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ePortfolio California Summit 2010 - SLO SESSION
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ePortfolio California Summit 2010 - SLO SESSION


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Created by Helen Chen & John Ittelson. Presented at the ePortfolio California Summit 2010 - ePortfolios for Student Learning Outcomes session.

Created by Helen Chen & John Ittelson. Presented at the ePortfolio California Summit 2010 - ePortfolios for Student Learning Outcomes session.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. ePortfolios for Student Learning Outcomes:
    Overview & Opening Questions
    with Helen Chen & John Ittelson
    ePortfolio California Summit 2010 - October 11, 2010
  • 2. Faculty Buy-In
    What strategies can be employed to address faculty buy-in?
    How do you get faculty to accept ePortfolios?
    What is the role of faculty in the ePortfolio process – promote learning objectives, mentoring, thread through academic life?
    How can ePortfolios be viewed as a teaching resource as well as an assessment resource?
  • 3. Student Buy-In
    What strategies can be employed to address student buy-in (e.g., ePortfolio contest)?
    How can the ePortfolio facilitate “self-advising” (e.g., educational templates for students to select from, modify, & tailor)?
    How can we get students invested and engaged in the ePortfolio (e.g., tell your story to another institution, employer, etc.)?
    How can we use the ePortfolio to foster self-assesment?
  • 4. Designing Learning Activities
    How do we guide and instruct students in the issues related to ePortfolios – what’s appropriate to include, self-assessment, digital citizenship, e-identity?
    How can the ePortfolio (through learning activities/assignments, a folio thinking culture, etc.) foster reflective thinking?
    How do we develop assignments that create artifacts that can go into an ePortfolio?
    How can we get ePortfoliosto address the needs of student professional development, assessment, and learning and development?
  • 5. Technical Issues
    What are the policies towards long term access to ePortfolios?
    What is the impact of fee structures on how the ePortfolio is rolled out and how it is used, short term & long term?
    Data Security – where is data stored? How is data accessed?
    Costs of LT & ST maintenance
    ePortfolio interoperability, especially in transfer
  • 6. Learning Outcomes
    How can we align learning outcomes at the state, institution, program, and course levels?
    What kinds of artifacts constitute evidence of these learning outcomes (e.g., performances)?
  • 7. Logistics
    How do we roll this out on campus (e.g., have departments opt in)?
    What are models of adoption for my institution?
    How do we facilitate communication among various stakeholders – students, faculty, advisors, external audiences?
  • 8. Policy
    Privacy and confidentiality: How do we deal with FERPA, a shared governance structure, legislative guidelines?
    Who owns it? Who maintains it? Who pays for it? Who has access?
    How do we define “appropriate use” expectations for students, faculty, institutions?
    Statewide ePortfolio – mandate, recommendation, opt-in?
  • 9. Resources
    Note Utopia:
    Association of American Colleges & Universities: ePorfolio Forum, Jan. 29, SF, CA
    LaGuardia Making Connections National Resource Center: