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Libraries to Go: Mobile Tech in Libraries


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Will be given at the International M-Libraries Conference 2012 in Milton Keynes, UK
Given at the LIBER 2012 Conference in Tartu, Estonia

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Libraries to Go: Mobile Tech in Libraries

  1. LibrariesToGo Mobile Tech in Libraries Ellyssa Kroski
  2. Why Mobile Matters There are 5.3 billion global mobile subscribers (thats 77 percent of the world’s population). -International Telecommunications Union 1 billion of the world’s 4+ billion mobile phones are now smartphones. -Microsoft Tag 83% of American adults own a cell phone. -Pew Internet & American Life Project 87% of US smartphone owners access the internet or email on their handheld. -Pew Internet & American Life Project
  3. - Microsoft Tag
  4. Library Content To-Go QR Codes Library Websites SMS Augmented Reality Mobile OPACS Location-Based Social Networks Mobile Collections Audio tours Library Instruction Databases
  5. Library Websites and Apps44 Billion Mobile App Downloads by 2016, Says ABI Research -ABI Research
  6. Library Websites & Apps News & EventsBranch Locations Library Hours
  7. Library Websites & Apps Computer AvailabilityAccount Information Mobile Databases
  8. Book Recommendation Apps
  9. Mobile OpACsOne half of all local searches areperformed on mobile devices. -Microsoft Tag
  10. LibraryThingIII AirPac LibraryAnywhere SirsiDynix BookMyne Also: Polaris Mobile Pac Boopsie Service
  11. QR Codes14 Million US Adults Used QR Codes in June 2011 -Microsoft Tag
  12. QR Codes in the Catalog Lead to Building Maps University of Bath Library
  13. QR Codes in the Stacks Link to Electronic Resources Florida State U College of Law Research Center
  14. QR Codes Link New Releases To Book Reviews Florida State U College of Law Research Center
  15. QR Codes in Popular BooksLead to Recommendations Contra Costa County Library
  16. Location-Based Social NetworksThere are 10 Million Foursquare users making3 million checkins per day. - Foursquare/Business Insider
  17. Libraries on Foursquare Offer Tips and Check-in Incentives
  18. Patrons can Experience LibraryCollections Related to Where They Are
  19. Augmented RealityMobile AR will…change not only the way humansinteract with machines but also the way humansinteract with their environment. - Forrester Research
  20. London Tube AR App Points Out Closest Stations
  21. Nearest Wiki App Provides Info About Nearby Landmarks
  22. AR Shelf Reading App Flags Misplaced Books •
  23. AR Guide Provides Tour of Life of Ludwig II of Bavaria
  24. Library SMS Notifications6.9 trillion SMS messages were sent in 2010. SMS trafficis expected to break 8 trillion in 2011. -Portio Research
  25. Text Alerts Remind PatronsWhen Materials Are Coming Due
  26. Text Alerts Let Patrons Know When Their Items Are Available for Pick-Up
  27. Texting from the Catalog Sends Records to Patrons’ Phones
  28. SMS Reference6.9 SMS trillion messages were sent in 2010. SMS trafficis expected to break 8 trillion in 2011. -Portio Research
  29. Text Reference Makes Getting Info Easy & Informal
  30. Texting Services Offer Timely Responses to Patrons on the Go
  31. Mobile Library CollectionsAccording to the AAP, eBook sales in February 2011 were$90.3m making digital books the largest single format in theUS for the first time ever. -The Guardian
  32. Mobile Collections Offer Access to Library Treasures On the Go Bavarian State Library
  33. Library Collections Can Be Offered for Many Types of Devices British Library 19th Century Collection
  34. Mobile Collections Can Be OfferedThrough Services Rather Than Created OverDrive e-NYPL
  35. Libraries Lending DevicesThe share of adults in the United States who ownan e-book reader doubled to 12% in May, 2011 from6% in November 2010. -Pew Internet & American Life Project
  36. Libraries Lend iPods with AudioBooks
  37. A Library Lends iPods with Listening Assignments for Music Courses
  38. Libraries Are Lending Kindles
  39. Libraries Are Lending iPads
  40. Library Instruction To-GoThere are over 200 Million YouTube views on mobiledevices per day. – Microsoft Tag
  41. Educational Podcasts Engage Patrons
  42. Videocasts Teach Info Literacy Skills
  43. Mobile Databases96% of Undergraduate students own a cell phone. -Pew Internet & American Life Project
  44. Database Publishers Offer MobileContent to Researchers On the Go PubMed AccessMyLibrary - Gale
  45. Database Publishers Offer Mobile Content to Researchers On the Go Ebsco Summon
  46. Content Providers Are Teaming Up with Mobile Developers WorldCat RedLaser
  47. Mobile Tours50% of smart phone owners use their phones toaccess maps and directions. - Nielsen Company
  48. Mobile Tours Engage Patrons Using Familiar Technology North Carolina State University’s WolfWalk
  49. Geo-Location Can Be Used To Offer Personalized Tours Oregon State University Libraries BeaverTracks
  50. QR Codes Can Offer Audio Tours Brigham Young University Library
  51. How to Create a Mobile Experience
  52. Develop a Mobile Strategy• Ask Questions – Who are your patrons? – Who’s using the mobile Web? – What devices do your patrons use? – Is it appropriate to go mobile at this time?• Start small and experiment• Consider opportunities of the mobile channel – Information needs – Location-aware applications/services – Text alerts
  53. Ask Patrons What THEY Want
  54. 10 Ways to “Go Mobile””
  55. #1 Take No Action• You are likely already a part of the mobile Web• Your site may not look bad• Mobile may not be right for you
  56. #2 Mobile Alerts• Push content via text messages• Mozes –• Broadtexter –
  57. #3 Mobile Style Sheets• Mobile CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for handhelds
  58. #4 Transcoded Websites• Technology which reformats for display on mobile devices• Search engines produce transcoded versions of sites in results lists• Skweezer –• Mowser –
  59. #5 Mobile-Only Websites• Mobile Websites from RSS feeds – Winksite •
  60. #5 Mobile-Only Websites• Mobile Website Development Tools – Zinadoo • – dotMobi •
  61. #5 Mobile-Only Websites• Mobile Development Services – Boopsie:
  62. Tips for designing a mobile Website
  63. #6 Build an iPhone or Android App• App Development Tools – AppMaker: – Building Mobile Library Apps: http://www.neal-
  64. #7 QR Codes• QR Code Generators – –• QR Code Readers – BeeTagg – i-nigma – NeoReader
  65. #8 Location-Based Social Networks • Foursquare – • Facebook Places –
  66. #9 SMS Reference Services• LibraryH3lp –• Text-a-Librarian –• Google Voice –
  67. #10 Augmented Reality• Layar –• Google Goggles –• AcrossAir –
  68. Mobile Resources
  69. Forums• EverythingWM (Windows Mobile) –• iLounge Forum –• Everything Android –• Nokia Users Forum –
  70. Blogs• MobileCrunch –• Engadget Mobile –• Gizmodo –• Handheld Librarian –• MSearchGroove –
  71. Articles & Reports• Text Message Reference: Is it Effective? –• On the Move with the Mobile Web: Libraries and Mobile Technologies –
  72. Books
  73. Mobile Device Emulators• iPhone and iPad –• Android –• Blackberry –• Symbian (Nokia) –• Opera –
  74. Re-Heat this Prez Ellyssa Kroski