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App promotion

  1. 1. Index Get ranked! Get noticed! What do you need? How to market?
  2. 2. Get ranked! Get ranked!
  3. 3. CrackAppstore top 100 listAppearing in the top 100 list increases dailynew users by an average of 2.3x
  4. 4. Launge date
  5. 5. PaidWith untargeted ad impressions converting at a high estimate of 0.2%, we need 1.25 million ad impressions to get 2500 downloads. Ad networks typically sell inventory on a CPC basis, at a minimum of 5 cents per click. With top networks performing at around 3% CTR, 1.25 million ad impressions generate 37,500 clicks. This translates to a one day minimum cost of $1875.
  6. 6. Promote from ads within other apps.iPhoneads offer very high levels of engagementincluding click to call, click to video and click to appstore. A growing number of ad networks provide in-app advertising options with audience targeting thatincludes age, gender, geography, category, carrier,device and handset. Pricing models include bid perclick and per engagement. Conversion tracking andreporting are standard offerings. Check out thesefolks:Medialets,Quattro Wireless,Admob
  7. 7. UnpaidSEO- Use keywords in app name and app listing- Use numbers or the letter a at the beginning of the app title (“sort by name”)
  8. 8. Price- Offer a lite, free version of a paid app- 3-day promotions
  9. 9. ReviewsEncourage users and friendsto write reviews:- Appirator App script- Fuel My App
  10. 10. Get some Apple friends Write on blogs in which the Apple team participates as well. Meet the Apple team at conventions
  11. 11. List of tips Use url iTunes in all existing communication channels. Use Appstore and other market logo’s in communication Get a lounge sponsor or a co-promoter Setup a facebook fan page and Twitter account Create a Wiki page
  12. 12. Get noticed!Review sites: Press release incl. coupons and viral iPhoneclub (Test panel before release)Branche specific sites: Coupons, linktrading, content Search directory registration
  13. 13. Sharing: Facebook and Twitter (integrated directory) Share using addthis (viral or other press releases)
  14. 14. What do you need?  Database with app reviewsites  Database paid or unpaid reviewers  Viral  Webpagina, tussenpagina (tracking visitors with google alert)  Webpage in order to exchange links.  List of popular key words ( app-store-keywords-from-app-store-search-suggest/)
  15. 15. How to market? Service: Pricing, SEO, list of tips and contacting review sites. Paid services: Benchmark relevant blogs and websites and how to subscribe these sites, viral, reviews, special url (SEO, tracking, review sessions). Extra paid service: Guerilla, social, campaign (partner advertising agency, good for the relationship!)
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Hope to hear from you soon!