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Landing pages


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Landing pages

  1. 1. Partner Certification - Bronze Landing Pages
  2. 2. Creating a Landing Page• Landing pages are a great way to create content specific pages without the need of IT’s involvement• Place a form on the landing page to capture information on the prospect• Use on PPC campaigns, Whitepaper offers, and other content specific pages
  3. 3. Using the Layout Template• Use your own HTML to have the look and feel of the landing page to look like your website or design• Create the page however you wish and place % %content%% where you wish for the form to display• To have the title of the page displayed in the <h1>, use %%title%% as the variable tag• When creating the landing page in the wizard, any text that you wish to have displayed above the form to introduce the offer or page, place in the opening general content
  4. 4. Using the Landing Page Builder• Allows you to use the drag and drop builder to create the landing page to your specifications• No HTML knowledge is needed to create this page, just drag, drop and go!• Embed YouTube and other scripts using the script icon and Pardot will show embedded content• Use the redirect checkbox to show a different thank you content than was decided on the form level – allows you to use the same form on multiple landing pages
  5. 5. Cname/Vanity URLs• Cname will allow the URL of your Pardot landing page to look like your domain • Domain will appear as www2., go., web., etc • Google Adwords will not approve ads pointing to landing pages until Cname has been set up • If Cname is not set up, URL will appear as…• If Enterprise or higher, you can set a vanity URL for landing page • Allows for custom ending after / • For example: • Group and professional edition will have URL set by the system
  6. 6. Multivariate Test• Can be set up in Marketing >> Landing Pages >> Multivariate Test• Allows for A/B testing for landing pages to compare different designs or layouts• Set the percentage the landing page is shown compared to other pages in the test• Pardot will remember which page the viewer sees and will show the same page to them if they return• Pardot reporting will show the reporting on both pages and which page is performing better
  7. 7. Landing Pages Facts• For SEO purposes, the first step of the landing page wizard will allow you to: • Give the landing page a title to show on search engines • Give the landing page a description for <meta> data • Hide the landing page from being indexed by search engines• When a landing page is created, Pardot will give two links – normal URL and url for social media• If multiple PPC sources are pointing to the same landing page, use a custom redirect to identify the different sources
  8. 8. Embedding external content• Pardot allows you to embed external content like YouTube videos to be shown on Pardot hosted landing pages• If using the landing page builder, just use the javascript button and embed where you would like the video to show• If using the layout template, embed the video in the HTML where you would like the video to show• If you wish to show the video on the thank you content
  9. 9. Landing Page Best• Practices Keep your landing pages precise to what the viewer is after, do not confuse them with a lot of images and other items• Keep links allowing them to exit the landing page to a minimum, this will allow for more conversions. Give links after they complete the form• Send an email with the content you are offering, this will force people to give real information more often and less Mickey Mouse’s• Don’t be afraid to place a form on the page. If this is a
  10. 10. Landing Page Reporting• If you are using a form on the landing page, reporting will be on the landing page level • This allows for the form to be used on multiple landing pages and not skew the data• Report will show the number of views, completions and conversions• Google Adwords report will show the number of clicks and how many converted to become prospects • If using or SugarCRM, you will be able to see how many later became opportunities and increased ROI• Multivariate report will compare how the test fared with one
  11. 11. End of Landing Page Course• You have reached the end of the landing page course• You will now take a test of what you have learned. You must score greater than 85% to pass this portion of the test• Good luck!