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The New Office in Today's Social Enterprise from Atidan


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  • 1. 50% For the first time in modern1 billion history, workplace demographics now span 3 generations of enterprise customerssmartphones, 4 years are “on the road” toahead of predictions cloud
  • 2. Microsoft Office ProductivityEssential for business and consumers Comprehensive tools to do Enterprise-grade cloud your best work services
  • 3. Delightful devices and a new generation of applications  Current & Future Apps  Desktop & Windows 8 Apps  Fast and fluid experience  Touch-optimized  Support for pen, mouse & keyboard  Leverage device hardware capabilities
  • 4. Your new Office applications at your fingertips from the new start screenWindows 8 &Office Together Productivity without compromise Live tiles in the new Start screen provide real time updates
  • 5. “We can make changes on-the-go to spreadsheets and presentations. And the interoperability between desktopDeliver familiar, connected experiences and Windows Phone is seamless.” Hyatt …while ensuring enterprise security, manageability, and compliance
  • 6. “Our network gives us a competitive edge by making us more innovative as a business. The coreof that innovation is the dialogue Yammer promotes with staff and increasingly, customers.” LexixNexis
  • 7. “For the first time, our CEO can send a single email message toreach all 40,000 employees and key volunteers at the RedCross. Thanks to Microsoft Office 365, we are a moreintegrated and efficient organization.” American Red Cross “We evaluated Google Apps for Business, but chose Office 365 because we wanted to give employees a familiar, easy-to-use interface.” American Red Cross
  • 8. Office apps are streamed from Office 365 with features prioritized Stream Office apps to any Windows 7 PC or higher Can run side-by-side with older versions of Office Unobtrusive background updates with IT control Office side-by-side means that you will not need to uninstall previous versions“With Office 365, everything just works. I don’t have to worry of Office in order to use the new Officeabout infrastructure vulnerability and there’s no downtime forscheduled maintenance. Employees access email and filesanytime from anywhere.” Decision Resource Group
  • 9. A PolicyTip notifies you of a policy violation while composing an email
  • 10. Use proximity searches to understand context Fine tune complex queries Get instant statistics Query results across Exchange & SharePointLaser focused refiners to help find the data you need
  • 11. “The robust security and reliability that Microsoft was providing with Office 365 was essential—we would not have agreed to a hosted solution without making sure that the State’s data would be secure.” State of MinnesotaCompliance with industry standards ensures practices and controls are inplace to protect sensitive dataIndependent third-party audits to verify Microsoft security, privacy, andcontinuity controls ISO 27001 SAS 70/SSAE EU Safe FISMA HIPAA 16 Harbor Office 365 ISO 27001 SSAE 16 SOC EU Safe EU Model HIPAA - Microsoft 1 Type II Harbor Clauses HITECH Dynamics CRM
  • 12. Support devices for every Transform the way you work Deliver personalized Deliver a more connected,workstyle experiences secure experience Connect in real timeDeliver immersive experiences Simplify development and Protect and manage Make smarter decisions deployment informationStay productive on the go Get enterprise-grade security and reliability
  • 13. Deploymentoffice365@ David.Rosenthal OfferFree Custom 215-825- 5045 x5001 BriefingTrial