What to Look for in a Marketing Automation System


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  • CRM – Ask for Sonja’s input. A few benefits of inbound marketing and CRM.
  • Create PlanPlan the requirements for the marketing automation system.o Plan the timeline for the project.Assemble the team assigned to choose and manage the solution.Create Realistic Goalso How long does it take for a routine landing page update without a marketing automation system? How long would you like it to take with a marketing automation system?o How long does it take to analyze campaign data across all marketing channels without a marketing automation system? How long would you like it to take with a marketing automation system?How long does it take to qualify, score, and assign prospects without a marketing automation system? How long would you like it to take with a marketing automation system?Evaluate and Try Available Optionso Understand the level of product sophistication required for your organization.o Ask for several product demonstrations from vendors, both from a business user’s view and from a technical, administrative perspective.Consider contract terms for various vendors.Decide and Implemento Decide on a solution and embrace it.o Set up your initial marketing campaigns and integrate the most critical content first.o Integrate more content as needed.o Train business users and request feedback.Provide feedback to all parties involved.Assess Resultso Analyze the measurable goals.o Examine the change in online marketing activity.o Inspect marketing automation solution usage within your team.Understand the amount of time now required by staff to support marketing and sales efforts.
  • Week 1 (Self-Evaluation) • Answer marketing automation evaluation questions• Determine implementation goals• Set a project leaderWeek 2 (Vendor Evaluation)• Choose solutions to evaluate• Receive high-level business demonstration of each• Narrow choices• Re-evaluate goals based on presentationsWeek 3 (Technical Demo)• Receive technical demonstration• Ask final vendor questionsWeek 4 (Decision) • Evaluate the solution based on your trial run• If satisfied, purchase solutionWeek 5 (Planning and Implementation)• Upload materials to the solution• Begin planning processes and strategiesWeek 6 (Training) • Outline training objectives• Receive training for specific business scenarios• Have full team begin using the solution Week 7 (Feedback)• Provide feedback to vendor based on experience• Offer suggestions for improvements• Set up open communication for continuing dialogue
  • ask Sonja for some use cases/best practices of common rules around CRM
  • What to Look for in a Marketing Automation System

    1. 1. What to Look for in aMarketing Automation System
    2. 2. Kevin Goldstein Sales Director Pardot LLC. Sonja FridellDirector of MarketingBrainsell Technologies
    3. 3. Who We Are • Marketing Automation for SMB, B2B Companies • Founded in 2007 • Private, Self Funded • Located in Atlanta, GA • 800+ Clients • 70 Employees
    4. 4. Who We Are • Business Solutions company dedicated to helping businesses grow with technology • Founded in 1994 • Located in Boston, MA • Hundreds of clients using CRM/ERP or Marketing Automation • Privately owned – grew business by 20% last year…how?
    5. 5. What is Marketing Automation?A marketing automation system is a SaaS solutionthat increases sales and maximizes efficiency forcompanies with complex sales cycles. It allowsB2B marketers to automatically:• Generate and assign leads• Identify the hot ones• Nurture the cold ones• Track campaign success (ROI)
    6. 6. What are the advantages?Score and prioritize leadsArm your sales teamClose the loopAutomate and refine marketing tasks
    7. 7. Do you need one?Do you currently or plan to use… Web Analytics Registration Forms Email Marketing Paid Search Social Media Webinar CRM
    8. 8. Now what?Your steps to selecting and implementing…1. Create a Plan2. Create Realistic Goals3. Evaluate and Try Available Options4. Decide and Implement5. Access Results
    9. 9. Now what?Expectations from vendor during sales process… Week 1: Self Evaluation Week 2: Vendor Evaluation Week 3: Technical Demo Week 4: Decision Week 5: Planning and Implementation Week 6: Training Week 7: Give Feedback
    10. 10. What to look for in a vendorCompatibility/Infrastructure• SaaS• User Rights and Roles• Support for different browsers• Support for different operating systems
    11. 11. What to look for in a vendorWeb Analytics• Record and Display Online Activities• Track Time on Page• Track Anonymous Visitors• Score based on these activities• Integrate with your existing Google Analytics accountSite Search• Track prospect search terms on your site• Track prospect search terms on Google, Bing, etc.• Reporting
    12. 12. What to look for in a vendorRule Automation• Alert sales on specific activities• Drip Marketing/Automate Email Messages• Dynamic Segmentation• Lead Scoring• Assign prospects to your CRM
    13. 13. What to look for in a vendorEmail• Auto-Responder Emails• Drip Marketing/Automate Email Messages• Email Blasts• WYSIWYG and Third Party HTML Support• Email Client Plug-ins (for sales)
    14. 14. What to look for in a vendorLanding Page Tools• HTML Editor• WYSIWYG• Drag and Drop Functionality• Rule Automation for submissions• Custom URLs  Yoursite.com/WHATEVER-YOU-WANT
    15. 15. What to look for in a vendorForms• Easy Integration into your site• Customizable Form Fields• Progressive Profiling / Smart Forms• Drag and Drop Functionality• Rule Automation for submissions• Custom Formatting• Free/Invalid Email Address Checker
    16. 16. What to look for in a vendorCRM Integration• Native CRM Connector to your CRM  API if not?• Automatically assign leads• Opportunity Synching• Custom Field Support  Lead, Contact, Account and Opp level• Create & Schedule Tasks
    17. 17. What to look for in a vendorWebinar Integration• Integration with your webinar provider• Track registered, attended and absent prospects• Trigger Emails Based on Responses• Share data with sales (CRM)• Control look & feel of registration/landing pages
    18. 18. What to look for in a vendorSocial Media Integration• Integration with Twitter, Linkedin & Facebook• Schedule Posts• Track and Report on Posts• Opportunity Association from CRM
    19. 19. What to look for in a vendorReporting• Make sure it’s flexible• Reporting on Google Ads and PPC• Opportunity ROI Reporting• CSV Exports and Visual Reports available• Automated reports for C-level
    20. 20. Contact Us Pardot Kevin.goldstein@pardot.com 404.492.6845 x120 ComplimentaryBuyer’s Guide & Checklist Brainsellwww2.pardot.com/brainsell sfridell@brainsell.net 978.887.3870 x206
    21. 21. Q&AQuestions?