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Nadine Larder - Printer Bees


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Success Stories Track - ICON14

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Nadine Larder - Printer Bees

  1. 1. Nadine J Larder Founder/Owner Author of:
  2. 2. • Don’t be the person whose cell phone rings • Downloads available • Questions - Love them! Housekeeping Items
  3. 3. About Nadine • Corporate technology sales, Silicon Valley • Always an entrepreneur • Corporate America was my business school • Self sworn to never have a JOB • “Mompreneur” to 5 children
  4. 4. Small Business Owner • Founded IntelliSell - Sales Training Consulting/Recruiting • Clientele: Creative Labs, Lucent, Netcom, Nortel, etc. • 9/11 last day in business • Career change to real estate through 2007 • Expertise in small business/real estate marketing
  5. 5. PrinterBees Est. 2008 • One Stop Marketing Shop For Small Business • Serve Realtors® & small business owners • Businesses need marketing to survive • PrinterBees IS a marketing department • Marketing in a recession • Design, Print and Promotional Marketing
  6. 6. Why We Do It PrinterBees special ingredient!
  7. 7. Before and After
  8. 8. Before Infusionsoft • 3 Years in Business | 1166 Contacts • Using iContact to manage email list Open rates under 5% • Prospects and clients going in to a black hole • Repeat business dismal based on lack of follow-up
  9. 9. 3 Years Later • 6 years in business | 13,000 qualified leads • Repeat business makes up 50% of current business • List quality is outstanding | Higher open rates (25-40%) • No need for additional headcount to manage leads
  10. 10. What We’ll Cover • How Infusionsoft can change your life/business • Creating opportunities to follow up • Putting Infusionsoft working for you • Building your list: quality vs quantity • How to get more repeat business
  11. 11. The Secrets Of How We Added 11,834 qualified quality leads to our database in 3 years
  12. 12. We Manufacture Follow Up Opportunities • Print Samples • New Customer Coupon Campaign
  13. 13. More Opportunity • Real Estate Marketing Magazine • Provides valuable information and downloads • A reason to come back • The cost for subscription: An email address
  14. 14. Creating Opportunity • - The Secrets I Share With My Friends • Provide Value • Social Media
  15. 15. Increase Your Business Instantly With Targeted Follow Up • People ordering print samples = In the market for printing • Subscribers to REMM = Realtors® who want to market • Subscribers to SMBSmarts = SMB owners looking for help • Printing coupon download = About to purchase printing • Expired listing download = Agents marketing expired listings
  16. 16. Switching On The Lead Machine…
  17. 17. More Leads More Opportunity to Follow Up • Warm leads vs. cold calling • Following up vs. invading the inbox • Highlights brilliant customer service • Repetition, recognition, familiarity and branding • Relationship building
  18. 18. Possible Lead Sources • Downloads • Coupons and offers • Changes in laws or guidelines - spoon-feed it! • Something of value to a specific type of lead • Anything the perfect customer will pay for with an email address • Networking events • Anything that provides the opportunity to follow up!
  19. 19. More Hooks = More Leads • Start with one hook and add more hooks over time • Rome wasn’t built in one day • Started with one and just kept adding to create more opportunity
  20. 20. You have leads... Now what?
  21. 21. Who Follows Up? • The percentage of people who follow up is dismal • Your competition isn’t likely following up • 7 Realtors® to find one who would follow up • Automating your follow up will make follow-up happen • PrinterBees had no follow up before Infusionsoft
  22. 22. Put Infusionsoft In Charge • Put it to work like you would an employee • Make Infusionsoft responsible for follow-up • Do it one step at a time (set it and forget it) • As you follow-up on leads, create templates in Infusionsoft • Dedicate one afternoon a week to work on your business instead of in it. • Start with something simple - New Customer Coupon
  23. 23. Training Infusionsoft • Identify the opportunities in your business that would benefit from follow up • Where are you not following up currently? • Make a list of everything that doesn’t require human intervention • Which tasks within your business are repetitious? • What is the same about every transaction? • What can be delegated? • Where are the black holes in your business?
  24. 24. Post Sale Follow Up • Every client receives a “welcome” email from an account manager at PrinterBees • Post sale email answers all FAQ’s • Anything we can do to avoid phone calls • Customer always updated on the status of the order • Invitation to buy again with a repeat customer coupon • Reminder before coupon expires results in many repeat orders
  25. 25. The Steps… • Thank you for your order • You should have your proof by now..did you receive it? • Going in to production • Shipped, it should arrive by: • Did you get your shipment? • How’s the product? • Here’s a coupon, please come back • Your coupon is about to expire
  26. 26. Making The Magic Happen
  27. 27. My Top Infusionsoft Tools • Templates • Campaign Builder/web forms • Follow-up sequences • Note sequences and tasks • Tags
  28. 28. Templates • Templates is where you should always hang out • Anything that is repetitive should be in templates • All marketing messages belong in templates • Name templates so they are easy to find
  29. 29. Campaign Builder • Provides structure and direction • Use web forms to collect your leads • Embed forms on to your website and blogs • “Self-serve” lead generation
  30. 30. Campaign Builder
  31. 31. Follow-up Sequences • Use follow up sequences to follow up on every lead that enters your database • Model your sequences after what you perceive is the “perfect” follow up • Turn them off, once the prospect has converted to customer
  32. 32. Print Sample Campaign 2,473% ROI
  33. 33. Note Templates/Tasks • Note templates can kick off a series of events revolving around the perfect follow up scenario • Provide call scripts in note templates so team knows exactly how to execute the perfect follow-up • Note templates to remind and alert the team • Scheduling tasks as part of the follow up reminds the team, “it’s time to pick up the phone” • Integrate print media
  34. 34. Tagging • Tags segment your list • Realtors®, small business owners, consumers, affiliates • Tag according to how you want to market
  35. 35. We Keep It Personal • People do business with people they know and like • Corporate communication is “corporate” • People connect with other people • Customers feel like they matter when they have a direct contact at your company
  36. 36. How To Approach Your List • Court your prospects, it takes time • Dating before marriage • Warming the list • Familiarity • Relationship building gains trust: Shows respect the boundaries of the inbox
  37. 37. It’s Not About You… • Email marketing should be about what’s in it for the customer • Needs to solve the customer’s problem • Customer doesn’t care about you or what you’re selling • Customer’s only care: Does your product solve their problem? • Your job: Solve the customer’s problems
  38. 38. Building A Quality List • The quality of your list determines the quality of your leads and your ability to convert • List quality determines customer quality • Quality comes from an organically grown list • Improve list quality with tags • Email blast based on tags, customer type, etc.
  39. 39. Quality Over Quantity • The value in your list is in the quality, not the quantity • The marketing message needs to match the audience • List segmentation is key to email marketing success • Different customer types
  40. 40. Integrate Print Media • Have a mailing address? Use it! • You have their attention, keep it while you can • Many people have junk email accounts • Meet prospects where they are based on what they share
  41. 41. Infusionsoft Integration Ideas• Mechanic • Hair Stylist • Real Estate • Retail Store • Direct Marketing • Job Hunting
  42. 42. Experience PrinterBees • Experience our marketing by becoming part of it • No spam! Unsubscribe anytime • Register for a coupon code - duplicate our system • Request print samples: Experience print marketing automation • Use it as a roadmap for your own business
  43. 43. What I Know For Sure About Small Business • No List = No Business • No Marketing = No Business • Building a list should be a #1 priority • Small Business Owners must learn to delegate • Too much to do, not enough time to do it • Marketing gets put on back burner • Consistency is a struggle
  44. 44. The Secrets Are All In The Book Including Infusionsoft • • Step by step guide • Everything you need to be thinking about as an SMB • How to market • How to build your list • Hiring that leads retiring
  45. 45. Questions
  46. 46. Nadine J Larder Available On Amazon Includes a FREE Wine Glass or Coffee Mug!