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The New Office in Today's Social Enterprise from Atidan


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The New Office in Today's Social Enterprise from Atidan

  1. 1. 50% For the first time in modern1 billion history, workplace demographics now span 3 generations of enterprise customerssmartphones, 4 years are “on the road” toahead of predictions cloud
  2. 2. Microsoft Office ProductivityEssential for business and consumers Comprehensive tools to do Enterprise-grade cloud your best work services
  3. 3. Delightful devices and a new generation of applications  Current & Future Apps  Desktop & Windows 8 Apps  Fast and fluid experience  Touch-optimized  Support for pen, mouse & keyboard  Leverage device hardware capabilities
  4. 4. Your new Office applications at your fingertips from the new start screenWindows 8 &Office Together Productivity without compromise Live tiles in the new Start screen provide real time updates
  5. 5. “We can make changes on-the-go to spreadsheets and presentations. And the interoperability between desktopDeliver familiar, connected experiences and Windows Phone is seamless.” Hyatt …while ensuring enterprise security, manageability, and compliance
  6. 6. “Our network gives us a competitive edge by making us more innovative as a business. The coreof that innovation is the dialogue Yammer promotes with staff and increasingly, customers.” LexixNexis
  7. 7. “For the first time, our CEO can send a single email message toreach all 40,000 employees and key volunteers at the RedCross. Thanks to Microsoft Office 365, we are a moreintegrated and efficient organization.” American Red Cross “We evaluated Google Apps for Business, but chose Office 365 because we wanted to give employees a familiar, easy-to-use interface.” American Red Cross
  8. 8. Office apps are streamed from Office 365 with features prioritized Stream Office apps to any Windows 7 PC or higher Can run side-by-side with older versions of Office Unobtrusive background updates with IT control Office side-by-side means that you will not need to uninstall previous versions“With Office 365, everything just works. I don’t have to worry of Office in order to use the new Officeabout infrastructure vulnerability and there’s no downtime forscheduled maintenance. Employees access email and filesanytime from anywhere.” Decision Resource Group
  9. 9. A PolicyTip notifies you of a policy violation while composing an email
  10. 10. Use proximity searches to understand context Fine tune complex queries Get instant statistics Query results across Exchange & SharePointLaser focused refiners to help find the data you need
  11. 11. “The robust security and reliability that Microsoft was providing with Office 365 was essential—we would not have agreed to a hosted solution without making sure that the State’s data would be secure.” State of MinnesotaCompliance with industry standards ensures practices and controls are inplace to protect sensitive dataIndependent third-party audits to verify Microsoft security, privacy, andcontinuity controls ISO 27001 SAS 70/SSAE EU Safe FISMA HIPAA 16 Harbor Office 365 ISO 27001 SSAE 16 SOC EU Safe EU Model HIPAA - Microsoft 1 Type II Harbor Clauses HITECH Dynamics CRM
  12. 12. Support devices for every Transform the way you work Deliver personalized Deliver a more connected,workstyle experiences secure experience Connect in real timeDeliver immersive experiences Simplify development and Protect and manage Make smarter decisions deployment informationStay productive on the go Get enterprise-grade security and reliability
  13. 13. Deploymentoffice365@ David.Rosenthal OfferFree Custom 215-825- 5045 x5001 BriefingTrial