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Amity international school ppt

  3. 3. STEMINFRASTRUCTUREState of the art, well equipped physics,chemistry, biology, computer science ,biotechnology and robotics laboratories arepresent at the primary, middle, secondaryand senior levels.Teaching aids such as smart boards,Kyans and latest softwares such asGeoGebra, Edraw Max 7, Zunal Web questMaker, Hot potatoes, Kalzium, Dipnity,Microsoft learning Suite, PBL etc. are beingused in day to day teaching
  5. 5. EXCELLENCE IN MATHEMATICACEM, Amity Institute ofexcellence in mathematics hasbeen formed at Amity, Noida inorder to develop a love formathematics among the studentsfrom the early years. This issupplemented by a well equippedmaths lab.
  6. 6. INTEGRATED PROJECT BASEDLEARNINGIntegrated project based programmes andcompetitions like VASUDHA ( Science/ Innovation) MATHAMITY ( Maths) GEOMATY ( Geography) DHANNAJAY MOHAN SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM RAMANUJAM ( Maths/ Engineering) Amity Yuva Vichar Manch ( Science)are some of the annual events of the school whichreinforce the concept of do, see, learn and apply
  7. 7. INTEGRATED PROJECT BASED LGeomatyVasudhaMathamity
  8. 8. PARTICIPATION – NATIONAL & INTERNStudents are encouraged to participate in various national andinternational level competitions such as :YRoNSYoung Researchers of natural Sciences), an International research basedscience competitionOdyssey of the mindAn International Creative Problem Solving Programme involving integratedapplication of all subjectsChildren’s Science CongressNational Project based science competition
  9. 9. Odyssey Of The MindYRoNS
  10. 10. IRISInitiative for research and innovation in science, an International scienceinnovation based competition.F1 AnimationF1 International Car designing CompetitionOracle Think QuestInternational cyber competitionWorld Scholar’s CupAn international competition based on debating, writing and quizzing skills onvarious scientific topicsTOD-FOD-JODAn Innovation based programme launched by the govt. Of IndiaNASA Space settlement ContestAn annual contest co sponsored by NASA and National Space Society of the US
  12. 12. OLYMPIADS AND TALENT SEARCHIn house Global Talent Search Exams in Science& Mathematics are held to develop the competitivespirit for those who yearn to better their performanceeach year.Preparation and maximum participation in variousOlympiads such as NTSE, NSTSE, ICO, IMO, NSO
  13. 13. HOW WE AREFUTURE READY in terms ofTeaching Pedagogy andPractices
  14. 14. TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN TEACHThe teaching methodology includes theuse of modern technologies such asPowerPoint Presentations and live internetstreaming , linguaphones, smart boards,Kyans.
  15. 15. THE SCHOOL WEBSITE AND AMITR•The Amity, Noida website is a detailed user friendlywebsite,( where you can get anyinformation that you need about us.•Our school can also boast of a parent friendly website calledAMITRANET( on whichexhaustive resource material like reference worksheets andhandouts are available. Parents can also check out the home work,attendance and report and photographs of school activities on thiswebsite on daily basis, in order to keep themselves updated.
  16. 16. CREATING WORLD LEADERS FORTOMORROW: MUNModel United Nations (alsoModel UN or MUN) is anacademic simulation of theUnited Nations that aims toeducate participants aboutcurrent events, topics ininternational relations,diplomacy andthe United Nations agenda.Thus, Amity Noida, participatesin this programme both at thenational and international level
  17. 17. CULTURAL AND LEARNING EXCHANGE PROHosting Foreign Students:Whenever the school has exchangeprogrammes, foreign students are hostedby our very special and cooperativeparents.SOME OF THE OUTBOUNDPROGRAMMESKantonschule WettingenSttutgartSloveniaBudapest, HungaryHyderabad, IndiaBoston, USASankt Annae Gymnasium, CopenhagenUNA USA MUN, New YorkLead America Conference, USALeadership Workshop, AIS, PV.Jawaharlal Nehru school , NeustrelitzSt. Petersburg, Russia, iowa stateuniversity,USA
  18. 18. FUTURE READYTEACHERSThe teachers at Amity,Noida are highly qualifiedsince their selectionprocedure is extremelystringent.However, extensiveTeacher TrainingPrograms are conductedto keep the teachersupdated on the latestglobal trends in
  19. 19. TEACHERS AS LEARNERS……Categories of Workshops :A plethora of workshops are conducted in Amity,Noida every year:Physical and Mental HealthClassroom Management and CounselingTeaching PedagogyIT in day to day teachingSubject knowledge enhancementCBSE WorkshopsTeaching Resource development workshops
  20. 20. CAREER COUNSELINGRegular counselingand aptitude test sare conducted forsenior students toensure that a studentchooses a careeroption whichmatches his aptitudeand ability.
  21. 21. HOW WE DEVELOPValue centricity
  22. 22. VIDYA DADATI VINAYAMThe motto of the school“VIDYA DADATIVINAYAM” is selfexplanatory of the bottomline focus on VALUES.To reinforce the same,events like Grand Parent‟sday, Mother‟s Day, Humanvalues day, Earth Day,Shram Divas etc. arecelebrated with greatfervour.
  23. 23. MODERNITY BLENDS WITH TRADITThe school provides deeprooted values to its students andemployees.The day begins with prayerand a suitable thought for theday.The students are repeatedlyreminded the importance ofprayer and the strength of faith.Morning assemblies of theschool are on value basedthemes which inculcate andreinforce good values in children
  24. 24. THE STRENGTH OF PRAYERAll functions andmeetings begin with theceremonial lighting of thelamp and traditionalprayers and shlokas.The students are taughtvarious good valuesthrough regular Havans.The importance of „ Guru-Shishya Parampara ‘ evenin today‟s modern age isreinforced
  25. 25. INTERACT CLUBService before self is thebest known motto of rotaryinternational and it tricklesdown to the interact clubalso. With this in mind AISNoida has been able toundertake severalactivities. The school is activelyinvolved in its commitmentto society andenvironmental issues
  26. 26. AMITASHA –SCHOOL FOR THE LESS PRIVILEGUnder the aegis of Amity Humanity foundation,Amitasha, is a school for the less privileged girl child.Currently, this school is providing free education,books and uniforms to 330 girl children.These exceptionally talented girls are made toparticipate in all the co- scholastic activities as well asmodel united nations that take place in the amityschools, so as to keep them at par with the latesttrends in education.
  27. 27. IAYP- A SERVICE BASED ON INTERNATIONAL PRAISN, has provided agolden opportunity for itsstudents from class IXonwards to enroll in theprestigious InternationalAward for Young People(formerly known as The Dukeof Edinburgh‟s Award),which ushers in a spirit ofadventure and above allbrings personal satisfactionthrough service to the societyHis Excellency Mr Amin Ansari VicePresident of India, felicitating theIAYP awardees
  28. 28. CELEBRATING THE RICH INDIAN HERThe Heritage Club atAmity celebrates therich and diverse culturalheritage of the countryby observing all thefestivals and culturalcelebrations of eachstate of INDIA
  29. 29. A VALUE BASED IN HOUSE NEWSPThe Global Times is a youth newspaper andthe visionary initiative ofDr (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan, ChairpersonAmity Group of Schools.This paper provides a creative platform for theAmitians and is deeply rooted in Indian cultureand Values
  30. 30. AMITY‟S CENTRALISEDPLANNINGAMITY’SSPECIALISEDDEPARTMENTSAmityCareerCounselingandGuidance AmityChildren’sScienceFoundationDepartmentof DataSystemsAmityEducationalResourceCentreAmityInstitute ofExcellenceinMathematicsSpecialCentre fordevelopmentof ResourceandcurriculumLEADING TO EXCELLENCE IN STEMEDUCATION,FUTURISTIC TEACHING PRACTICES AND
  31. 31. GOAL OF THE AMITIANSMarching ahead to fulfill the Founder‟sVision to see INDIA as a superpowerby the year 2030Dr Ashok K Chauhan(Founder President)
  32. 32. Each day is a gift, smile andbe thankful that you are apart of the bigger picture.