Mobile Search App Opportunities For Marketers Smx West

SEO Expert and Mobile Search Specialist at Vivid Seats
Mar. 6, 2010

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Mobile Search App Opportunities For Marketers Smx West

  1. Mobile Search App Opportunities for Marketers Presented by: Bryson Meunier Associate Director, Content Solutions SMX West March 2, 2010

Editor's Notes

  1. There was an article in eWeek recently that hypothesized that applications would be the death of mobile search, because, like bookmarks, people would be able to access content directly and wouldn’t need to search for it. The facts of mobile search don’t support this theory.
  2. To demonstrate that apps are not the end for search marketers, I’m going to show you 14 ways in 9 categories to increase your brand’s visibility with mobile search apps… in 12 minutes
  3. Most of this presentation is about according to Hoyle mobile search apps, but it’s important to remember that app stores themselves are search engines for apps, and every effort should be made to increase visibility by including relevant keywords in the appropriate fields. Also, everyone’s developing an iPhone app, but as my colleague will explain, Android is on the rise, and new Android users are going to be looking for brand apps in Android Market that currently aren’t there.
  4. I don’t know if I would define this as search, per se, but like QR codes it has a lot of the same pull marketing components as search, and it’s a clever way of making broadcast media accountable.
  5. This applies not just to search apps, but to mobile search in general, but we know from Searchology last year that Google has a blended ranking algorithm for mobile search, and that brands need to think about building mobile user experiences for mobile content and mobile queries. No longer enough to just do desktop SEO.
  6. Limited real estate on mobile phones, so search suggest becomes the search result before the search result. Optimize for it.
  7. Mode of input another aspect of the mobile user experience that has no prominent desktop equivalent and could change keyword targeting. Early stages and not much research I could find that would be applicable to search marketers. However, navigational searches are prominent, so marketers might consider strategies that highlight affinities with other brands, whether partners or competitors.
  8. When’s the last time you pulled your laptop out of your pocket and took a picture of a sign that you wanted to know more about? Makes more sense in mobile and Google is beginning to capitalize on this behavior with their version of mobile visual search: Google Goggles. Haven’t seen anyone talk about optimizing for this, but like text-based desktop search it can be optimized
  9. Podcasts are availble in iTunes on the iPhone and iPod Touch and in Google Listen on Android. Optimize them with Listen’s popular search queries.
  10. Like Shazam, I don’t know that QR code readers are search apps necessarily, but they do have a lot of the same pull marketing features that makes search marketing successful. Brand has to initiate that information-seeking session by making their offline properties interactive.
  11. There are also a number of engines that are mobile-forward, touting accessibility and relevance to the mobile user. Still too early to tell if these will catch on, but they do have enthusiastic supporters and it takes no effort to be listed on the larger ones if you have mobile content.