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Mapping SharePoint Concepts to Apps


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Published in: Technology
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Mapping SharePoint Concepts to Apps

  1. 1. APPS FOR SHAREPOINT MAPPING SHAREPOINT CONCEPTS TO APPS GET FAMILIAR WITH THE NEW APPS TERMINOLOGY SHAREPOINT SOLUTION APP FOR SHAREPOINT App Part Web Part Display information on SharePoint pages ▪ Runs on SharePoint ▪ Runs with user permission or with full permissions (elevated privilege) ▪ Runs on external server or browser ▪ Runs as app identity with specifically granted permissions ▪ Runs in a different domain providing complete client-side isolation ▪ Executed outside of SharePoint; no performance impact ▪ Published internally and/or to the Office Store Remote Event Receivers Event and Feature Receivers Notifications ▪ Requires server-side code ▪ Cannot notify external systems of events ▪ Uses client-side code ▪ Can be used in solutions and apps ▪ Can be used to notify your apps when external data changes App Event Receivers ▪ Execute code when apps are installed, uninstalled, and upgraded API Set API Set ▪ Server-side object model ▪ Client-side object model ▪ OData Data Access ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Client-side object model REST APIs OData Cross-domain library App Catalog Solution Packaging and Deployment Packaging and deployment ▪ WSPs and Feature packages ▪ Difficult to deploy across a farm ▪ Make the app available within an organization Office Store ▪ Make it available publicly and/or sell it External Content Types App-scoped External Content Types ▪ Installed at farm-level only ▪ Admin or a SharePoint Designer user must create/install Use external data ▪ Applies only to the created app ▪ Administration not required ▪ Access to OData sources Application Pages Web Hosted Pages ▪ Hosted by SharePoint ▪ Shared across all sites on the server ▪ Ideal for custom code Add custom and master pages Site Pages ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Hosted by SharePoint ▪ Custom code will break after customization ▪ Page controls must be listed in safe controls list © 2014 Microsoft. All rights reserved. Hosted externally Available anywhere the app is installed Allows greater customization Built-in Web Parts can be used on site pages