Lean Service Design Workshop


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This is an introduction to the Lean Service Design Workshop hosted by Business901 on the Lean Marketing Lab website.

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Lean Service Design Workshop

  1. 1. Joe Dager – Business901
  2. 2. goods dominant logic• Assumes Better, Faster, Cheaper wins• Limits mind-set for co-creation opportunities• Transactional exchange struggles w loyalty• Constraints on developing lifetime value
  3. 3. We hang on to these past practices! Such as………..
  4. 4. Value isWhat a Customer will pay for!
  5. 5. New models of value recognition are bringing unprecedented competitionRolls-Royce & Partners Finance Limited (RRPF) provides short, medium and long-term spare engine leasing solutions.
  6. 6. Value transfer from tangible transactional to intangible are not yet well understood by organizations but are recognized by customers.
  7. 7. The End ofBest in Market
  8. 8. “EvEry Industry wIll bE dIsruptEd and rebuilt with people at the center.” - Sheryl Sandburg. COO Facebook
  9. 9. World is increasingly collaborative driving changes in the way decisions/ purchases are made.
  10. 10. People expect to access information whenever and wherever they want to.
  11. 11. We want information available on every device
  12. 12. We have aProblem!
  13. 13. Mostorganizations do not understand collaborative world and howto evolve it into a competitive advantage.
  14. 14. Use of social technologyfor understanding and learning from customers are in its infancy.
  15. 15. Experimentation with new applications are often seen as the young persons role.
  16. 16. We market practically the same way as wE dId bEforE… Have we converted to pull?
  17. 17. ..just with different and more technology
  18. 18. Knowledge is EverywhereThe quality of the organizational relationship network will make the difference.
  19. 19. Embracing new and old technologies can leverage the shared knowledge within organizations.
  20. 20. Shifting from Goods Dominant Thinking and Transactions to Service Dominant Logic and Co-Creation of Value Buy USE
  21. 21. It is not about the things we makeit is About how our customer use the things we make Service dominant logic
  22. 22. • Lean• Collaboration• Co-Creation• SD -Logic• Value–in–Use• Gamification• Service Design• Design Thinking
  23. 23. What is our vehicle of choice?
  24. 24. Organizations need to challenge themselves by experimenting and creating value opportunities through Lean Thinking. Principles of Lean • Identify Value • Map Value Stream • Create Flow • Establish Pull • Seek Perfection Marketing with Lean Book Series
  25. 25. Lean Service Design WorkshopMarketing with Lean Book SeriesThis workshop only available to members of the Lean Marketing Lab
  26. 26. Service Sign up forLean Service Design Trilogy Workshop available to all This is an online program by Joe Dager, Business901 http://business901.com
  27. 27. • Over 130 Free eBooks• 90 Day Programs• Free Tools• Discussion Groups• Marketing with Lean Book series – Free to Members Our Mission is to bring Continuous Improvement to Sales and Marketing. http://leanmarketinglab.com