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  1. 1. Partner Certification - Silver Connectors
  2. 2. Connectors Overview• Numerous connectors with other SaaS products to have an all-in-one marketing suite• Some of the products are free, additional fee, or require a certain level of Pardot• Contact your client advocate with any questions or upgrade options
  3. 3. Twilio• Instantly follow up with prospects via phone• Prospect submits a form, your selected user will get a phone call• Gives the user the option to connect with the prospect by phone (if a phone number is present in Pardot)• Connector is free in Pardot, service is pay as you go
  4. 4.• pro accounts allow for custom domains. • Example: =>• Content, Custom Re-directs, Landing Pages, and Multivariate Testing• will give custom reports and QR codes. Click on chart icon to the right of the URL to access• Great for social media
  5. 5. Olark Chat• Chat service that can be used for sales and support• If you’re a Enterprise or Ultimate Pardot Client, your chat support is supported by Olark!• Olark script can be loaded on any HTML page through the javascript they provide• Included in all Pardot accounts for free. Service cost a fee through Olark
  6. 6. Social Lookup (FullContact)• Checks prospects for their profile names/links on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Klout if the record is public• If social profiles are found, their corresponding icons will be displayed next to the prospect’s name.• Available to be viewed with your CRM!• Included in Enterprise and Ultimate Editions
  7. 7. AddThis• Makes your Pardot emails into social media tools.• AddThis is a social sharing platform and allows people to spread your messaging via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and dozens of other social networks.• Prospects that click on these links in your message can share the content of your email through their own social media accounts• Included in all Pardot accounts
  8. 8. Jigsaw/• Allows you to select the data provided through and place it into the prospect record.• Once the connector is set up, all your users will have the functionality.• Prospect by prospect basis, allows you to select as much or as little information to populate the prospect record.
  9. 9. Google AdWords & Analytics• Pardot has both Google Analytics and Google AdWords connectors• Google Analytics allows you to pull in the UTM parameters for campaign, medium, source, content, and term• Google AdWords allows you to track prospects who came in through paid search.• Included in all Pardot accounts
  10. 10. LinkedIn• Search for prospects on LinkedIn by their company or name• Does a general search on LinkedIn• Will not bring in any data to Pardot• Free for all Pardot accounts
  11. 11. Webinar Connectors• ReadyTalk, GoToWebinar, and WebEx are webinar providers who we integrate with• Report on registrations and attendance for webinar events• Connector benefits include register for webinar based off form completion actions, records attendance in the prospect activity table• Option to automatically pull in prospects who exist in your webinar account, but not yet in Pardot• Free for all Pardot accounts (requires paid subscription with
  12. 12. GoodData• Business Intelligence connector that pulls in your Pardot data.• The syncing process allows you to slice and dice as you would like.• Also provides the opportunity to set automated reports.• Great GoodData Webinar: marketing-analytics/
  13. 13. Eventbrite• Pulls in registration and attendance from events using Eventbrite for registration/ticketing• Can create custom scoring in Pardot to give points for attending or registering for an event• Read Only – Can not use Pardot forms to register for events, must use their registration service• Free with all Pardot accounts
  14. 14. Social Posting• The ability to create social post to the following social networks: • Twitter • Facebook (Group and Individual Accounts) • LinkedIn• Use Pardot tracking to view clicks, retweets,likes, etc.• Can have multiple accounts and choose which to post to• Ability to schedule post for future posts• Free with all Pardot accounts
  15. 15. End of Connectors Course• You have reached the end of Connectors• You will now take a test of what you have learned. You must score greater than 85% to pass this portion of the test.• Good luck!