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Extending The Enterprise With Office 365 & Azure for the Enterprise


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Extending The Enterprise With Office 365 & Azure for the Enterprise

  1. 1. Extending The Enterprise With Office 365 & Azure Richard Harbridge @RHarbridge Partner Technology Strategist Microsoft
  2. 2. • Why Does Extending The Enterprise Matter?
  3. 3. WHERE WE WANT TO BE ISN’T WHERE WE ARE TODAY… We all aspire help our organizations achieve more meaningful results
  4. 4. The World Has Gone Mad – For Devices 2005 2013
  5. 5. • What is Office 365?
  6. 6. Best experience across devices Cloud on your terms Integrated best-of-breed solutions
  7. 7. Productivity services running in Microsoft’s cloud
  9. 9. Introducing the new Office
  10. 10. Introducing the new Office
  11. 11. Office apps on any device Seamlessly switch devices and keep the rich experience using Office Mobile, Office Online, Office for iPad, Office for Andriod and more! Create professional output even without your own machine, using any browser Get your personalized Office experience on all your devices with Office 365 ProPlus Be instantly productive in a new location by streaming Office to any Internet-connected PC Full, rich Office experience, even offline with Office 365 ProPlus Excel 2013 for PC Office Mobile Office for iPad Office Online
  12. 12. Introducing the new Office
  13. 13. Private, secure social network for your business Inline Social experiences across Office makes posting updates, docs, emails easy SharePoint-based file storage provides a single place to manage your content
  14. 14. Groups help users collaborate more effectively by providing a shared inbox, calendar, document library, site, and Yammer feed Membership for Groups is integrated across Exchange, SharePoint, and Yammer to deliver a unified collaboration experience Public Groups enable users to discover new information and meet new people within their organization
  15. 15. Video, voice & web conferencing Lync HD Video Conferencing on PPI Accelerate innovation by bringing together the right people from multiple locations Meet virtually face-to-face more frequently with customers and partners without the travel costs Quickly set up or join conference calls from your Windows, Android or iOS device Add attendees or presenters on the fly with integrated presence Lync Meeting, multiparty conversations
  16. 16. Collaborate on Office documents in real time Securely store, sync, and share work files from any device or platform Get started with file, sync and share in the cloud quickly and easily
  17. 17. Insights derived from each users behavior, their relationships to content, topics and one-another. Smart connections between people, content and conversations across Office An extensible intelligence fabric that delivers a new era of information experiences
  18. 18. Secure cloud based video upload, storage and optimized playback Create, manage, and subscribe to various channels Capture, share, and discover videos from any device Office 365 Video Experience
  19. 19. Introducing the new Office
  20. 20. Introducing the new Office
  21. 21. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) For a single data type, create multiple rules based on recipient Customize user notification as well as internal audit reporting Integrated compliance experience
  22. 22. Data Maps Customers know where their data is stored Role based Access Customers know who can access their data and why Compliance Notifications Customers can stay in the know by choosing to receive updates regarding changes to security, privacy and audit information No advertising We don’t build advertising products out of customer data No data mining We don’t scan the contents of customer email or documents for analytics or data mining No co-mingling Business data and consumer data are stored separately Data is portable Customers own the data and can remove their data whenever they choose Independently Verified ISO 27001 EU Model Clauses HIPAA-HITECH FERPA FISMA U.K. G-Cloud IL2 CJIS Relentless on Security 24 hour monitored physical datacenters Logical isolation of data between tenants Segregation of internal datacenter network from the external networks Encryption at rest and in transit (AD-RMS) Securing access to services via identity Data loss prevention Anti-virus/anti spam Service Continuity 99.9% uptime Financial guarantees on uptime Redundancy in both functionality as well data Automated monitoring and recovery systems 24x7 on-call engineering team available to handle issues
  23. 23. Extending | Your Modern Office Fast and fluid experience with touch, pen, mouse & keyboard Immersive touch-optimized Windows 8 apps Support for Windows phone, iOS& Android phones Office - on demand, roaming & up-to-date New cloud app development model Enterprise-grade reliability and standards DLP, data retention & unified eDiscovery Reimagined deployment model for Office apps Common management experience across Office 365 Extend Out Of The Office Newsfeeds Extend & microblogging, & extend with Yammer Pervasive social capabilities across Office Multiparty HD video & Skype federation Connect Inside & Outside Your Organization Extend In A Responsible & Controlled Way Extend At Your Own Pace
  24. 24. Agenda • What is Azure?
  25. 25. IT is facing growing demands Server sprawl Mobile device explosion Budget constraints Limited insights into branch office servers Demand for no downtime Shadow IT Industry regulations Data protection Short project lead-time Aging hardware Big data Demands from business users Windows Server 2003 end of support Software updates & patches Seasonal capacity fluctuations Compliance & Security Short project lead-time 39 IT
  26. 26. What About Extending IT?
  27. 27. Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Platform as a Service (PaaS) Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Storage Services Gartner Magic Quadrant for Virtualization
  28. 28. Huge infrastructure scale is the enabler 19 Regions ONLINE…huge datacenter capacity around the world…and we’re growing  100+ datacenters  One of the top 3 networks in the world (coverage, speed, connections)  2 x AWS and 6x Google number of offered regions  G Series – Largest VM available in the market – 32 cores, 448GB Ram, SSD… Operational Announced Central US Iowa West US California North Europe Ireland East US Virginia East US 2 Virginia US Gov Virginia North Central US Illinois US Gov Iowa South Central US Texas Brazil South Sao Paulo West Europe Netherlands China North * Beijing China South * Shanghai Japan East Saitama Japan West Osaka India West TBD India East TBD East Asia Hong Kong SE Asia Singapore Australia West Melbourne Australia East Sydney * Operated by 21Vianet
  29. 29. Variable instance sizes to handle complex workloads of any size Small 1 x 1.6Ghz (moderate IO) 1.75 GB memory 2 Data Disks (1TB) 2 x 500 Max IOPs Medium 2 x 1.6Ghz (high IO) 3.5 GB memory 4 Data Disks (1TB) 4 x 500 Max IOPs Large 4 x 1.6Ghz (high IO) 7.0 GB memory 8 Data Disks (1TB) 8 x 500 Max IOPs X-Large 8 x 1.6Ghz (high IO) 14 GB memory 16 Data Disks (1TB) 16 x 500 Max IOPs X-Small Shared Core (low IO) 768 MB memory 1 Data Disk (1TB) 1 x 500 Max IOPs A6 4 x 1.6Ghz (high mem) 28 GB memory 8 Data Disks (1TB) 8 x 500 Max IOPs A7 8 x 1.6Ghz (high mem) 56 GB memory 16 Data Disks (1TB) 16 x 500 Max IOPs A5 2 x 1.6Ghz (high mem) 14 GB memory 4 Data Disks (1TB) 4 x 500 Max IOPs A9 16 x 2.2GHz (high compute) 112 GB memory 16 Data Disks (1TB) 16 x 500 Max IOPs 40 Gbps NIC A8 8 x 2.2GHz (high compute) 56GB memory 8 Data Disk (1TB) 8 x 500 Max IOPs 40 Gbps NIC New G-Series VMs using the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v3 family: VM Size Cores RAM (in GB) Local SSD Storage (in GB) Standard_G1 2 28 406 Standard_G2 4 56 812 Standard_G3 8 112 1,630 Standard_G4 16 224 3,250 Standard_G5 32 448 6,500
  30. 30. Run the right app in the right place Build once, deploy anywhere with Microsoft hybrid cloud technologies Get the most from your existing hardware Storage Network Compute Unified management System Center On-premises datacenter Windows Server Cloud Microsoft Azure Make the cloud part of your datacenter Provision, deploy, monitor, move
  31. 31. Make the cloud part of your datacenter Free up hardware by moving the right apps to the cloud  Quickly scale up or down to match demand  Pay only for what you need, when you need it  Reduce provision times to near zero  Move apps in nearly any language, tool, or operating system Cloud-ready functions 47 Our “cloud based solution outperforms physical hardware while greatly reducing TCO.” -CenturyLink
  32. 32. Get the most out of your existing hardware Evolve your on-prem infrastructure  Virtualize compute, networking, and storage to optimize hardware  Help protect against outages and downtime with robust failover & recovery options  Access the data you need, when you need it with smart storage tiering  Enable easy multi-server management On-premises functions Legacy 32-bit applications “….we can get our entire virtual environment back online in one hour in the event of a disaster, drastically reducing downtime….” -Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
  33. 33. Provision, deploy, monitor, move Manage it all with a single solution  Empower app owners to access infrastructure resources with defined self-services  Build once and deploy anywhere with full VM and workload mobility  Quickly identify and resolve issues through smart monitoring features  Support diverse hypervisors and operating systems IT control & efficiency We “found a solution that integrates seamlessly with our diverse infrastructure, cut infrastructure costs, and increases employee satisfaction.” -VNG
  34. 34. Make the cloud part of your datacenter Get the most out of your existing hardware Provision, deploy, monitor, move
  35. 35. Agenda • Why Does Extending The Enterprise Matter? • What is Office 365? • What is Azure? • Next Steps
  36. 36. Extend the datacenter around your apps 1 Discover 2 Assess 3 Target 4Migrate 54
  37. 37. Next Steps To Extend Your Enterprise With Azure? Discover & assess Learn more Evaluate Run the Cloud Assessment Toolkit Schedule an Immersion or attend an IT Camp near you Pilot a proof of concept