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App Store Seo


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  • Who is Resolution Media? We’re a top 20 search firm based out of Chicago. We also have other offices throughout the states.
  • These are some of our clients and agency partners
  • The app store represents a large opportunity but it’s difficult to stand out. What can marketers do?
  • Optimization can help app searchers find your brand
  • Getting content indexed is first in desktop SEO and in app store SEO
  • Transcript

    • 1. App Store Optimization Bryson Meunier Associate Director, Content Solutions Resolution Media December 8, 2009
    • 2. Agenda
      • Indexing: Getting apps Catalogued
      • Content: Making apps relevant for user searches
      • Marketing: Making relevant users aware of app
    • 3. Who is Resolution Media?
      • Founded in 2003
        • 4 Employees
      • Joined the Omnicom Media Group in 2005
        • 20 Employees
      • Ranked Top 20 Search Firm by AdAge in 2006, 2007, 2008
        • 90 Employees
        • $150MM in annual search billings
      • Headquartered in Chicago with additional offices in:
        • New York
        • San Francisco
        • Los Angeles
    • 4. Successful collaboration with partner agencies and clients
      • Agencies
      • Clients
    • 5. Crowded App Marketplace
      • Apple’s App Store has over 100,000 apps
      • 2 billion apps have been downloaded in App Store alone
      • What can marketers do to increase the visibility of their apps organically?
    • 6.  
    • 7. INDEXING
      • App Store Optimization
    • 8. Get App Approved
      • Visit for examples of what not to do.
      • Read app store guidelines and tips and follow to the tee:
      • Apple recently removed 1000 + Apps (More than 1%) for scamming ratings system
    • 9. Don’t Keyword Stuff Description
      • Apple: “Improper use of keywords is the fourth most common reason for App Store rejections. ”
      • Focus on relevance and provide real value
    • 10. CONTENT
      • App Store Optimization
    • 11. Use Keywords in App Name and Developer Name
      • Use App Store Suggest to find app search keywords:
      • Popular apps of the moment e.g. the top 100 charts
      • All time popular apps - the all time most popular and big iphone app brands
      • Major PC-based online brands such as myspace, facebook, youtube and so on
      • Generic keywords like "fun" or "sex“
      • iPhone specific keywords such as "lite"
    • 12. Use Keyword Field and Increase Keyword Density
      • App search engines have primitive ranking algorithms
      • Irrelevant in web search, not in App Search
      • Keywords imited to 255 characters in Apple’s App Store
      • More than 20% density likely not human-readable
    • 13. Follow the Leader
      • Top Grossing Apps in App Store and Top 50 paid and free apps provide models for your future success
    • 14. Integrate Facebook or Twitter Connect
      • Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular keywords in the app store
      • Facebook’s mobile site had 2.3 M unique visitors in Oct 2009 (Ad Planner)
      • Integrating connect makes app interactive while giving app developers legitimate claim to popular keyword
    • 15. Offer a Lite or Free Version
      • Free is the most frequently used keyword in app store suggest, followed by lite
    • 16. MARKETING
      • App Store Optimization
    • 17. Encourage Users to Write Reviews
      • Use Appirater App script to encourage loyal users to review app
      • Trade apps for reviews at sites like Fuel My App
    • 18. Promote the App on Mobile/Desktop Site
      • Promote your brand where your users are
      • Use text to be found in desktop and mobile engines
    • 19. Increase Downloads with AdMob App Exchange
      • Free way to enable app discovery and downloads:
    • 20. Alert Relevant Communities Community Type URL Directories , Blogs Review sites Tech Blogs Twitter
    • 21. Optimize with Mobile App Analytics
    • 22. Further Reading
      • How to SEO for Apple’s App Store
      • 12 Ways to Improve Your iPhone App Ranking
      • Apple: Designing Content
    • 23. THANK YOU!