Library in your Hand: Mobile and Social Technology


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  • Here’s what I think - much mobile tech is also social tech. Mobile tech is certainly growing because of social tech, anyway.\n
  • 53% - of US adult cell phone owners have smartphones.\n\nGuess what they’re doing on those phones?\n
  • or what they’re NOT doing... as in phone calls.\n\nresearchers found people whose mobile phones are able to access the internet - smartphones - also make fewer phone calls.\n\nWell duh, right? Don’t call me - I’m playing Angry Birds!\n\nSmartphone owners spend an average of 5 hours a week surfing the web on their phones.\n
  • largely because of this. You get the web on your phone, sure. But you also get apps. Easy ways to connect to FB or Twitter. Photo apps. Pinterest. And games.\n\nWhy not interact with the library, too? \n
  • Our mobile app (built by Boopsie).\n- concept: how do you want to interact with the library while waiting in line, or waiting for your child at lessons, etc.\n\n- here’s what we have so far (read list).\n- special focus on What’s Missing - people use this every day. here’s what they say:\n\n\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • They want a “your hold is in” list\n
  • My favorite! Here’s what we’re seeing... [click]\n
  • For us, we’re seeing needs change from a “I just want to do this” type of thing, to customers wanting the whole library website experience on their mobile devices. OR at least more of it... not just what we offer via the mobile app.\n\nPretty cool!\n
  • mobile FB and Twitter\n- besides our mobile library app, we do LOTS in the social web.\n- FB and Twitter are both pretty big for us.\n
  • click...\n
  • 1st goal - interaction.\n
  • Goal 2 - being human. Online. It’s hard. We are writing instead of talking at the desk.\n\nunlike in the wizard of oz - pay no attention to the man behind the curtain \n\n- you need to be seen as human on the other end, or you end up sounding like the marketing dept brochure. That’s bad.\n\nHumans answer questions, concerns, etc best. Right? So be human online.\n
  • Here’s an example - we asked a question... giving a call to action, and asking a question\n
  • & received a variety of responses. even a question!\n\nAlso - I know that 204 people visited website from Facebook that week...\n\nCan you say measurable ROI?\n\n\n
  • one more example. The baby chicks were popular! 36 likes! point here - post stuff people are interested in...\n\n
  • \n
  • remember this? we answered it\n
  • from twitter. a question.\n\nWe answer them.\n\nWe also get them in Youtube, Flickr, and Pinterest even.\n
  • We also love these! Customer’s suggesting things on their own, and complements. Nothing wrong with that!\n
  • teaching, too - in this case, about our new ILS. pointed to this in our enewsletter, FB and Twitter, and our website.\n\nlots of views, (and some compliments), and one like. Hmm...\n
  • we also listen.\nMost important. listen. What are people saying about us?\n\n
  • advanced twitter search = your best friend for listening\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • What if you get this? Questions? Whether or not they’re directly directed at you?\n\nWhat can you do? Answer them.\n\nanswer examples....\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • So - people connect through social media. Guess what? They connect to orgs and brands and ideas too - not just people. \n\nHave to have a person behind the scenes who’s acting like a person. Answering questions, saying helpful stuff. Being human.\n\nDo that, and people. Your patrons. will connect to your library via social media.\n
  • So (read slide)\n
  • \n
  • Library in your Hand: Mobile and Social Technology

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    2. 2. 53%
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    4. 4. I was wonderingif the app has aDVD dispenserarea?
    5. 5. I would love to access my lists &be able to request from my list via this app!
    6. 6. Can you download ebooks from the iPhone app?
    7. 7. You should add a ready for pickupsection to accounts.For requested items that are ready to pick up.
    8. 8. Thank you. Myfriends in other cities are jealous of ourlibrary and app.
    9. 9. =
    10. 10. alsoactivehere
    11. 11. 2 goals
    12. 12. interaction
    13. 13. beinghuman
    14. 14. also answer questions
    15. 15. listening
    16. 16.
    17. 17. mobile- friendly interact be human
    18. 18. thanks!