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Windows Azure Media Services - From Atidan


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Windows Azure Media Services is a
scalable media platform for distributing
content to any screen, on any network.
Based on REST APIs, you can encode,
protect, and stream media to web,
Windows, iOS, Android, TVs, game
consoles, and other devices.
You can use Microsoft or third-party
components for ingestion, encoding,
DRM, origin service and CDN when
developing media workows for
consumers or the enterprise.

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Windows Azure Media Services - From Atidan

  1. 1. Windows Azure Media Services Like it? Get it.© 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Created by the Windows Azure Team Email: Part No. 098-117628CDN2. MEDIA PROCESSINGINGEST LIVE MEDIAPROCESSOR(S)LIVE ENCODING DYNAMIC ADINSERTIONINGEST ENCODING(MULTI/SINGLE BITRATE)PACKAGING CONTENTPROTECTION4. CONSUME3. DELIVER?STREAM VALIDATIONON DEMAND MEDIAORIGIN SERVICEREACH YOUR AUDIENCEThe Origin Service processes the outbound streamfrom storage to CDN or player. It contains:CONTENT SERVERPulls content from storage and delivers it to CDN orclient.CACHINGReduces load on Channels and Storage.CONTENT ENCRYPTION/DECRYPTIONKeeps content protected.DYNAMIC PACKAGINGStores media in one multi-bitrate format (MP4 orSmooth Streaming) and converts to the formatrequested by the client in real-time. Supportedformats are HLS, Smooth Streaming and DASH/CSF.THE CHOICE IS THEIRSMedia Services provides everything you need todeliver content to a variety of devices, from Xboxand Windows PCs, to MacOS, iOS and Android.Windows Azure Media Services is ascalable media platform for distributingcontent to any screen, on any network.Based on REST APIs, you can encode,protect, and stream media to web,Windows, iOS, Android, TVs, gameconsoles, and other devices.You can use Microsoft or third-partycomponents for ingestion, encoding,DRM, origin service and CDN whendeveloping media workflows forconsumers or the enterprise.Common Development ScenariosEND-TO-ENDBuild workflows entirely in Windows AzureCROSS-PREMISESEncode onsite and upload to transcode, protect or publish your mediaCLOUD SUPPORTCreate and deliver media across multiple devices and platformsCLIENT APPLICATIONSBuild applications with a great user experience across devices and platformsAvailable SupportSupported Video CodecsPLAYER SDKs & FRAMEWORKSWINDOWSWINDOWS PHONEiOS DEVICESANDROID DEVICESSILVERLIGHTXBOXSET-TOP/CONNECTED TVFLASH/OSMFHTML5APIs / LIBRARIESREST.NETJAVAH.264 (Baseline, Main, and High Profiles)MPEG-1MPEG-2 (Simple and Main Profile)MPEG-4 v2 (Simple Visual Profile and Advanced Simple Profile)VC-1 (Simple, Main, and Advanced Profiles)Windows Media Video (Simple, Main, and Advanced Profiles)DV (DVC, DVHD, DVSD, DVSL)ANALYTICSSee how your media is performing once released into the wild.Your content can go anywhere and with your informedguidance, it can create opportunities and reach new markets.WATCHING YOUR WATCHERSTARGETED AD INSERTIONPutting your anayltics to use can mean a number of things -including creating new marketing strategies for engagingwith potential customers and consumers.GIVE THEM WHAT THEY LIKEPartners can replace media processing com-ponents or build applications that integratewith Media Services.PLUG AND PLAYAll services exposed can be hit by RESTAPIs. Sweet!REST EASYEvery transmission, upload and transfer isprotected.SECURELY AWESOMEUsing third-party services, we help yousupercharge your upload speeds.GET IT GOING: FAST INGESTMULTI-FORMAT DELIVERYTARGETED AD INSERTIONLIVE STREAMS (CHANNEL)1. MEDIA CREATION