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Presentation to Iowa Association of School Boards (Fiscal Management Conference), July 18, 2012. Parts of this presentation are used with permission from Evelyn McCormack.

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  • There are 300,000 FB fan pages, at last count. If you ’ re not yet posting photos and videos to your fan pages, now ’ s the time. And don ’ t forget to keep your posts on FB conversational in tone, not too formal. And brief.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (10/29/11 23:28) ----- Use it to drive traffic back, but also give them as much as you can right on the FB page so that they don't have to go back and forth all the time.
  • This is the superintendent for the state of Oklahoma and her FB fan page. And a group of supts in Alabama have their own site. I recently presented to the Lower Hudson Council of School Supts, and got three phone calls from supers the next day and two extra jobs creating social media for new districts.
  • School board candidates have definitely gotten into the act and have begun to realize the power of using Facebook to get their messages across. The number of school board cands in the 4J Schools in Eugene Ore is pretty impressive.
  • I know that this is extremely controversial, but some school districts are actually encouraging their teachers to create professional, classroom FB pages so that students can become fans and follow homework assignments, ask for extra help, etc. You can see on the right that District 128 in Libertyville, IL, is doing that. And on the left, Mr. Edelman has a FB fan page that includes the disclaimer: it’s for tutoring and extra help – not a social page or a way to try and friend me. On the other hand, you might have read that Missouri tried to ban teachers from using FB, and that was overturned for now.
  • Here’s the Sacramento Council of PTAs. Only 55 members,
  • As about whether Joplin increase dramatically since the tornao. Queensbury is a small but successful district when it comes to using socal media. The reason? Their superintendent. If you don ’ t have support from the top on this, it ’ s going to be challenging to intro social media. But keep trying.
  • I think there are more districts using twitter than Facebook. Effective for reaching media Journalists who get tips check twitter and FB first. Twello RT other people ’ s stuff.
  • There are 23 state ed departments on twitter -- the ones I counted. I addition, teach.gov has a twitter list of state education depts.
  • All this content is created by consumers, without producers.
  • On YouTube, you can connect your YouTube account with your Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and other accounts. Go to Account Settings, then choose Activity Sharing. Make sure that you are signed on to your District FB fan page and Twitter pages when you do this.
  • IASB - social media

    1. 1. Social Media for Your School IASB – Fiscal Management Conference Evan Abbey July 18, 2012 http://bit.ly/IA SB12
    2. 2. “Just because ‘you build it’doesn’t mean ‘they will come’.You have to go out into theirworld and talk with them.” -Dr. Karen Mapp
    3. 3. Where Are Parents Getting TheirSchool Information?• According to Ipsos North America’s December 2010 poll:• 57 percent go to Facebook/Twitter• 26 percent go to District website
    4. 4. What is Social Media?
    5. 5. Social Media in the Past Year• 368 B items shared on Facebook• 25 M hours of video uploaded on YouTube• 52.6 B tweets sent on Twitter• 1.1 T videos watched on YouTube• 10 B iPhone apps uploaded• 348 M people joined Google+• 18 B “likes” made to fan pages on FB• $2 B spent on virtual goods in the U.S.
    6. 6. G o o g le An alyti c s
    7. 7. Facebook2.800 million active users; 50% log on daily3.100,000 users age 64+4.310,000 users between 45–635.300,000+ businesses now have FB fanpages, including hundreds of school districts6.250 million have FB on mobile devices7.Avg user is connected to 80 communitypages.
    8. 8. How to Use Facebook1. Use to drive traffic back to website.2. Post photos, videos, news, announcements.3. Link to your YouTube (videos) or Flickr (photos) page.4. Posts on FB should be brief and informal. Make it a conversation.
    9. 9. Public Education Officials Oklahoma State Superintendent School Superintendents of Alabama
    10. 10. School Board Candidates
    11. 11. Teachers
    12. 12. PTAs
    13. 13. School Districts
    14. 14. Disclaimers and Use Policies
    15. 15. “We underestimate thevalue of being one of thecommunity, just anothermember.When we seek specialstatus in the community,we often end up in theunenviable position of Usvs. Them.” - Dr. Karen Mapp
    16. 16. Twitter• Microblogging platform in 140 characters or less• Launched 2006• 106 million registered users; 65 million tweets per day• 750 tweets per second• It’s all about immediacy/useful in crises• Slower growth among parents than FB
    17. 17. State Ed Departments
    18. 18. School Districts Park Hill, MO Duval County Schools, FL
    19. 19. Twitter Anatomy # of people you follow; your followers Suggestions on who you What’s trending/what might want to follow people are talking The wall about
    20. 20. Cnrt& hns oga tak sL k t yu inso orw se e it bL k t o e pe inso t r r s h sR te srm e e f wt ocm u ito mn yWa e et r hanu cmnsn one etE e ec sc is mr nie r g / iscm u ict no mn a ioPo o po in rm ucm gat its c ie iv
    21. 21. YouTube-- Video sharing website-- Launched 2005, bought by Google 2006-- 2 billion+ viewers a day
    22. 22. 3 networks x 24 hours x 365 days x 60 years = over 1.5million hours Has produced more in 2 months
    23. 23. Build a Channel
    24. 24. YouTube Advice• 1. Turn off comments on your channel and each video after uploading.• 2. On profile page, include district logo, mission statement, address, website, contact info.• 3. If too much concern about YouTube, Vimeo is free alternative.
    25. 25. Connect Your Media
    26. 26. Denver AcademyYouTube videoson Facebook
    27. 27. Featured VideoRotates
    28. 28. Share your activity with your FB, Twitter accountsGo to AccountSettings,choose ActivitySharing
    29. 29. How Can YouCommunicate?
    30. 30. Ad vi c e fro m th o s ew h o h ave b e e nth e re … • Right Frequency • Personal, yet Professional • Teach Your Community • Cross-Promote • Be Brave, Be Wise • Remember All Your Publics
    31. 31. What are the PolicyConsiderations
    32. 32. 1. Can employees have their own professional blog, Twitter account, or Facebook page? Can they maintain that individually? What is inappropriate use vs. free speech?3. Are there any professional repercussions for personal use of social media by staff?5. Can teachers use social networking tools in the classroom (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter)? How will the school handle appropriate use?7. Can employees “friend” students? Can they contact students individually?9. Will comments and ratings be allowed on district social media in order to create an “open forum”?
    33. 33. Where do we start?
    34. 34. 1. Make sure you have a communications team, with a “director”3. Do some market research5. Check for “squatters”; grab your domain
    35. 35. 1. Make sure you have a communications team, with a “director”3. Do some market research5. Check for “squatters”; grab your domain7. Put in place your policy, and make sure stakeholders are on board9. Have a plan. Designate individuals for communication.• Educate your community when exploring new social media• Start by updating your Wikipedia page
    36. 36. Social Media for Your School IASB – Fiscal Management Conference Evan Abbey July 18, 2012 http://bit.ly/IA SB12