lesson plan for teaching intonation
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lesson plan for teaching intonation






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lesson plan for teaching intonation lesson plan for teaching intonation Presentation Transcript

  • Presented to; SIR M.ZAHID MEI Presented by;COURSE NAME; Phonology
  • RESEARCH TOPIC;How does intonation affect meaning of a SENTENCE? Makea lesson plan based on teaching intonation to the students.Select any five sentences and present them in your classvarying the intonation in such a way that changes theirmeaning? How your lesson plan has been a success inteaching intonation.
  • INTONATION;“The sound changes produced by the riseand fall of the voice when speaking,especially when this has an effect on themeaning of what is said”.Intonation is used to mark;1- Gender 2- pace3- Number 4- word order5- Quantity 6- punctuation7- tense or time 8- boundary features9- modality
  • Some tools in intonation, useof which change the meaningJuncture: the manner in which words come together and a connection is made.Stress: accent, the relative prominence of a syllable or musical notePitch: the property of sound that varies with variation in frequency of vibration
  • Lesson Plan (Grade 7)Objectives of lesson: to create aconcept of change of meaning withchange in intonationLesson Opening: review of related Lit., warm up activity.Lesson body: intonation and its types, sentence practice given to the students to highlight the stressed words.Summary: an overall view with the help of questioning with the students
  • Emphasis on words make themeaning differentEXAMPLES: 1- Hello 2- How are you Ali hit the alarm buttonPRACTICE SENTENCES:I‟m going to the bank, what about you?B: I‟m going to the store, I need new shoes.A: I need new shoes, just like you !B: Then get your money and come along too!A: That‟s a great idea for this beautiful day.B: Let‟s stop for lunch at that small café.
  • Falling/Rising Intonation:Fall: it is regarded as more or less „neutral‟. It gives impression of finality.Rise: it shows something more is to follow (Excuse Me; yes)Fall-rise: it shows something conceded or some hesitationRise-fall: shows strong feeling of approval or disapproval
  • Learning Review English is a stressed language. We do not say all the syllables in a word. In 1 word there will be 1 stress. The stress is always on the vowel Intonation patterns can help you to improve your pronunciation.