Create, Curate & Disseminate: Telling your GEAR UP Story with Social Media
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Create, Curate & Disseminate: Telling your GEAR UP Story with Social Media



Presented by: ...

Presented by:
Alison Eldridge, WA State GEAR UP
Sean Brennan, CA State GEAR UP
Daniel Bremer-Wirtig, NCCEP

Presented at:
2012 NCCEP/GEAR UP Annual Conference
July 22-25, 2012
Washington, DC

Learn which social media tools are easy to setup, manage and give you the most "bang for your buck." Tweet by tweet, GEAR UP programs are doing exceptional work sharing their stories and achievements nationwide. With so many programs and organizations competing for funding, media attention, and partnerships, it’s important for your program to stand out. A social media strategy helps you tell your story and communicate easily and effectively with families, educators, legislators, and the community. We will go over the how to’s of choosing & activating specific social media channels while creating an engaging and effective message. No previous “social media” expertise is necessary.



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Create, Curate & Disseminate: Telling your GEAR UP Story with Social Media Create, Curate & Disseminate: Telling your GEAR UP Story with Social Media Presentation Transcript

  • Create, Curate & Disseminate:Telling your GEAR UP Story with Social Media Alison Eldridge, WA State GEAR UP Sean Brennan, CA State GEAR UP Daniel Bremer-Wirtig, NCCEP
  • Agenda1. Why are we here today (and why do I need to be doing social media)?2. How do you tell a good story (and why is it important for GEAR UP)?3. The Social Media Universe (Unabridged and Unraveled)4. Getting started with Twitter5. The Publication Cycle6. Using social media day-to-day7. "Hello world“ – Your First Tweet8. 5 Takeaways9. Q&A
  • IntroWhy are we here today? • But because you probably trust aWe want to help: video from the Internet more• Your program, so it can stand out than what we’ll tell you, here’s a among the competition for short video on why you need to funding, media attention, and be doing social media: partnerships• You develop a simple social media strategy that empowers you to communicate with families, educators, legislators and the community, easily and effectively• You choose and activate a specific social media channel(s) and guide Source: you on how to create, curate and disseminate content that engages your audiences
  • (highlight facts about video + more)• From video • In February 2012 – Social media is about – Facebook has grown to people more than 845 M active – And since e-mail is a thing users of the past… • (see “Social Media in 60 – This is how people are seconds”) connecting, communicating and doing • (see “Data-in-one- business… Minute”) – So, as Erik Qualman said: “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.”
  • Telling the GEAR UP Story: Why and How?Why is it important to tell the What makes a good story? 1. You need ONE hero. Yes, only one.GEAR UP story? 2. You need ONE villain: poverty, family1. Shines a spotlight on a history, negative environment, low specific need/challenge performing schools, etc. 3. Your hero needs to struggle. Everybody through a human face. loves a good fight. (i.e. “I was failing all2. They work because they’re my courses and was on a fast track to drop out.”) memorable and persuasive 4. The Catalyst – GEAR UP. It helps our3. The move people into action Hero in in her/his epic struggle against the Villain.4. They empower us, your 5. Connect with your audience through team, your students, parents, universal values – perseverance, hard teachers, community… work, community… the American Dream. 6. Call to Action 1. This is how you can help the Hero. 2. You can be a hero, too. This is what you need to do.
  • Telling the GEAR UP Story: Jumpstart exerciseTo kick off your story, start by answering these questions:• Who are you? (In the GEAR UP universe) – Find The Hero.• What are your dreams & aspirations? (Why do you do what you do.)• What has been in the way of your dreams and aspirations? – Find The Villain.• What has been your experience? – Define The Struggle• Where are you now? What are you doing? – Explain how The Catalyst moved you forward.• How can you (third party) help? – Call to action for your listener.
  • Telling the GEAR UP Story: Where to tell it.• You “tell” stories all the time. In fact, every time you talk about your grant you are telling a story.• These are not exclusive for your Members of Congress (Although it helps us all when you share them with them!)• Use these stories to help you locally, where your students, parents, teachers and partners are: – Forging partnerships – Requesting funding from foundations – Raising state/local awareness – Getting sponsors – Engaging parents – Involving state/local leaders
  • Social Media Tools Overview Source:
  • Social Media Tools Overview
  • One Account to Rule them All - TwitterStart with twitter to Tell Your GEAR UP Story… Threereasons why:1. Everybody can write 140 characters on a regular basis, from almost anywhere (even the toilet).2. Twitter allows you to easily cultivate a following that can expand your reach incredibly (more on that later)3. Again, it’s only 140 characters. No special skills required.
  • Let’s get your hands dirty! 3. Search for GEAR UP sites to follow:Setup a Twitter account • • California GEAR UP @CAGEARUP NCCEP @edpartnerships • Washington State GEAR UP @gearupWA1. Visit • CMU GEAR UP @GEARUPCMU • SD GEARUPSD GEARUP @SDGEARUP2. Sign up • • Colorado GEAR UP @ColoradoGEARUP GEAR UP Iowa @GEARUP_Iowa • GEARUP Kentucky @GEARUPToday - Name • UofW Rise Up/GEARUP @UWGEARUP • WEHS GearUp @WEHSGearUP - e-mail • • Oklahoma GEAR UP @OklahomaGEARUP WV GEAR UP @WVGEARUP • U of M GEAR UP @UMGEARUP - Password (Shhh!!! • APV GEAR UP @apvgearup • GEAR UP & SOAR @GEARUPandSOAR It’s secret) • • Maine State GEAR UP @GearUpME GEARUPNorthCarolina @GEARUPNC • - Twitter handle • Oregon GEAR UP @OregonGEARUP FSU GEAR UP @FSUGEARUP • FSU GEAR UP @GEARUP4COLLEGEInternet: • St. Johns GEARUP @STJGEARUP • St Johns GEAR UP @STJ_GEARUP• Username: axxter • Ypsi GEAR UP @YpsiGEARUP • SD GEARUP @SDGEARUPTweet• Password: 6154 • U of M Drbrn GEAR UP @UMD_GearUp
  • Own your own TwitterThe Musts The Desirables (for later)• Picture or logo • Personalized design• Name – Who are you? • Connect to Facebook• Website • Other Apps• Short descriptive bio.• Go mobile
  • Before you Tweet…Let’s determine our And then…audience: 1. Listen to the folks you• Students? follow.• Parents? 2. Learn the lingo.• School personnel? 3. Learn the etiquette.• Policy-makers? 4. Participate in• Partners & community conversations. members? 5. Start Tweeting!• General public?
  • The Publication Cycle Create - Curate - Disseminate60-30-10 Rule: • Social Media Strategy• 60% retweets & pointers – Who – Target Audience – What – Type of content• 30% conversations & – When – How often responses • Have a “content plan”• 10% announcements & – Check your calendar for events important dates & eventsA tweet a day, keeps the • Use a tool to help youdoctor away. manage it• Tip of the day / Photo of • Connect social & traditional the day media & other info channels
  • The Publication Cycle Create - Curate - Disseminate content curation ˈ r-ˈāshən also ˈ r-ˈāshən kyu̇ - kyu̇ - content sources process of sorting through the vast amounts of content • RSS feeds (Google, etc.) on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. • Google Alerts = • Reddit • • sifting, sorting, arranging & publishing cherry picking best content – important and • relevant to share • /education/• collecting links• information pack rat • Twitter #hashtags(via
  • The Publication Cycle Create - Curate - Disseminate#HashtagsDefinition: The “#” symbol, called a hashtag, isused to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. Itwas created organically by Twitter users as a wayto categorize messages.
  • The Publication Cycle Create - Curate - DisseminateUsing hashtags• use # symbol before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) to categorize Tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter Search.• Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message shows all other Tweets marked with that keyword.• Hashtags can occur anywhere in the Tweet – at the beginning, middle, or end.• Hashtagged words that become very popular are often Trending Topics.
  • The Publication Cycle Create - Curate - DisseminateUsing hashtags to categorize Tweets Using hashtags correctly• Use # symbol before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) to • Tweeting with a hashtag on a categorize Tweets and help them public account, allows anyone show more easily in Twitter doing a search for that hashtag Search.• Clicking on a hashtagged word in to find that Tweet. any message shows all other • Dont #spam #with #hashtags. Tweets marked with that keyword. Dont over-tag a single Tweet.• Hashtags can occur anywhere in (Best practices recommend the Tweet – at the using no more than 2 hashtags beginning, middle, or end. per Tweet.)• Hashtagged words that become very popular are often Trending • Use hashtags only on Tweets Topics. relevant to the topic.
  • The Publication Cycle Create - Curate - Disseminate Things to check before you click send (and what to do if you screw up)• Google (think) before you tweet.• Spell check.• Check “legitness” of #hashtags.• Check links (specially when retweeting).Too soon?1. Go to your profile and hit delete – ASAP2. Repost corrected version3. Issue a correction if you discovered it too late.
  • Social Media – Day-to-Day(Organic) (Planned)• Capitol Hill Visits • Newsletters – Thank you to Members of • Press releases Congress • Important community – Picture of dates/events) students/meeting • Tweet schedule-calendar participants • Use lists• Summer program activities • Distribute content• College campus visit • Be deliberate (keywords #)• Tweet on #trends • Stick to a routine• Be gracious • Sync Facebook and Twitter• Retweet Mentions• Ask questions
  • “Hello world”Your first Tweet!
  • Takeaways1. GEAR UP Story Takeaway Stories empower us, your team, your students, parents, teachers, community… and move people into action.2. Twitter Takeaway Stick to your Social Media Strategy. Set a schedule and follow through.3. Creation Take Away Include links and content tailored to your audience, elicit a response.4. Curation Take Away ALWAYS use the #GEARUP OR #GEARUPworks #hashtags5. Dissemination Take Away Review and edit your tweets because it is FOREVER (also not effective you have errors)
  • Q&A