Principal's speech for annual day 2007


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Principal's speech for annual day 2007

  1. 1. Choithram International Annual Day, 9/12/2007 Our Managing Trustee Respected Mr. Satish Motiani, Mrs. Motiani, Trustees, my fellow Principals from our sister schools, invited guests, parents and dear students, I take this opportunity to convey my warmest greetings to you, and welcome you all to our Annual Day today. We are indeed grateful that you have taken out time from your busy schedule to be with us this evening. We feel greatly honoured by your presence. I can assure you that your presence here this evening is a source of great motivation and encouragement to the entire school. How swiftly and unnoticed time flies! One more year has been added to the glorious saga of Choithram International. Choithram International is the newest and youngest member of the Choithram family of schools, and the only school in the whole of M.P. and Chhattisgarh to be affiliated with globally recognized, international education bodies, such as, International Baccalaureate organisation, and Cambridge International Examinations. We bring internationally recognized education programmes to this part of the country. A child studying with us, for either IB, or Cambridge ‘O’ and ‘A’ level, is in effect getting access to the same qualifications and programmes available in U.K., or U.S.A, or anywhere else in the world. In the brief four years of its existence, Choithram International has established itself as a premier institution of learning, providing international quality education, and I consider it my proud privilege to be associated with such a prestigious institution, and present a report on the school happenings for the academic year 2007-2008, but before I do that, I would like to dwell briefly on the changing times and the radical changes needed in the field of education. We are living in times where the pace of events is fast indeed. So fast, in fact that today’s latest becomes obsolete tomorrow. Alvin Toffler –one of the greatest contemporary thinker and writer calls it “The Future Shock”. Constant changes are must. Life is a process of constant changes and all healthy communities build for the future. In educating today’s youth we cannot afford to lose sight of the fact that we must teach them to grapple with the problems of their generations, their society and their world. Yesterdays’ solution to today’s problems would not suffice. The youth of today need to be readied for the global stage – a generation of young people who are thinkers, inquirers, articulate and confident to take to the world stage and compete with the best brains in the world. This is exactly what we aim at doing at Choithram International. We wish to make education at our school, a TOTAL experience where students slog for "A's at academics, participate in all school activities with enthusiasm and yet actively involve themselves with community service projects. Choithram International of tomorrow must retain the capacity and creativity to adapt itself to the needs of the time without sacrificing the good and time honoured ideals and moral values. Like all great institutions, we have our dreams, ambitions and aspirations and to convert these into tangible realities if our goal. We know that we all have to work very hard for it, but Choithram International is raring to go. "Ever forward and never to look back" is the school spirit which we invoke to guide us throughout. The happenings at Choithram International during the past and current year reflect on our this resolve.
  2. 2. You would recall that we were visited by a Senior Team from International Baccalaureate Organization and thereafter received our full PYP authorization in December last year. With this, Choithram International becomes the 9th PYP authorized school in India. You will be happy to know that this year, we applied for authorization for IB Diploma Programme and have been granted the "Candidate school" status. All preparations towards gaining a full authorization are going full steam and after the mandatory Pre-authorization and authorization visits by teams of officials from International Baccalaureate, we hope to start IB Diploma Programme by January-February 2009. This mission accomplished, we shall become only the 6th school out of the current 39 IB schools in whole of India to be full 3 programme school. Academics is the soul of a school and we have reasons to be happy on this count. We presented 17 students for IGCSE Cambridge Examination in Oct-Nov 2006 and received the results in mid January 2007. All students performed very well and achieved commendable grades. Yash Bhambani, the school Head boy, topped the list of successful candidates with five ‘A’ grades (an ‘A’ grade in each of the 5 subjects taken). He, in fact, scored A* in three subjects and A in two. Yash is followed by Palkesh Asawa, who scored four ‘A’ grades (including two ‘A’ star and two ‘A’) and one ‘B’ grade. The quality of results is reflected in the numbers of ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ grades. Out of a total of 82 subject entries, Choithram International obtained an overall tally of 25 ‘A’ (six ‘A *’s, nineteen ‘A’s), ten ‘B’s, and twenty ‘C’ grades. Our first batch of students appeared for "AS" level exams in May June 2007. In the results received in August, Nisha Dugar scored a highly commendable score of 3 "A" grades and 2 B's, Bhumika Modh had score of 1 A and 3 B's. A total of 33 subject entries saw a total of 6 A's, 9 B's and 2 C's. These encouraging results reflect positively on the quality of academic program and the conducive student-centered teaching – learning environment the school has set in place. October November 2007 was a very busy month in which a total of 38 candidates sat for their IGCSE, AS and "A" level exams. They have all done well and we look forward to receiving good to very good results in mid January 2008. It is a matter of great pride for us that two 'A' level students - Nisha Dugar and Malinda Esankamal have already been offered admission to three prestigious universities in Australia, on the strength of their "AS' level results. This also speaks volumes for the worldwide recognition of international curricula we follow at our school. True to the dictum of "Learning by doing" all children right from the PYP to senior classes have completed their group and personal projects in subjects areas ranging from Raag Jaunpuri in music to cloning, designing cars and jewelry to alternative sources of energy. It is a very satisfying feeling to see our students trying to do an original piece of work in areas of interest. These projects were followed by individual students giving PowerPoint presentations on their topics of research. Professional development of teachers is an on going programme at our school. To keep them updated with the latest in their respective fields, teachers at Choithram International are sent to attend various seminars
  3. 3. and workshops within in India as well as abroad. In the current academic year a total of 16 teachers have attended various such workshops and seminars. Coming February four more teachers will attend a 3 days workshop at Pathways World School, Gurgaon. Mrs. Naaz Kirmani has been appointed as IB Diploma Programme Coordinator. In this context, she attended IB DP Coordinators’ training workshop held in Athens, Greece She later also attended a seminar organized by International Association of School Libraries (IASL) in Taipae, Taiwan and presented a research paper on e-learning in school libraries. The school invests heavily into professional development of teachers and we ensure that all this update gets translated into more effective and better teaching- learning in the classrooms. Besides excelling at academics, and their projects, it gives us immense satisfaction that our students have also been very active in the field of co-curricular activities. Saturday is a day our students love the most. Designated as activities day, Saturdays provide opportunities to our children to pursue their hobbies ranging from dancing, taekwondo, roller-skating to drawing and painting, music, both vocal and instrumental, bird watching and other novel ideas. Our students participated in the prestigious commonwealth essay and story writing competition. Chirag Hablani of grade V received a commendation certificate for his very imaginative story. Our science students continue making their mark in Indore district science congress. Our project on conservation and preservation was adjudged as one of the best project. Manan Dosi of grade IX was selected to represent Indore district at the state level science congress held in Bhopal. Our budding athletes gave a very good account of themselves by winning 5 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze in the Inter Division level Athletic meet held in Indore on 28th Nov. 2007. Kajol Fatima is the P.T. Usha of Choithram International winning 5 1st positions in The Divisional Meet. A total of 8 boys and girls have been selected to represent Indore Dist at the State level meet. Schools sports day, Inter-House activities and swimming gala kept our school calendar ticking. Manas Kalani, Prakhar Dubey and Shreyansh Mittal have established themselves as Table Tennis players at the state level. Rashi Bafna is already a name to reckon with in badminton. We launched a biannual newsletter named “Rendezvous” in July this year. It chronicles all events and happening of the school and also provides an apt forum to the students to present their creative work in it. Our meteorological station equipped with all weather recording instruments is a novel geography project in which primary as well as secondary students participate with equal enthusiasm. One of these days if you fail to see weather report in your daily newspaper or on T.V., nothing to worry about. You can always give us a ring at CI for the latest weather update. During my almost 1 ½ years interaction with parents at the school, I have found you all a very enlightened group who take their parenting role very seriously. We are aware of the great trust you have reposed in us and it will be our constant endeavour to live upto your expectations of us. Thank you very much for all the understanding and support we have been receiving from you all at the school.
  4. 4. I would like to place on record my most sincere thanks to the management of Choithram International. Thank you very much Mr. and Mrs. Motiani for the trust and excellent support you have been giving me. They work tirelessly towards the development and growth of the school. We can, without exaggeration, boast of state-of-the-art facilities at our school, and we are confident that Choithram International will be the school of choice for discerning parents. My report on the school would be incomplete if I did not make mention of our wonderful team of teacher who work with dedication and put in their all out effort for the welfare and education of their charges. We have a total of 37 qualified and experienced teachers who always and unhesitatingly give their best. At times, I feel that I make too many demands on my teachers, but they have always responded very positively. I would like to take this opportunity to convey my most sincere thanks to our PYP Coordinator, Mrs. Purti Singh, MYP Coordinator Mr. Manoj Parmar, DP Coordiantor Mrs. Naaz Kirmani and CIE Coordinator Mrs. Shuchi Arora, and the entire teaching staff for their unflinching support and cooperation, and for making things happen very efficiently and smoothly at the school. I would also like to place on record my most sincere thanks to the team of Administrative and Technology (I.T.) department staff who keep the whole machinery well lubricated, and our records intact and in a meticulous manner. My thanks to the entire team of support staff for their ‘behind the scene’ work to keep the school environs tidy and presentable. Last but the most important, a few words to the students. I recall a saying I read sometimes ago “Every time God sends a child into the World, HE is proclaiming that HE has not lost hope in mankind yet” History of mankind is proof that it is always a few good people who have made all the difference and made our world a better place you are fortunate that you have such caring parents, and you attend a good school. Endeavor to make yourselves good human beings and make this world of ours a better place than you find it today. That will be the acid test of your privileged education. At the end, I would like to thank you all for bearing with me for so long, and I now invite you to enjoy the beautiful cultural programme our children have prepared for you. May God bless you all