Bahrain: The reality of Wartime Media & Propaganda
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Bahrain: The reality of Wartime Media & Propaganda



This powerpoint describes the failed terrorist plot on my beloved country, Bahrain.

This powerpoint describes the failed terrorist plot on my beloved country, Bahrain.



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    Bahrain: The reality of Wartime Media & Propaganda Bahrain: The reality of Wartime Media & Propaganda Presentation Transcript

    • Bahrain: The reality of Wartime Media & Propaganda
      Brave Bahrain
    • Timeline of Events in Bahrain
      • Feb 14: First Gathering of Protestors at Pearl Circle (with 3 demands: salary raise, housing and employment)
      • Feb 16: Army Forces Protestors off the Pearl Circle late at Night for Minimum Damage
      • Feb 17: King Asks Army to Leave and Release of Political Prisoners
      • Feb 18: King assembles Team to Investigate the fatalities
      • Feb 23: Crown Prince Announces National Dialogue with All sectors of society
      • Feb 25- March 14: Continued Violent Protests, Closing Down of Roads, Terrorism at Schools, Use of a Medical Facility for smuggling weapons, Calling of Civil Disobedience, Killing & Injuring Migrant Workers
      • March 18: Terrorists Violently Attack Bahrain University leaving students injured
    • Timeline of Events in Bahrain
      March 15: King Calls for State of National Safety
      March 16: GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Peninsula Shield Enters Bahrain comprising of the 5 Arabian Gulf Countries & Bahrain to Safeguard Ministries, Companies, and Airport
      March 19: Military Take Hold of Salamaniya Hospital, where they found Foreign Hostages, robberies, and stolen files.
      March 20: Terrorists kept on demonstrating despite official Ban.
      March 21: Hassan Naserallah of Hezbollah makes allegations about Bahrain
      March 22: King Condemns and Foils Foreign Plot Against Bahrain
      March 28: Terrorists are planning to hold another protest on 29th
    • Protesters in Bahrain
      • Three Day Notice about Protest Cause, Location and Time.
      • The Protestors kept on pushing the boundaries for 40 Days of Protesting and a week of civil disobedience.
      • Protestors started with 3 demands and ended up with 12 as a prerequisite prior to National Dialogue, one of which is the fall of the government.
    • Defining Propaganda:
      The deliberate spreading of ideas or
      information, true or untrue, with the
      purpose of manipulating public opinion to
      gain support for one's cause or to discourage
      support for another.
      Terms, Holocaust Center Milwaukee
    • 'The first casualty when war comes is Truth'
      U.S. Senator Hiram Johnson, 1917
    • Good vs. Evil
    • Elements of Propaganda
      Selective Stories
      Partial Facts
      Narrowing Down the “Experts”
      Demonizing the “Enemy”
      Reinforcing Reasons & Motivations
    • Selective Stories
      • Bahrain Peaceful Protestors Driven Out of Pearl Square by Tanks and Tear Gas – The Independent UK
      • Bahrain pulls a Gadhaffi onPeaceful Protestors – NY Time
      • Two Killed in Bahrain Peaceful Square – Herald Sun Australia
      • Riot Police Fatally Attack Bahrain Peaceful Camp – TIME Magazine
      • Bloodshed in Peaceful Bahrain – The Economist Magazine
    • Peaceful Signs of Protests
    • The Face of Peaceful Protestors
    • Partial Facts
      • Bahrain Forces Quash Protestors – The Independent UK
      • Forces Move Against Protestors in Bahrain – LA Times
      • Bahraini Forces Fire Tear Gas At Protestors – Washington Post
      • Riot Police Storm Democracy Camp – The Telegraph
      • Part of Civil Disobedience
      Act is Closing and Blocking
      All Roads in Bahrain.
      • 31 Days of Tolerance before
      Announcing State of Emergency
      • Civil Unrest & the persistence
      in escalation was the reason
      Bahrain led to Contacting ARMY
    • Narrow sources of “Experts”
      • 22 in Bahrain Face Probe Over Role in Protests – Bahrain Human Rights Organizations
      • 64 are involved in plots
      Against Bahrain:
      (Ministers, Doctors, Teachers, Members of
      Parliament, Religious Clerks, Lawyers).
      -Peace Bahrain Website (8 of them arrested, others
      Fled & seeking political asylum in Britain).
    • Demonizing the Enemy
      • Bahrain Dictator Cracked Peaceful Protest– Press TV
      • Self-Make King of Bahrain– London Protests
      • Hassan Naserallah Points Finger at Bahrain King– Hezbollah Party
    • Reinforcing Reasons & Motivations
      • Motto: “No Sunni, No Shia, Just Bahraini”.
    • Terrorist Flags in
      Midst of March
    • Translation: Many where ready to sacrifice
      Themselves to ensure an Islamic Republic
      Iranian Jihadist Website
      For Bahrain
    • Translation:
      I’m the Next Martyr
    • What happened in Bahrain was far from a revolution and more of a failed terrorist coup attempt.