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Sales training
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Sales training


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  • 1. Partner Certification - Gold General Sales Training
  • 2. What is Pardot?Pardot Marketing Automation is an on-demand solution thatcan show your sales team exactly where to spend its time inorder to maximize ROI. Advanced micro-level web analyticsallows Pardot to capture all relevant prospect activities, bothon and off your site, and help you determine who is showingthe most buying signals.•Integration with your CRM•Sales tools like LeadDeck, Outlook Plugin, and Social MediaConnectors•Daily notifications of prospect’s activities•Full view of your prospects activities between phone calls
  • 3. ProspectsWhat Pardot calls Leads/Contacts• Sync with leads and contacts that are in CRMAnonymous Visitors• People who come to your website, but have not converted to a prospect• Once a visitor looks at a page on your website, we will attempt to identify their company via their IP addressProspects• A visitor will convert to a prospect once they fill out a form or click on a tracked email link. Not all grading data is automated• Prospects are assigned to sales reps when “sales ready”
  • 4. Lead Activity TrackingPardot Doesn’t Make You a Mind Reader• Focus sales cycles on the most obvious activities• “Buying Signals”Search:• What did they call it?• Captures Intent (e.g., “Pricing”)
  • 5. Lead Scoring• How active the prospect is on your website.• Different activities on your site determine score amount• Spend more time with more active leads.
  • 6. Lead Alerts• Check out Comments and Notes• Comments are Prospect provided• Notes are Lead Management Provided
  • 7. NurturingTriggered inside the CRM• Non-Responsive prospects• Examples of Campaigns• Use “List” section of CRMUse Light HTML• Reps don’t create HTML messages.• “From” address
  • 8. NurturingTriggered inside the CRM• Non-Responsive prospects• Examples of Campaigns• Use “List” section of CRMUse Light HTML• Reps don’t create HTML messages.• “From” address
  • 9. Email Plugin Track Ad-Hoc Emails Our Rule: • All Voicemails must be accompanied by an email • Links Include: •Demo •Analyst Report •3rd Party Sites (Blog, ecosystem) Best Practices: • Mask the Link with Anchor Text • Only 1 Recipient per email
  • 10. Sales Do’s and Don’tsDo Don’t• Focus the • Be Creepy conversation on the prospect’s interests • Let the prospect know that you are responding• Respond in a timely because of their activity manner • Jump on anonymous• Nurture leads who are visitors not ready to buy today / don’t engage• Leverage the CRM as the primary way to get data
  • 11. End of Course Twelve• You have reached the end of the General Sales Training course• You will now take a test of what you have learned. You must score greater than 85% to pass this portion of the test• Good luck!