Why look at Asia's mobile internet market?


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The presentation we made for GMIC2010, Global Mobile Internet Conference, May27-28, Beijing

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Why look at Asia's mobile internet market?

  1. WHY LOOK AT ASIA? May 27, Beijing Keynote at Global Mobile Internet Conference
  2. 薄益群 BO Yiqun
  3. #1 market in terms of users Source: Plus Eight Star
  4. We are making money • 5 SNS listed in stock market • 4 in Asia • 3 in Japan • 2 nearly pure mobile
  5. High potential Internet penetration 25.5% 73% (%) (Jun 2009) (2008) Mobile penetration 50% 90% (%) (Jun 2009) (2008) Over 50% additional users from rural market = Actively expanded “Blue Ocean” Source: MIIT, CIA World, GWC
  6. Low cost of handset making  Low price  Short time- to-market 125~142 USD  Over 90% of functions are directly onto the MTK chip Source: an e-commerce site, Jan 2010
  7. “Obama” Endorses Chinese “BlockBerry”  “BlockBerry” made by HAFF-COMM Source: The Wall Street Journal Blogs, Jun 2009
  8. Low cost creates variety Shaver phone Cigarette case shaped Barbie dressing case phone PSP shaped, popular games preinstalled Watch phone Car shaped Solar power Super lens attachable rechargeable handset
  9. Thanks to MTK Chip set maker from Taiwan
  10. WANG Jianzhou CEO, China Mobile 2009 WEF, Davos
  11. Tencent vs Facebook Year 2009 Subscribers +300 mln +400 mln actives Revenue ~635 mln USD 1,800 mln USD 270 mln USD from mobile Net profit Loosing money 40% #3 in the Market Cap ~35 bln USD ~40 bln USD world, after Google and Amazon Source: Tencent, Inside Facebook
  12. Tencent #1 online community  Market cap: 39.4 bln USD  Is it #3 Internet company, after Google and Amazon, in the world? Tencent 5 years comparison Google NASDAQ Composite Source: Yahoo! Finance, Jan 2010
  13. B2C instead of B2B Virtual goods: 77% Wireless: 15% 97% revenue from Ads Ads :8% 92% of 1.8 bln USD in 2009 were directly from users
  14. Online payment popular in a country with low-trust Low trust E-commerce booming  Few credit card Taobao  >145 mln online shopping registers  2.3% of Chinese own credit  GMV: 29.3 bln USD in 2009 card  Bad credit system Alipay  230 mln registered 3rd party  Huge population payment users  Unbalanced economic  Over 147 mln USD transaction per development day Alipay’s (brother company of Taobao) online escrow system helps both buyer and seller build trust between each other, and largely accelerated online shopping market.
  15. Japan's mobile commerce, twice the mobile content market  Beginning from 2004, Japan's mobile commerce sales exceeds that of content. In 2008, MC is about twice as much as CP. Mobile MC market Commerce (MC) 8.7 bln USD Individual Users 2008 Mobile CP market Content 4.8 bln USD (CP) Advertis Advertis Mobile Ad ers ers market 2007 620 mln USD Source: 总务省 (Japan), MCF (Japan)
  16. Large Profitable Potential Advanced
  17. All the Asian companies mentioned in this presentation are present at GMIC2010
  18. Contact us www.thegreatwallclub.com www.gmic2010.com yiqun@thegreatwallclub.com boyiqun www.linkedin.com/in/boyiqun http://www.slideshare.net/greatwallclub