How to ensure accessibility of documents, published at masaryk university


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The goal of this presentation is to provide a brief overview of current situation in a field of document accessibility at Masaryk University, Brno, describe the current state, issues we face, and present some suggestions how to fix them.

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How to ensure accessibility of documents, published at masaryk university

  1. 1. How to ensure accessibility of study materials, published at Masaryk UniversityRadek Pavlíček, Teiresias Centre, Masaryk University, Brno
  2. 2. Mission of Teiresias Centre is to guarantee accessibility of allstudy programmes at Masaryk University. Nowadays we quiteoften face issues connected with documents inaccessibility.
  3. 3. Although we are able to prepare materials, meeting the accessibilityrequirements, there is still a lot what should be done to ensure betteraccessibility of study materials in general and make the preparationeasier.
  4. 4. hundreds of students with special needs thousands of employeesAlthough the vast majority of university students with special needs inthe Czech Republic are students of Masaryk University, it is true thatstudy materials are almost exclusively created and published withrespect to the needs and preferences of students without specialneeds.
  5. 5. Changes, leading to the documentaccessibility, are often made only with anintuition and empathy and reflect onlyneeds of particular student.
  6. 6. Our mission is to change this state and prepare a conceptionof complex universal learning design environment, in whichfollowing goals are reached according to the generalstandards and regardless this or that specific kind ofaccessibility is currently required.
  7. 7. In this presentation I would like to focus on demands and needs of students with visual impairment.
  8. 8. Theirs demands can be covered mostly by technicalmeans and authors could quite easily learn them andstart to use them. Good structure Sufficient Accessible PDF contrast
  9. 9. ResourcesResources, in which study materials are published, andways, how they are created, are very heterogeneous. Acouple of examples follows.
  10. 10. Document Server IS MUNI
  11. 11. Resources – ELPORTÁL
  12. 12. Masaryk University – University Press
  13. 13. Books
  14. 14. Slajdy
  15. 15. YouTbe
  16. 16. Current state is strongly influenced bya lot of factors – we will focus mostly on human, legal and technical.
  17. 17. Affecting factors Human Affecting factorsLegal Technical
  18. 18. Human factors• Authors don´t have sufficient awareness and knowledge about accessibility or they aren´t interested in accessibility.• Students don´t have sufficient knowledge how to use their assistive technologies to read study materials they are provided.• Sometimes it´s quite difficult to get the information which study materials student really needs.
  19. 19. Legal Factors• There is no conception yet in evaluating accessibility of study materials. Nowadays it´s is done only on demand.• Authoritative source of techniques, practical advices and tutorials how to create accessible study materials (or documents in general) is missing.
  20. 20. Technical factors• Students have outdated technical equipment (screen readers, screen magnifiers).• Some “umbrella web portal”, gathering all the information about accessibility, links to the other resources, contacts, help, etc. is missing.• There are accessibility issues concerning not only the study materials, but also the environment in which they are presented.• There is no way how to in time and easily get the information that student with special needs enroll for concrete course.
  21. 21. Here are my suggestions, how to fix some issues in human, legal andtechnical factors mentioned before.
  22. 22. Suggestions Human SuggestionsLegal Technical
  23. 23. Human factors• Accessibility training courses for authors.• Wider technical and methodological assistance to authors of study materials.
  24. 24. Legal factors• Include a duty to create accessible documents as a part of some university directive.• The proposed EU Directive on the accessibility of public-sector bodies’ websites.
  25. 25. Technical factors (1/2)• To have a possibility to get information from Masaryk University Information System, that student with special needs enrolled for concrete course.• To have a permanent approach to sources which can be an alternative for standard printed study materials, which are not publicly available.
  26. 26. Technical factors (2/2)• To have a tool, enabling automatic accessibility evaluation of study materials, which are uploaded to Masaryk University Information System.• To create Web portal (e.g., gathering all the information about accessibility and universal learning design, contacts, tutorial, directives/guidelines, etc.
  27. 27. Conclusion
  28. 28. Topic of universal learning design andaccessibility of study materials isextremely wide. But some ways arequite easy to implement.
  29. 29. Education
  30. 30. University web portal,concerning accessibility
  31. 31. Promotion of accessibility
  32. 32. Contact @radlicek
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