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Relationship Marketing 101
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Dean DeLisle
• Founder and CEO...
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Maximize Your Learning
• Pleas...
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How to Engage with the
ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc
What is Relationship Marketing...
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Relationship Management
• Soci...
ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc
Relationship Marketing
Why doe...
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Relationship Community Buildin...
ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc
Why Practice Relationship Mark...
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Why Social Media?
• Interactiv...
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• Percentage of con...
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Engagement Continuum
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Start Managing Your Relationsh...
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• Your services and value...
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• What products/services...
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Goals (Outcome)
• Marketing
• ...
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Identify Your Target
Who is yo...
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Where Does Your Target Exist?
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Where Do You Want to Be Found?...
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• Social Media Profiles
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Social Media Profiles
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Website/Landing Page/Microsite
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• Begin generating valu...
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•Requests for ...
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Remember NOT
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What do you need help with?
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Relationship Marketing 101: Social Media Content and More - Forward Progress - Dean DeLisle - 2014


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For many professionals selling can be uncomfortable and inefficient. If you’re tired of cold-calls and hard-selling, you’re not alone. In this complimentary webinar, Dean DeLisle, Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, will share the secret to building your network of qualified referrals with proven rapport-building techniques.

Professionals and consumers alike buy from trusted businesses more frequently than ones that are unfamiliar, and current customers often spend 33% more than new ones. By fostering engaged relationships with prospects and customers, you can begin generating more business with less effort!

In this brief session you will learn:

- How the evolution of relationship marketing affects you
- Why people buy from those they know, like and trust
- The most effective ways to use social networks to develop more business
- How today’s mobile technology has streamlined relationship building
- The benefit of leveraging your content to build trust among your network

To receive the webinar’s recording and materials, complete our registration form.

Forward Progress has trained over 85,000 people in over 35 countries on how to establish powerful relationships and develop more business.

About Dean DeLisle:

For over 30 years, Dean has demonstrated his ability to expand companies' social reach, stimulate business development through fostering relationships, and making converting connections to new business more efficient.

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  • Staying Active online
    Being SOCIAL
    How many of you enjoy what you do?
    Are proud of what you do?
  • Building rapport with our community
    We can’t reach this many people in person all the time
    Networking events take time!
    Host your own!
    Getting Referrals!!!
  • Relationship Marketing 101: Social Media Content and More - Forward Progress - Dean DeLisle - 2014

    1. 1. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Relationship Marketing 101
    2. 2. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc
    3. 3. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Dean DeLisle • Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, Inc. • Train and Coach over 2,000 people per month • Trained and Coached over 85,000 in Social Network Skills • Over 30 years in Business Coaching, Consulting and Training • Call Center, Internet, eMarketing, Event Management, Lead Generation, Web Seminars, eLearning, eSelling • Over Two Billion Dollars Sales, over 100 Million Leads, Helped Thouands of People using Internet Based Lead • Financial Services, Real Estate, Professional Services, Legal, Accounting Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Technical, Insurance, Agencies, Auto, Retail, Banking Educational and Channel Sales…..
    4. 4. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Maximize Your Learning • Please turn off your mobile phone • Close your email • Take notes • Tune in and you will learn quickly
    5. 5. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc How to Engage with the Go-To-Webinar Interface • Questions area in task bar • Type us a question so we know you understand • Ask us anything throughout the session
    6. 6. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc What is Relationship Marketing? • Developed following Direct Response Marketing • Focused on customer retention, satisfaction, trust and relationships • Powered By • Relationship Management • Relationship Building • Social Media Marketing • Content Marketing • Social and Emotional Intelligence
    7. 7. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Relationship Management • Social Media Engagement • Content Sharing • Value Serving • Listening
    8. 8. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Relationship Marketing Why does it often not work for organizations? MINDSET!MINDSET!
    9. 9. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Relationship Community Building • Social Media Marketing • Increased customer engagement on social media leads to more visibility and increased followers • Social media and blogs account for 23% of all time spent online • Content Marketing • Valuable content increases online engagement • Interesting content is a top reason people follow brands on social media (
    10. 10. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Why Practice Relationship Marketing? • Trust • Rapport • Emotional Connection • The Numbers! • Probability of selling to existing customer is 60-70% while new prospects yield 5-20% (Marketing Metrics) • An engaged existing customer will spend 33% more than a new customer (Buzzle) • 47% of Americans say Facebook is their Number 1 influencer of purchases ( • 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated (McKinsey) • 70% of local businesses are using Facebook
    11. 11. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Why Social Media? • Interactive • People Respond Well • Builds Trust • Builds Community • Viral Activity • Sharing
    12. 12. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Engagement • Percentage of consumers who engage with their favorite brands via social media by age • 23% of consumers ages 18-29 • 39% of consumers ages 30-49 • 38% of consumers above 50 • 87% of survey respondents indicate that online social engagement with a brand positively impacts their likelihood to purchase
    13. 13. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Engagement Continuum Disengaged Mis-Engaged Engaged Barely logged in Unconsciously liking things Posting and commenting Learning about Person’s profile And background Engaging with intent to transform relationship for mutual benefit Transactional Conscious, Tied to Yearning & Emotions Transformational Dr. Bob Wright – Wright Graduate University
    14. 14. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Start Managing Your Relationships 1. Plan 2. Build 3. Launch
    15. 15. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Plan • Your services and value proposition • Your main goals • Target markets • Where you want to be found online
    16. 16. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Value • What products/services do you provide? • How do you compare to competition? • How can you help others?
    17. 17. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Goals (Outcome) • Marketing • Leads • Traffic • Registrations • Friends • Connections • Comments • Sales • Dials • Clicks • Connections • Proposals • Closes
    18. 18. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Identify Your Target Who is your target customer/client/partner? • What do they look like? • What Industry are they in? • What size Company do they work for? • Who do they know? • If they are consumers, what are their interests? • Who will you be talking to?
    19. 19. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Where Does Your Target Exist? • Facebook? • Twitter? • LinkedIn? • Google+? • Social Mobile?
    20. 20. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Where Do You Want to Be Found? • Search Keywords (Attraction/Pathway) • Your Website (Destination/Pathway) • Mobile (Destination/Pathway) • Social Media (Destination/Pathway) • Facebook • LinkedIn • Twitter • Google+
    21. 21. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Build • Social Media Profiles (Attraction/Pathway/Destination) • Your target may determine which networks are best • Appropriate Website/Landing Page/Microsite
    22. 22. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Social Media Profiles
    23. 23. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Website/Landing Page/Microsite
    24. 24. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Launch • Begin generating valuable content • Interact and engage with customers and prospects • Build relationships • Consistently Measure (Test) • Connections • Engagement • Outcome/Sales
    25. 25. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Connections Connection •Emails/Contacts •New Connections •New Followers •New Likes •New Subscribers
    26. 26. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Engagement Engagement •Likes •Comments •Shares •Direct Messages
    27. 27. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Outcome Outcome •Requests for Proposals •Orders •Sales •Emails/Contacts •New Connections •New Followers •New Likes •New Subscribers
    28. 28. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Outcome Remember NOT WINNING, does NOT mean that you are LOSING!
    29. 29. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Questions?
    30. 30. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc
    31. 31. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc What do you need help with? • Marketing Campaigns • Social Media Marketing • Websites/Blogs/Landing Pages • Pay-Per-Click/Online Advertising • More Coaching and Training
    32. 32. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Thank You!Thank You!
    33. 33. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Connect WITH us! TWITTER: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: BUSINESS PAGE: LINKEDIN: www.ForwardProgress.NET