Max chinese civil war

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  • 1. Chinese Civil War 1946-1950
    By: Max and Safe
  • 2. Background of Civil War
    It start in the year 1946 and end in the year 1949
    War between the Nationalist China versus the Communist of China
    The US support the Nationalist while the USSR support the Communist
  • 3. The struggle of power between the Nationalist and the Communist(red)
    Communist led by Mao Zedong in the other side the nationalist is led by Chiang Kai-Shek
    Japanese War unite the Communist and the Nationalist but the Nationalist couldn’t accept the Communist as partner so the Nationalist attack the Communist force at the South of China
    Cause of Chinese Civil War
  • 4. Changing Fortunes in the War
    In 1946-1947 Chiang Kai-shek sent troop to attack Mao’s troop at Manchuria
    But the Communist use the guerrilla tactics which had been so successful against the Japanese
    In the 1947 Communist take control most of Central and Northern China
  • 5. Changing Fortunes in the War
    In 1948 lot of the soldiers in the nationalist side switch to the communist side taking the modern weapons in which the weapons are sent from US
    Soon the soldiers on the nationalist were about the same number of the soldiers on the communist side
    The nationalist got crushed in the Battle of Huai-Hai
  • 6. Reason for the communist victory
    Nationality weakness
    Failure to reform
    Failure to wipe out communism
    Failure to defeat the Japanese
    Corruption and inefficiency
    Loss of American support
    Tactical errors
    Commitment of the troops
  • 7. Reason for the communist victory
    Communist Strength
    Commitment to their cause
    Fighting the Japanese
    Access to Weapons
    Peasant support
    Introducing reforms
  • 8. Result of the Civil War
    In January 1949 the Red army(communist) gain control of Beijing
    Chiang Kai-shek and his supporters were fled to Formosa which is Taiwan
    On 1 October 1949 Mao Zedong declared the China as a communist country
  • 9. Bibliography
    The 20th Century: As It Was Lived; written by Nigel Kelly Paul Shuter