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Faces of Change 2 - Social Emotional Learning Program


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The Faces of Change 2 Introductory Program provides a foundation for teachers, parents, social workers and mentors to understand how and what that relationship should look like for students presently and in the future. By using the Faces of Change Timeline as a central focus we will introduce the central theme of the Faces of Change 2 program. Participants are provided with the groundwork on how to use Faces of Change activities in the classroom while counseling, advising, or serving as an advocate for the student.

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Faces of Change 2 - Social Emotional Learning Program

  1. 1. Based on Foundational for Educational Success Social Emotional Learning Program Faces of Change 2 Series Introduction Wednesdays @ 10:00 AM EST April 10th and 17th, May 1st and 8th, 2019
  2. 2. Help youth take a serious inventory of their lives and begin to plan for successful futures by developing their talents, interests, and abilities. Introductory Launch of The Faces of Change 2 Series Faces Of Change Program 1. Designed for students participation with Parents, Teachers, Social Workers, and Mentors. 2. Activity Based 3. Curriculum for Advisory Programs 1. Mentoring 2. Before and After School Faces Of Change Launch 1. Session 1 (2-part): Receive instruction as a student 2. Session 2 (2-part): Learn how to deliver program as instructor 3. Session 3: Curriculum review of school planning Faces Of Change 2019-2020 Program 1. Subscription program to provide ongoing support, activity feedback and peer to peer review and community channels. 2. Discounts will be given to launch participants. Coming Next School Year
  3. 3. Launch Program Concentration Webinar series will concentrate on the Faces of Change Timeline Poster providing specific instruction on its use and development.
  4. 4. 1st Session - April 10th 1. Material a. Faces of Change Timeline Handout b. Participant Handout 2. Webinar a. Faces of Change Timeline Introduction b. Student Perspective c. Parent Perspective d. Teacher Perspective 2nd Session – April 17th 1. Material a. Faces of Change 2 Workbook b. Selected Activity Worksheets 2. Webinar a. Conduct a Student Activity b. Correlate to Timeline • Student Perspective • Parent Perspective • Teacher Perspective c. Introduce Instructor Session Participant Session Wednesdays @ 10:00 AM EST
  5. 5. Instructor Session Wednesdays @ 10:00 AM EST 1st Session – May 1st 1. Material a. Faces of Change Instructional Guide b. Reproducible Faces of Change Timeline Poster c. Timeline Examples d. License Agreement 2. Webinar a. How to conduct Sessions for i. Parents ii. Teacher Perspective b. Parent Activity Example c. Teacher Activity Example 2nd Session – May 8th 1. Material a. Curriculum Planner b. Faces of Change Timeline c. PowerPoints 2. Webinar a. Curriculum Planner Introduction b. How to setup activities for School year c. Correlate to Timeline • Student Perspective • Parent Perspective • Teacher Perspective d. Where to go for more information, share activities, etc. e. Onsite Programs: Students, Teachers, Parents, Communities
  6. 6. Your Commitment 1. Attendance at all 4 sessions (Webinars will be available for download for 14 days) 2. Respect Copyright of material – not to distribute except to participants. 3. Unlimited participants on one computer. 4. Feedback on program 5. Participation payment of $197.00 6. Optional: Participation in curriculum review (no additional cost) 7. Optional: 2019-2020 Subscription program (additional cost
  7. 7. Presenters Reggie B. Beaty, President /Co-Founder of FFES, was a “difficult to reach youth” growing up in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Beaty found a mentor in Bobby Garrett, director of West End Academy, a non-traditional school in the Georgia school system. As a result of Garrett’s intervention, Beaty earned a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s in Aerospace Education and built a stellar 20-year career in the United States Army, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Afterward, Beaty served for 10-years as Chief Operating Officer with Communities In Schools of Georgia, where he helped to build the non-traditional schools Performance Learning Centers and Georgia’s Tony L. Owens, Director/Co-Founder of FEES, has devoted over 21 years of his life to working with difficult-to-reach youth. He is a proven educator and administrator, having successfully directed alternative schools and social programs that address students in at-risk situations. Owens earned his Bachelor’s degree from Clark Atlanta University. He is recognized for his development and implementation of programs for difficult-to-reach youth, which emphasize improving attitudes, self-esteem, setting goals, expanding comfort zones, and preparing for re-entry into mainstream settings. Owens has spent a bulk of his career directing, coordinating, and overseeing schools and programs with Communities In Schools of Atlanta and the state of Georgia.