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Imagine Indonesia: engaging with the potential e-commerce market
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Imagine Indonesia: engaging with the potential e-commerce market


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A glimpse about Indonesia e-commerce picture and challenges till today.

A glimpse about Indonesia e-commerce picture and challenges till today.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. Engaging with the potential e-commerce market
  • 2. About Writer Reach me at
  • 3. Population in 50 million About Indonesia 2012 244 million 2011 241 million 2010 237 million 21.3% 5.8% 50.63 13.79 8.39% 19.94 57.5% 136.61 1.5% 3.59 Number of people In million 5.5% 13.07 GDP per capita $3.469 $3.848 $2.974 2010 2011 2012Source: BPS-statistics Indonesia, Ideasource
  • 4. Internet Demographic Internet Place of Access 64% cafe 48% Mobile phone Mobile vs Internet users 25% At home 2011 78% 22.8% 18% At office 19% 2010 65% others 18% 2009 13% 58% “Internet café going to lose their customers as opposed to mobile internet becoming a trend” 2008 54% 11% Top Cities Internet Penetration 2007 35% Jakarta 9% 44% Mobile subsc. Internet users Medan 40% 90% 80% 15-30yrs 48% Palembang 36% 57% prepaid Internet users Users Mobile internet growth Botabek 33% Mobile subscribers Mobile internet vs Internet users Bandung 33%Source: Ideasource, Yahoo TNS Index 2011, The Jakarta Post, JANA
  • 5. Online Transaction TheJakartaPost:Growth of online transaction and trend analysis “The research also found a 100 10.743 percent increase of online trade300 11 in 2011 compared to last year” 8.19 N of transaction (in million) 6.051 MasterCard Online Shopping $290 In million USD survey reported during Dec $205 3.588 2011 until Feb 2012, there is 57% users doing e-commerce in 1.873 $133 Indonesia $72 $34 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Transaction value No. of transaction Source: Ideasource, Mastercard, TheJakartaPost
  • 6. E-commerce Demographic Surfing products and pruchasing Price comparison and buying offline 38% Producs searched and buying offline 26% 25% 10% 1% How they use less more e-commerce What they bought on shoes personal care & acc bags There are Survey conducted over 500 respondents with result 45% is willing to use internet for e-commerce. >50% online buyers willing to pay for CLOTHES dvds gadget booksSource: E-commercefacts
  • 7. Payment Method THE WAY THEY PAY Bank Transfer “Ideasource study reported as much as 70% of online transactions in Indonesia are still paid with money transfer” (techinasia) Cash on Delivery (COD) Most online buyers Credit card prefer to pay using wire transfer and Paypal cash instead of E-payment* other platforms. *Doku, Unik, Indomog, Kaspay, iPaymu, Inapay, KlikpaySource: TechinAsia, Indotelko, Ideasource
  • 8. E-commerce Places
  • 9. IDEA: Indonesia E-commerce Association Indonesia e-commerce is entering a new phase with some e- commerce initiatives form Indonesia E-commerce Association (IDEA) on May 3rd, 2012. Active members:,,,,,,,,, Tokopedia.comSource: Idea
  • 10. E-commerce Regulation Indonesia government administers any e-commerce activities under “Electronic Information and Transactions Law” Number 11 of 2008. Indonesia version can be downloaded here:, Kontan
  • 11. Rebright Partner and Corfina Group launched Batavia Incubator, as platform for internet Global and mobile based start up (Jul 2011) e-commerce GREE To Invest 2 Billion Yen in SEA Start-ups,players target 1 Billion Yen in Indonesia (Nov 2011) CyberAgent ventures oversees investment in Indonesia Indonesia and the region (Dec 2011) market Chinese Internet Giant Tencent Eyes Indonesia Market (Mar 2012) Telkom agree to form joint venture with eBay to save (Apr 2012) PT. Midtrans a join venture company formed by Veritrans, and PT. Mitratama Grahaguna (Jun 2012) Source: Techinasia, Infobanknews,