Post-Election Webinar: Assessing the Landscape for Education & GEAR UP


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Nathan Monell, President and CEO, NCCEP; Joel Packer, Executive Director, Committee for Education Funding (CEF); and Shayna Englin, Principal, Englin Consulting, present an in-depth analysis of the 2012 election results and how the new landscape will impact education programs, including GEAR UP.

The presenters review the 2012 election outcomes and offer insights on the changes expected in Washington. They also explore how these changes could impact education funding and policies, and where education programs may find opportunities and challenges.

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  • DANIEL BREMERWelcome everyone and thank you for joining us today for our “Post-Election Webinar: Assessing the Landscape for Education & GEAR UP”, part of NCCEP’s 2012 Webinar Series.My name is Daniel Bremer and I’m the Associate Director for Government Relations at the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships, also known as NCCEP.As you may know, NCCEP serves as the national technical assistance provider and principal advocate of the GEAR UP program in Washington, DC, as designated by the U.S. Department of Education. Also, as we move forward with the presentation please remember that NCCEP is a non-partisan organization and that GEAR UP has always enjoyed strong bipartisan support. All observations in this presentation portray the facts as they have unfolded and we are sharing them with you to keep you well informed to empower you to become stronger advocates for GEAR UP, college access and education in general.Before we start, I’d just like to go over some quick housekeeping notes:This webinar is being recorded and will be available on NCCEP’s YouTube channel early next week. You will receive an e-mail from us with the link to the recording once it is online.All attendees have been muted to improve the webinars performance and to avoid unnecessary audio feedback. We’ve built in time for questions at the end of the presentation. But, please feel free to send them in as they arise using the “Question and Answer” module. Please note that this is different from the chat feature and helps us track your questions to make sure they get answered.If you are having trouble hearing or viewing the slides, please contact GoToMeeting directly by navigating to the “Help” menu in your application.If you plan to tweet about today’s event we encourage you to use #GEARUP #postelection or #webinar in your tweets. Just don’t forget to include GEAR UP!Lastly, I would like to thank the Kresge Foundation for their generous support of this webinar.
  • DANIEL BREMERNow I’d like to introduce Nathan Monell, NCCEP’s President and CEO, who will walk us through the agenda and introduce our speakers.Nathan Monell joined the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (NCCEP) as its executive director in January of 2011. Nathan is a career-long advocate, pushing for reform in causes that are relevant to the lives of individuals who are often marginalized by multiple life factors. For twenty-three years, he has provided strategic leadership to organizations seeking to improve the educational and employment outcomes of youth and adults, providing mental health services for children and adults, offering health and substance abuse prevention services, and connecting families to housing and social supports. Nathan is a Certified Association Executive with the American Society of Association Executives. He earned a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Georgetown University, an M.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Michigan, and a B.A. in Speech from Cornerstone University.Thank you for being with us today Nathan .
  • NATHAN MONELLThe goal of this webinar is to do an in-depth review and analysis of the 2012 election results and how we foresee that this “new” landscape will impact education programs, primarily GEAR UP.AgendaWhat are the results of the elections?How will the 113th Congress change?How might these changes affect education policy and funding?What are the upcoming challenges/opportunities for education?What does this mean for GEAR UP?What can we do about it?Q&AThe presenters will review the 2012 election outcomes and offer insights on the changes expected in Washington. They will also explore how these changes could impact education funding and policies, and where education programs may find opportunities and challenges.
  • NATHAN MONELLJoel Packer has successfully represented educators, state universities and college students before Congress and the Administration for more than 34 years. He is an expert in education policy and one of the most knowledgeable budget wonks in DC. Joel worked that the National Education Association for 25 years, and last served as director of educational policy and practice. In this capacity, he was responsible for key issues, including school readiness, standards, testing and accountability, teaching and learning conditions, educator quality, parent involvement, funding, special education, high school reform, 21st century skills/STEM issues, English Language Learners, voucher programs and charter schools. Joel also led NEA’s policy and advocacy work on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and was the organization’s lead liaison with the U.S. Department of Education.He previously was a NEA lobbyist, covering issues including higher education, family and medical leave, the Brady bill, school prayer, civil rights, judicial nominations, health care and environmental hazards in schools.He has testified numerous times before congressional committees and spoken before a broad range of organizations. Joel is quoted in the media regularly, and he has appeared on many radio talk shows.
  • NATHAN MONELLShayna has over a decade of experience identifying and mobilizing supporters for non-profits, causes, and political candidates.From her roots as an organizer in Colorado for progressive causes, to her role as Fundraising Practice Manager at Mindshare Interactive Campaigns (now Verilion), to her leadership as Program and Political Director at the Women’s Campaign Forum, Shayna has been on the cutting edge in producing innovative and effective plans, programs, and materials that yield results: dollars raised, votes won, and policy changed.Shayna earned a Master in Public Policy degree from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, and has taught graduate classes in strategy and communications at Georgetown University and at the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management.She is the Principal of Englin Consulting and serves as NCCEP grassroots and communications consultant.Joel, what are the results of the election and what are the implications for federal education policy and funding?
  • NATHAN MONELLTeam in place:Secretary DuncanDebra Saunders-WhiteGreg DarniederAdministration is familiar with GEAR UPPresident Obama is willing to compromise in ED so we are going to need keep an eye on this issue to make sure the White House continues to support GEAR UPRespond to heightened sense of accountabilityEmphasize:Senator Alexander’s new role as Ranking Member on Senate HELP Committee & potentially Senate Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Subcommittee.Senator Murray’s new role as char of the Senate Budget CommitteeWith a divided government, now more than ever and to preserve GEAR UP’s bipartisan tradition, we need to be working with our MOC’s on both sides of the aisle.FundingCOLLEGE Savings Accounts Research Demonstration ProjectFunding down the slateImpact of sequestrationShayna – What are some of the ways grassroots movements can work most effectively with a divided government?
  • SHAYNA ENGLIN“Advocacy Gap” research
  • SHAYNA ENGLINCall to ActionStop SequestrationProtect college access / GEAR UP fundingShare your GEAR UP stories with NCCEPCall your Members of CongressMake new friends, but keep the old!Your current MOC’s are in DC now and they are still influential even if they have been voted out of office or retiring. If you have new MOC’s, start reaching out early:This is who we areThis is what we doThis is how sequestration will impact us# of jobs
  • SHAYNA ENGLINTalk about GEAR UP Alumni Leadership Academy
  • DANIEL BREMERWe have about XXX minutes left for questions and answers.My Member of Congress is very supportive of education and also GEAR UP. Should I still be mobilizing and reaching out to her?We’ve tried visiting with our Representative in the past, both in their district office and when we’ve been in DC – unfortunately, he’s never been available to meet with us and sends staff on his behalf. The problem is that although her staff was really nice, they couldn’t commit to supporting GEAR UP. What are our options?Does sequestration only affect education? What else will be affected by sequestration?I’m just a high school teacher at a small rural school, I really don’t feel that I can make a difference by reaching out to my Members of Congress. Does this really help?If there are no more questions at this time…
  • DANIEL BREMEROn behalf of the NCCEP team here in Washington, DC, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to participate in today’s webinar. We would also like to thank our presenters, Nathan, Joel and Shayna for sharing their valuable insights and time with us.A special thank as well to the Kresge Foundation for their generous support of this webinar. We’re confident the information presented today will prove useful to you in your day-to-day and advocacy work. If you have a second, please connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @edpartnerships. Also, please visit our “GEAR UP Works!” blog to share your stories with the GEAR UP Community at large.Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.Again, thank you for attending NCCEP’s “Post-Election Webinar: Assessing the Landscape for Education & GEAR UP”This concludes our webinar for today.
  • Post-Election Webinar: Assessing the Landscape for Education & GEAR UP

    1. 1. Post-Election Webinar:Assessing the Landscape for Education & GEAR UP Nathan Monell, President & CEO National Council for Community and Education Partnerships Joel Packer, Executive Director Committee for Education Funding Shayna Englin, Principal Englin Consulting
    2. 2. Welcome Nathan Monell, CAE President & CEO NCCEP Tweeting? Use #postelection, 2 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    3. 3. 1. Introductions2. What are the results of the elections?3. How will the 113th Congress change?4. How might these changes affect education policy and funding?5. What are the upcoming challenges/opportunities for education?6. What does this mean for GEAR UP?7. What can we do about it?8. Q&A Tweeting? Use #postelection, 3 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    4. 4. Today’s Speakers Joel Packer Executive Director Committee for Education Funding Tweeting? Use #postelection, 4 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    5. 5. Today’s Speakers Shayna Englin Principal Englin Consulting Tweeting? Use #postelection, 5 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    6. 6. • President Obama re-elected with 332 electoral votes to Gov. Romneys 206.• Obama received 50% of the popular vote v. 48% for Romney.• The election was “Brown” versus “Gray”. – Obama won 55% of women voters, 93% of African Americans, 71% of Hispanics, 73% of Asians, 60% of 18-29 year-olds. Romney won 52% of male voters, 59% of white voters and 56% of seniors. Tweeting? Use #postelection, 6 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    7. 7. • Democrats picked up 2 seats in the U.S. Senate, which went from a 53-47 Democratic majority to 55-45.• In the House, with a few races still not decided, Republicans maintained their majority, but Democrats are on track to pick up seven seats. New makeup will be likely be 235 Republicans - 200 Democrats. Tweeting? Use #postelection, 7 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    8. 8. 113th Congressleadership changes U.S. House of Representatives U.S. Senate • No major changes for either party. • No major changes for either • Republicans: party. – Speaker – Rep. Boehner (OH) • Democrats: – Majority Leader – Rep. Cantor (VA) – Majority Leader – Sen. Reid – Majority Whip – Rep. McCarthy (CA) (NV) – Republican Conference Chair (NEW)- – Majority Whip – Sen. Durbin Rep. McMorris Rodgers (WA) (IL) • Democrats (elections on 11/29) • Republicans: – Minority Leader – Rep. Pelosi (CA) – Minority Leader – Sen. McConnell (KY) – Minority Whip – Rep. Hoyer (MD) – Minority Whip (NEW)– Sen. – Assistant Leader – Rep. Clyburn (SC) Cornyn (TX) – Caucus Chair (NEW)– Rep. Becerra (CA) Tweeting? Use #postelection, 8 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    9. 9. • Sen. Murray (D-WA) = new chair of Senate Budget (Sen. Conrad (ND) retired).• Sen. Alexander (R-TN) = new Ranking on Senate HELP (Sen. Enzi (WY) is term-limited) and possibly on Senate Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Subcommittee (Sen. Shelby (AL) moving up to full committee ranking).• One Democratic vacancy on HELP due to Sen. Bingaman’s (NM) retirement. Tweeting? Use #postelection, 9 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    10. 10. • There will be a new chair of House Labor-HHS- Education Appropriations due to Rep. Rehberg’s (R- MT) running for Senate. – Possible as new chair = Rep. Alexander (LA), Kingston (GA), Simpson (ID), Bill Young (FL).• Education and the Workforce = 5 Democratic vacancies (Kildee (MI), Woolsey (CA), Kucinich (OH), Hirono (HI) and Altmire (PA)) and two Republican vacancies(Platts (PA) and Biggert (IL)). Tweeting? Use #postelection, 10 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    11. 11. • Congress faces set of “fiscal cliff” issues; – On Dec. 31, 2012 all the “Bush” tax cuts, AMT fix and several tax extenders expire. – On Jan. 2, 2013, sequester cuts for defense and nondefense programs take effect. – Education programs (other than Pell grants) all face an 8.2% across-the- board cut.• Pres. Obama’s leverage is strengthened by the election; Senate Democrats stronger.• The key is whether Republicans will agree to additional revenue from upper- income individuals.• Obama supports additional investments in education including school modernization and hiring 100,000 new teachers. Tweeting? Use #postelection, 11 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    12. 12. • Every Education authorization has already expired or will by the end of 2013: ESEA, HEA, IDEA, Head Start, WIA, CCDBG, ESRA, Perkins CTE.• ESEA waivers complicate reauthorization.• House and Senate Committee ESEA bills in this Congress are far apart.• Key players largely the same (Kline, Miller, Harkin), but Alexander might help move bills.• House Committee Republicans more conservative.• Administration might not really want ESEA reauthorization. Tweeting? Use #postelection, 12 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    13. 13. • Administration might focus more on HEA.• Key issues are college costs, college completion, student loan debt levels.• Pell grants faces a large FY 14 shortfall.• Subsidized student loan interest rates set to double on July 1, 2013. Tweeting? Use #postelection, 13 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    14. 14. • Education Funding caught up in sequestration/fiscal cliff issues.• Best case scenario allows for little growth due to BCA spending caps.• Obama administration is focused on new programs: Race to the Top, new higher ed race to the top First in the World.• Continued gridlock on policy?• Even after fiscal cliff, FY 13 CR and FY 14 budget will have to be dealt with. Tweeting? Use #postelection, 14 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    15. 15. • Team @ U.S. Department of Education• Support from the White House• Opportunities for GEAR UP – Higher accountability through results data – Historical bipartisan support is an asset when working with a divided government – Flexibility to adapt based on research and local needs• Funding outlook for GEAR UP – College Savings Account Research Demonstration Project – FY13 Awards – Fund down the slate – Impact of sequestration - $25.39 M Tweeting? Use #postelection, 15 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    16. 16. Working with a dividedGovernment… • Lame duck = extraordinarily important this year • Context makes outreach to all - incumbents, outgoing, and incoming - vital • Make no assumptions Tweeting? Use #postelection, 16 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    17. 17. Here’s what you can do today…1. Do you have time now? – Call your Members of Congress now, ask them to "Stop Sequestration“2. Do you have a little more time? – Contact new Members and staff to introduce yourself and urge them to protect funding for GEAR UP and college access3. Will you have more time later? – Share your GEAR UP success stories with us all through November and December Tweeting? Use #postelection, 17 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    18. 18. • December 10-14, 2012 – CEF “Stop Sequestration” Grassroots Week – more information to follow!• February 2-6. 2013 – Advocacy Training – “Weapons of Mass Communication” @ NCCEP/GEAR UP Capacity-Building Workshop (Las Vegas, NV)• February (mid-month) – Call to Action – Thank / Spank President RE Budget Request• March – Call to Action – Ask your MOC’s to sign-on to GEAR UP funding request letter• April – Reference – Congress (U.S. House of Representatives & Senate) completes action on Budget Resolution• May – Call to Action – Request Congressional support during Appropriations Process Tweeting? Use #postelection, 18 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    19. 19. • June – Reference – U.S. House of Representatives completes action on annual Appropriations Bills• July 14-17, 2013 – Advocacy Training – NCCEP/GEAR UP Annual Conference @ San Francisco, CA – Call to Action – Contact your Members of Congress• August 5-30. 2013 – Call to Action – Meet with your Members of Congress in your District during Congressional August Recess• September (mid-month) – Call to Action – Celebrate 2013 National GEAR UP Week to raise awareness about GEAR UP, locally and regionally• October 1, 2013 – Reference – Start of Fiscal Year 2014 Tweeting? Use #postelection, 19 #GEARUP and/or #webinar
    20. 20. Questions?
    21. 21. Thank you! /NCCEP National Council for Community and Education Partnerships 1400 20th Street, NW | Suite G-1 @edpartnerships Washington, DC 20036