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  • 1. REVISION BOOKLET FOR Q2<br />Language Development:<br />
    • What is a “LAD” and who proposed it?
    • 2. What does the process of acquiring language involve?
    • 3. Identify and describe the 5 stages of language development?
    • 4. What is the ‘critical period’ for language development? Give an example/case study to support this theory.
    Erikson’s Psychosocial Development<br />In what ways does Erikson differ from Freud?<br />Complete the following table:<br />CrisisAgeIssue<br />Adolescence:<br />Describe the gender differences in puberty.<br />How may early maturation affect boys and girls differently?<br />Discuss two ways in which egocentric thoughts in adolescents are often displayed.<br />What is Theory of Mind’?<br />Complete the following table below:<br />AgeTheory of Mind ApproachDescriptionYounger childrenOlder children and pre-adolescentsPreadolescentsEarly adolescentsLater adolescents<br />Identify a major motive for forming friendships.<br />What is the twenty statement test and its purpose?<br />According to Kuhn, what are the five categories in which the responses from the twenty statements test fall under?<br />What strategies can adolescents employ to resolve their identity formation crisis?<br />How may bicultural adolescents cope with forming a clear identity?<br /> James Marcia suggests adolescents can be categorized in four patterns. What are these? Include a brief explanation.<br />Adulthood and Aging:<br />What are common changes in physical appearance and structure in adulthood?<br />What is menopause and male climacteric?<br />What is osteoporosis and the Dowager’s hump?<br />Complete the following table:<br />SensesChanges in adulthoodTaste and smellVisionHearingTouch/temperature and pain<br />What is fluid and crystallized intelligence?<br />How does learning and memory change throughout adulthood and aging?<br />Discuss changes in self-perceptions in adulthood<br />Describe Daniel Levinson’s Theory of Achievement.<br />What is midlife crisis?<br /> What are the signs and symptoms of dementia?<br />How should elderly adults with psychological disorders be treated?<br />Moral Development:<br />Who was the first to propose the six stages of moral development?<br />Complete the following table below:<br />LevelMoral stageDescriptionExample<br />