • What do you want/need?
    • 18. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc
    • 19. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc New Items
    • 20. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc
    • 21. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Share Your Work
    • 22. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Showcase Projects
    • 23. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc 2. Posting • When you post, you are talking • What do your audience want? • What do they need? • What are you passionate about? • What will you show them about yourself?
    • 24. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Value Based Posting
    • 25. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc 3. Adding Connections Start the Conversation • Are you on LinkedIn? • Is it ok if we connect? • Get social!
    • 26. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Remember 1.Be personal 2.Reference meeting 3.Include personal info 4.Set appointment 5.Add phone number
    • 27. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc 4. Homepage Interaction
    • 28. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Engage with Connections’ Activity
    • 29. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc 5. Groups
    • 30. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc 5+ Search and Message
    • 31. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Set the Hook
    • 32. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Just Twenty Minutes a Day
    • 33. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Assignment • Be complete in your profile • Post valuable information • Have meaningful conversation • Engage in groups • Find your targets • Be present!
    • 34. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Receive coaching and training on how to use: • LinkedIn • Email Marketing • Social Media Marketing • LinkedIn Business Development • and more What if you could…
    • 35. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc
    • 37. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Thank You!Thank You!
    • 38. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Connect WITH us! TWITTER: DEAN’S TWITTER: FACEBOOK: BUSINESS PAGE: LINKEDIN: www.ForwardProgress.NET